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Please help me answer this : is this the beginning ?
  • Yesterday, I was do my session and I finally beginning to feel the spasm and pulse in the anus.

    I can feel it spasm , but I don't feel any pleasure or arousal like if I was playing with my penis.

    I don't feel any ejaculation sensation like most people feel in the forum.

    I do feel like I want to giggle and laugh out loud,cry , and feel short of breath.

    The penis do not get hard when the anus and penis is pulsing.

    Also, I can also feel the anus pulsing after I take the aneros out after a couple of hours .
    Is this the prostate awaking and rewiring progress?

    What is the next step in the journal?

    Is this the beginning ?

    If it is, what is the next step?

    Thankyou for the help of the people on the forum.
  • If you are having pleasurable feelings from the aneros then you are on the right path!