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The Ring Cushion, the Ultimate for "Chairgasms"
  • I like being able to sit in a chair while using the Aneros, well now specifically the Progasm Ice. Of course, because of the design of the Aneros, you can't really sit comfortably on a chair to enjoy it. So I thought of using one of these. Well I bought one, and let me tell you, this is awesome. I recommend putting a towel over it for comfort. It let's you sit, so the Progasm has room to not push into the chair when you are sitting. Of course, this would work with any model (although with other models, cutting the curly handle off might be appropriate), but the Progasm Ice is currently my favorite. The Ice material offers the least amount of friction (and it looks cool!), and I am really starting to think the K tab adds a lot to the sensations. Also, because of the nature that the cushion is inflated, it actually helps your body kind of rock back and forth with the contractions that are happening in a comfortable and natural manner. As it has been called, the "do nothing approach" works fantastic for involuntary orgasmic contractions with this. Just relax, feel for sensation, and let your body move at it wishes. I also have gotten quite into nipple stimulation, and doing that in combination with this is the ultimate. :D Link from below:

  • Glad it has worked for you, thanks for sharing!
  • I just sit on one side. works good for me.
  • you can use the airplane-ride-neck cushion , same idea , cheaper and easier to find. but that's an excellent idea , i also prefer the sitting