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A question about involuntaries
  • Hello Everyone,
    What exactly are involuntary contractions? During each of my sessions I have what I would definately call involuntary muscle contractions. About three or four times in each session my pc and sphincter involuntarily contract. This usually happens after I have been holding a contraction for a period of time and relax a bit. Once relaxed the aneros just kind of sucks itself back in. These involuntary contractions feel very nice but I can't seem to keep them going, I only get about 4 in each hour long session. I also get some fluttering of the aneros. It feels as if my anus is quivering while trying to hold a contraction and the sensations from the fluttering can be very intense but eventually the fluttering just stops. Is this fluttering considered involutary contractions?
    No matter what the case may be of which is the real type of involuntary contraction I am beginning to wonder if my body is able to sustain the involuntary contraction loop it takes to achieve a Super O. I had the L4, L5 disk removed from my back a few years ago and wonder if there is some sort of damage that may have happened to the nerves that could throw off the involuntary contraction reflex. If anyone can help to clarify this or has had a similar back surgey I am eager to hear about your experiences/responses.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Involuntary muscular contractions may take many forms. The autonomic nervous system controls some of these such as heart rhythmic contractions, breathing and peristalsis among others. Involuntary contractions can also be induced by external electrical stimulation or simple fatigue. Occasionally an involuntary contraction can be quite energetic such as during a sneeze or can even contract and hold tight as in a severe cramp. Most involuntaries are much milder, some often go completely unnoticed, some are quite pleasurable, as when we orgasm.

    The “quivering” and “fluttering” you noted are examples of the milder form of involuntary contractions. The trick is to exert voluntary control of your muscles to the extent that you induce enough fatigue that they go into involuntary contractions. The technique you described of “...holding a contraction for a period of time...” is one of the effective methods for inducing those involuntaries. The fact you can induce these leads me to believe the surgery for the disc removal has not affected your ability to respond appropriately. Sustaining the involuntary contraction loop is difficult for me even after 2½ years of practice, so, I don't think you need be concerned on that account.

    Another method for inducing muscle fatigue and thus involuntaries is repeated cycling of voluntary contractions. These can be done rapidly or slowly but continued repetitions will eventually lead to muscle fatigue.
  • Thank you for your response Rumel.

    I guess that I will just keep with it and try my best to keep the involuntaries going. I think that I have an issue when the involuntaries start to feel really good that I begin expecting something more of my session. Maybe if I continue to approach these new pleasures with an open mind I will start to open the door to new levels of pleasure.
  • rookrook
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    Being one of the 'nuts and bolts' guys in this forum, I group my involuntaries into three categories:

    1. Direct involuntaries (echos of my own actions). Somewhat likened to reflexes. I contract my anus and if arousal is sufficiently high, that yields one or more contractions. (rumel's "involuntary contraction loop"). When I'm highly aroused, a single voluntary may yield a dozen echos spread across several seconds (usually in 'sets' of three or four). This is one of the classic paths to an 'auto-f**k.'

    2. Indirect involuntaries (result of temporary or semi-permanent rewiring of my nervous system). I scratch the arch of my foot and this signals an excited/aroused part of my body to contract one or more times in response to the foot strike. During my 'journey sessions' this results in triggering one or more anal contractions by a single 'foot strike.' I owe this mode of stim to 'popo' who posted it in:

    3. CNS generated involuntaries (signals initiated in the upper reaches of spinal cord or brain due to higher order excitation). Examples are ejaculation, spasmodic large muscle twitching, and ab or jaw clenching during orgasm. (This may subdivide into a set of sub-categories but I'm not sufficiently advanced to detect or exploit them. --- got Tao ? )
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I don't think your L4-5 disk problem is going to affect your involuntaries. It sounds like you already are experiencing them. Concentrate on belly breathing.