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when things go bump in the night...
  • atm853atm853
    Posts: 51
    So aneros has been naughty to me, lately...I have been having what seemed like progress but then the dude sessions come along and im back to square 1..I've been trying to get a session in but my schedule is pretty hard and I've been dating this new guy, so when i do get free time, its to spend it with him and we do have plenty of hot sex!! yum... but I'm afraid that this will put me off aneros for a bit. I dont really feel like using it, because I dont want to put it in and force something...i've never had a super O yet so this is my reason for just waiting until I get to use it again.

    However, I started to use my mind instead all the time when aneros is not around...and the things that have happend are as follows. I've been doing some deep breathing exercises and one night I woke up to a delightful feeling running through my anus up to my back...then my legs started to get this random twitches and even my arms... I woke up and then they started to fade away. it seems that they return when i lay down or i guess relax. The best one was when i was in the Paris metro, sitting down i was tired from work and finally was on my way home there were not many people inside and all of a sudden it felt like my but started to flutter and I could feel it opening and closing like a ripple, my nipples got so sensitive and I could feel this electricity from my toes to my head. I almost started to laugh but then i got a bit nervous because my dick started to get semi hard and it felt like I might start to precum!

    Im not scared about this but I just hope that im getting closer to awakening my prostate and if there were any tips I could get when it comes to using the mind to stimulate without the aneros...
  • Sounds like the rewiring is happening...stick with it!!! 8)
  • atm853atm853
    Posts: 51
    I really hope so...:D

    I just was wondering should I start a session even though im know im not in that horny mood to do it? should I keep with it just so that my prostate gets is fill of massage?
  • Just as long it is not too much, every day is too much. :wink: