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Relaxin, Hypermobility, and the Prostate
  • Does anybody on this forum understand the relationship between the hormone Relaxin and prostate stimulation/orgasm?

    This is a very important question for me. I am hypermobile (double jointed). As far as I can tell I have always been like this. However I have noticed recently (6 months-1 year) my joints have become more lax and have been causing me trouble.

    Normally women tend to have more trouble with hypermobility. It is thought this is due to the hormone relaxin. Relaxin plays a much more prominent role for women than it does for men. This hormone is used by the womans body when they give birth... it allows their pelvis to stretch. It has the effect of loosening and relaxing ligaments throughout the body.

    Being that I am a man I really didn't think this was of concern to me. However I am doing a bit of research and it appears than the prostate releases this hormone. Also there is a strong connection between this hormone and prostate cancer. However it is very difficult to find any other info on men and relaxin.

    Is there any chance that prostate stimulation/orgasm causes my body to release extra relaxin?
  • Dear chris_SoCal

    I read your post with great interest ....not with regard to prostate issues or anything else related to aneros. Instead I am interested in your hypermobility. Five years ago my daughter (27 yr old adult) was diagnosed with connective tissue disorder - hypermobolity. It was a culmination of alifetime of strange symptoms. The last two years of symptoms before she was diagnosed were horrible (itgot worse). I have not heard of another woman yet alone a man afflicted with this condition in this country. Most of the people that she has found are in the UK. I would be interested in communicating with you on any other symptoms you have and how you are managing it. If a private (confidential . . . not releasing your name) post is possible I would be grateful.
  • bigguy check your private messages