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Hello Aneros world!
  • I know it has been a long time since I have touched base with everyone. Life has dealt some unexpected turns, but life has a funny way of working things out in the long run.

    I have still spent some regular time with my Peridise. It's been amazing. I've really enjoyed it in so many ways. It's actually helped me to enjoy anal sex a lot more than I had before. To be honest, I find myself craving it from time to time.

    I will make sure to put a post in the "Woman in Peridise" thread sometime soon.

    As far as the Major and I. Well, he's been home for about a month. The homecoming was fantastic, but we have found that we are in different places in our lives. It's common with soldiers returning home from war. We still talk often, who knows what the future holds...right? I know we'll remain friends at the very least.

    I just wanted to post a little update. I hope to sit in on the next chat. I've missed talking with everyone.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Welcome back, I am glad to hear the homecoming with your Major was fantastic. Your presence on the Forum was missed. I do hope when you join the next chat session you can entice the Major to join in the conversation as well. I am sure he will receive a warm welcome too.

    It is not at all surprising to find yourselves in different places right now considering the huge difference in environments each of you were adapted to for so many months. I suspect there is a temporary awkwardness in your face to face communications with each other right now that may take an equal amount of time to reach a more homeostatic status in the relationship. The good news is you get to re-discover each other anew.
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    Hello Lynn I read many of your previous contributions which I really enjoyed. Looking forward to what you will throw at this mostly men community.
  • Welcome back Lynn. You have been missed.
  • Welcome back Lynn! :D
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Hey Lynn!

    Welcome back. Glad to hear that the Peridise is still heating things up for you. Please feel free to bring us up to date on that!

    BF Mayfield
  • YES, Welcome back Lynn. Hope all works out well for you, I will be sitting here staring at my computer waiting to read your next post. Thanks to the Major also.
  • Good to hear from you again lynn missed speaking to you at the chat events good to
    see you are well and enjoying your little white friends, i hope all works out well between
    you and The Major.

    Cheers thecritta

    :D :D 8) 8)
  • Lynn, it's good to see you back, out and about! We have missed hearing from you so much. I'm sorry to hear about it's not going so well between the Major, but I'm glad he was able to make it back safe and sound. In time I presume things will change. I wish you all the best and if we don't hear from you before Thanksgiving then Happy Thanksgiving!

    Take Care,

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello lynn2694, :)

    I'm happy to see you post here again. I hope all goes well with you and the major. As many have said here already, it's always interesting to read what you have to say.

  • Thanks for the warm welcome back, Gentlemen!

    As for the Major, we are no longer. I'm doing ok with that actually. It's a little hard knowing I had been waiting a long time for something, only for it not to be what was anticipated. But life goes on, right?

    As far as my time in "Peridise", that could not be better. I've really come to enjoy the extra, and I'd still sensations it brings. I'm glad that I'm still at the point that every time I use it there are always new and different feelings. It's quite amazing, I will admit.

    I will be sure to add more in the next day or two.

    Thanks again for the welcome!

  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    Hi lynn, I'm glad to see you back posting again, I've really enjoyed your posts in the past. It's great having a female perspective on the Aneros around here, it makes you the defacto female Aneros spokesperson!

    I'm sorry to hear about you and the Major. All the best - you deserve it.