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I am a little concerned about something but i am fine
  • Hello there my fellow friends now before i go into a stark raving mad sexually starved frenzy i have good news i did as you insisted and went to the doctors and they tested my urine and took some blood mainly to test for low levels of vitamin d which i have due to not eating enough, they did the tests early last week and i got the test three days later on friddy i mean friday and the test result came back negative for any urine infections for prostatitus or sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorreha and chalmidaya or however it is pronounced and they also tested my PSA levels for prostate cancer which where fine only 2.6 all i can say is thank god i dont have prostate cancer
    i was a bit worried about that one almost made me sweat and shake with anxiety just thinking about
    that one because i would not like too have my prostate removed or die from cancer or have to undertake horrible radiation therapy i think if it where the case it would ruin me.

    But no need to worry about prostatitus or prostate cancer there is no evidence to support that i actaully have any of these thank god for that.

    But now with the process of eliminating the possible causes i can only arrive at one conclusion and that is that i have injured stretched or strained the muscles in my rectum from over use of the aneros prostate massagers, but the good news is that my ass anus seems to be finally starting to recover a fair bit i can feel the msucles in my anus stiffening up getting stronger less elastic like
    but i still have a bit of discomfort minor pain in my anus and in my nuts especially just after i have finished masturbating four times in two days however i noticed that when i pass a bowel movement i seems to irritate the problem make things a bit sore so i am sure that in two or three months time i will be back on the horse once more riding off again into the horizon where the sun shines the brightest and you feel every movement of the aneros horse as i ride along enjoying the smell of the trees the sounds of the birds and the sight of many beautiful flowers but as you all i know i enjoy the ride the most when the horse is galloping at full speed ahead and when the ride is the roughest
    and your hanging on for all it's worth 'and the ride is at it's most intense level and the horse just keeps galloping ahead at full speed until you decide to slow the horse down and end the ride when you have had enough fun riding the horse and pull on the reins.

    But the thing that has me worried now is that i will fall off the horse again as i have already done and injure myself soo badly i wont be getting on the beautiful aneros horse again.

    What i am trying to say is that because i may have already injured my muscles once the damage will be replaced with weaker scar tissue that will just rip or tear
    again once i try to get back on with the show, i have already learnt my lesson the hard way you could say i am a slow learner.

    So i would like to clarify a few things before i can attempt to continue my journey, so i think i should get rid of my blue progasm model and some of my other slighty larger non aneros prostate massagers simply because of the reason i think they will just put more strain on the muscles in my rectum than there thinnier counterparts and i dont want to re open any wounds i have been through enough already, so my theory is that it would be safer how much i have no idea to stick to using the thinner aneros models
    like the peridsie advanced set which i own and my aneros eupho.

    Would i be correct in saying that the thinner models would be easier on my rectum muscles just because they are thinner and exert less pressure on the prostate than say the progasm?

    Because it goes without saying that i have already done my muscles no good already
    and the road is getting thinner and my chances of being able to successfuly continue using the device are getting few and far in between and thin, so what i am basically saying is that you can only thrash an engine in a car so hard until the motor becomes worn down and wont run properly or until something happens like a conrod breaking and going through the engine block then it really is game over
    but of course with cars you can always start over and keep trying again unlike our human bodies which sometimes cannot recover from trauma at all or sometimes only partially so i think you get my drift already.

    Soo what i am trying to basically say is that this time i will have to use harm minimisation with the aneros massagers
    to dumb down my chances of this happening again which i really really do not want trust me on that.

    So this time on my second chance i will.

    Always clean the aneros after use thoroughly with warm soap and water and spray the aneros with an anti bacterial toy cleaner which i already have, and there is the nasty germ ridden aneros problem cured taken care of.

    And i will try limiting my aneros sessions to around and hour for each session to advoid putting overwhelming excessive strain on those muscles again to reduce the probability of re injurung myself.

    And last of all get rid of all my bigger models to advoid putting excessive strain on my rectum muscles to advod the probability of re injury.

    And if all of this just is not good enough for round two, then i am afaid i will have to call it quits and i will be a very sorry sad depressed sore looser and i really dont want this too happen it will be worse than death and hell itself.

    So what do you guys think of my ideas?
    Can you give any extra advice ideas suggestions so i can safely continue
    along my journey through heaven without falling through the clouds and come plummeting back to earth without the violent speed and force of an incoming comet about to crash and burn and destroy everything when it hits earth?

    Ooh yeah i had a great time, at the chat event this weekend it was really fun,
    And oh Mr Mayfield a little birdie named rumel told me that you had a aneros session where you counted to about thrity orgasms and then your wife counted the rest about a hundred or more in about a six to five hours aneros session i found that really funny lol and couldnt stop laughing my ass off for about twenty minutes.

    What where you trying to do enter into the guiness book of world records for the most male orgasms in a single day or something?

    Thats soo funny your wife had to count the rest for you lol, i thinks it's great to hear you wife enjoys you using it as much as you do lol she must be fascinated by the whole idea.

    So i must ask did she have to listen to you scream your whole way through your five to six hour session? Your anus must have been really sore by the time you had finished?

    I think we should have a competition to see who can have the most multiple orgasms
    in one session with Mayfield starting out as the record defender lol.

    But excluding me given my current situation. Just dont hurt yourself now lol

    Anyway take care all cheers thecritta

    :D :D :shock: :shock: :roll: :roll: :lol: :lol:
  • Glad you starting to heal and no cancer! 8)
  • That screaming I can hear, is that you rumel?

    Did Mr Mayfield hang you up by your nuts from the branch on an old white oak?

    Perhaps it’s from your sore anus?

    Or is it an old teacher belting your bare arse because you can’t remember how to count past 30?

    God this bloke critta makes me laugh.

    PS glad to hear everything is heading in the right direction critta
  • Yeah but in the past few days i have passed a few bowel movements and now my both my legs
    are darn sore atm good i hate this problem the sooner it passes the better, just taking a crap
    seems to irritate the problem the things we do to ourselves oh dear me god help me,
    maybe i should go back to the doctor and ask for some anti inflammatory drugs that
    might help the swelling pain and help heal the injury faster or maybe i should just take
    laxatives until the problem heals itself what should i do so it doesnt make it worse and
    slow down the healing process?

    Also does anyone know anything you can take to help heal damaged muscles?

    Thanks for all your help guys you have been very supportive and tolerant of me and
    my situation, it is pretty torturous when im aroused and just want to get off using my
    favorite device oh i hate aneros sobriety, it has been way way too long now but i must
    not use it and be patient and hope for the best outcome thats all i can do.

    Cheers thecritta

    :) :) :( :(