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Knowledge of the Possible Range of Super-Os and Beyond
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi All!

    Perhaps this community and the experiences of a number of its members is coming to require a new level of knowledge for the safe and constructive use of these wonderful tools of understanding the full potential of our male bodies, minds and spirits. Recent events add cumulatively with those over the last year or so to support this perspective.

    Enough members here are having orgasmic/energetic/spiritual events that demonstrate the range of Super-O experiences and Beyond that perhaps we need to set those out here and in the Wiki as a safe practice guideline and possibilities, even if there are all kinds of variations at each level.

    For members who are quite early in their practice, some of the most powerful events can go well beyond the body-quaking moon-howling dry analogues of hyper-traditional ejaculatory orgasms, or surprising Day-After Effects.

    One of our newest members currently has had such an event and has emailed his description to me, with permission to reprint it here. Chuckjo2000 and I have had a good IM chat about it and its positive dimensions.

    Chuckjo2000: "so, on the evening of the 21st, i got all prepped and relaxed, inserted my newly acquired 'maximus', and just laid back on my was nice, but was not 'getting there'....and, i was tired..i drive a school bus on a VERY rural route, and i wake at 4am to get breakfast, coffee, chill knew i needed to get some sleep.....took the 'max' out, set it aside, and rolled off into a nice sleep....not for long though...'shit, what was that?'..i woke up....there is was again...i'll spare u all the details..but i think you know by now, i was experiencing my first super  o save time, i had 3 more..each more gets freaky, and as i've told  you...i feel as though i've 'seen' something that, perhaps, is not meant to be seen......
          artformed.......this is as accurate detail as i can remember...would have loved to taken i entered my last super orgasm, i had a feeling that something was about to happen to never know,,, the 6th sense.......
           first, there was a totally diff. sensation in my asshole that i'd never had in my life...a 'pinging'  repetitive pinging a drumstick hitting my pucker very sharply....hard...and very slow...the slowness continued....slower,   and slower........and stopped....and........ummm ,im a sappy kind of guy..very spiritual....u can ask chad............but.............
    'i saw the universe, not from below.........but ........from ''above''...........................................................................
    im tearing now....this was too much 'then', and it's pretty overwhelming now...but i felt as though i was seeing something that should have been 'forbidden'......for only God to was very warm...i know my heartrate was over the top...breathing....very shallow and slow....and there was 'peace'........everywhere...everything was 'ok'...and.....everything was 'in place' first, when i 'was looking at the universe'     ..i didnt realise what it was i saw.....i saw small lights in an area that had no boundaries....there were no ceiling...just openness....and it was grey...all grey...then i looked closer...and could see it was stars, constellations....
    then..........hell broke loose !!.....i felt as though my body had an air hose stuck in it somewhere...and my arms, legs, torso were taking on air...that they were being inflated....this is totally diff. feeling than the 'floating from body' that i've also had with the super o.....i was getting scarred now, in my 5th and final super....and i just wanted it to end...yet, i still knew i had seen/experienced something 'not meant for man' suggested i contact you...said you'd had similar experience...and i just needed to know what the f**k happened....please email back, and tell me im not 'nuts', if you feel need to paste this to the forum, you may do so...i have no intentions of retyping it trying to put behind me now...beautiful experience, but hoping it doesnt happen anymore.....for now, anyway.....thanks for your time, chuck (chuckjo2000)".

    I salute Chuckjo2000's courage in reporting this. This too is a beautiful human account of the virtually indescribable that one can/may encounter through the Aneros experience. I too have had this experience as I reported in my blog over a year ago as "Beyond Words... :

    Alv has reported his problems with a burst of unexpected Kundalini energies in his blog:

    Plantation has bumped the post on Jill Bolte Taylor's Stroke of Insight and the experience or right brain dominant thought:

    Rikaaim has just given us his description of his revelation:

    Pan, Mog, Cockadoodle, and others are exploring this territory too. We are into realms with the energies unleashed potentially by Aneros practices of much much beyond enhanced sexual orgasms.

    Last year, Pan provided a great overview article on The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm by Taoist Michael Winn.

    Is it time to explore formalizing some links to the advanced sciences and the traditional cultural practices such as Taoism which have addressed these issues in their own way, not to assume we would adopt them, but to give perspective on where our journeys here may lead us?

    There is the Poll on Spiritual Orgasms: Though the numbers are modest to date, the fact that half of those who bothered to post are those who have not yet had this experience but are interested and want it, suggests again that we need to recognize it here in the site orientation literature.

    Chuckjo2000 and All, here is an aviator's poem to the spiritual ecstasies of flying that greatly parallels our spiritual orgasmic experiences and respectfully integrates all dimensions, IMHO.

    High Flight

    Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
    And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings,
    Sunward I've climbed and joined the tumbling mirth
    Of sun-spit clouds and done a hundred things
    You have not dreamed of – wheeled and soared and swung
    High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there,
    I've chased the shouting wind along and flung
    My eager craft through footless halls of air.
    Up, up the long, delirious burning blue
    I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
    Where never lark or even eagle flew;
    And while, with silent lifting mind I've trod
    The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
    Put out my hand and touched the face of God.

    Pilot Officer Gillespie Magee
    412 Squadron, RCAF
    Killed 11 December, 1941

    A very good friend of our family and Spitfire pilot as well, soon after December 1941, joined 412.
    We will remember them All.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I agree with you the altered states of consciousness and resulting psychic experiences some members have related are an interesting side effect of the Super-O which is worthy of extended discussion.

    When the WIKI was being assembled we discussed inclusion of spirituality aspects of Aneros use but decided on the initial roll out we should stay with a more objective kind of 'nuts 'n bolts' approach. The WIKI is intended to be an objective presentation of knowledge to help users get to the Super-O. To a certain extent, I think the WIKI has served that function well but there is always room for improvement.

    Esoteric knowledge is often a very subjective matter. When it comes to matters of spirituality, concepts of religion enter into the discussion and thus subjective belief systems become major influences in the thought forming process. I think we need to be careful about any information that gets put into the WIKI so as to not jeopardize the credibility we have established.

    I would welcome into the WIKI some well written documentation explaining this expansion of consciousness occurring at the Super-O level of experience. I think it would serve a valuable purpose, if for no other reason, it may put a users mind at rest knowing this phenomenon is not harmful and that he is not 'losing his mind' or 'going crazy'.

    As advanced sciences move forward, I think we will see an increasing convergence with, heretofore, mystic belief systems. However, we do need to be careful that the information we present doesn't make us appear as some sort of crazy cult. I applaud your taking the lead in opening this discussion thread, it will be enjoyable to see how our fellow members respond.
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    I discuss my spiritual/energy experiences to only a select few who understand - the others declare you nuts.

    These life-energy events, we can report in the forum, but I feel they should not be part of the wiki so as to "legalise" them as most will not understand. As rummel says a well written chapter on heightened consciousness would serve the purpose. The few of us who have energetic turns, we can consult and learn from each others, use this forum to communicate. What is nice about this forum is that it is open and broad minded (has to be otherwise we would not stick a piece of plastic where we stick it), other forums that discuss spiritualism/life energy which I have checked seem to be centred around a specific interest group and in my energetic journey I do not want to be bogged down to a specific interest group, so I appreciate the open response I get here.

    I did not want to report a recent event but Chuckjo2000 experience changed my mind. A recent evening, after an intense afternoon aneros session, while watching TV I dosed off and in this half awake/sleepy state I was enjoying the aftershocks, my pelvis was pumping away with a wonderful feeling radiating from the pelvic area, but then something inside my body started jerking and wanted to get out and at the sametime a chill enveloped my body, a feeling I never experienced before - it really scared me - and it was a battle to bring myself back to reality as this feeling was so intense and did not want to let go, but reality is what I needed as I was just too scared to let events take their own coarse. My heart rate was fast not because of a pleasurable orgasm but because I was scared. I went for a brisk long walk afterwards to sober up as I did not feel comfortable going to bed that night. Finally I did and thankfully I fell asleep and woke up in the morning.

    That Chuck was scared and needs time to digest his experience I can fully understand, but as my yoga /relaxation teacher say "Allow any sensations in your body, let them be they are natural" but that advice is sometimes difficult to follow.
  • ok thank you is all I understand its all I am very open about the matter or energy levels of the brain right now I read the man multi orgasmic mantack love the feeling Aneros. I have not yet super0 but did not matter so the feel is good but you'll read me fear how can one react if one days were in the alv feel like I am describing a can sometimes afraid to use the Aneros when I read some forum is topical even though I love it thank you for your reply. I am new to the subject of sexual energy? I discover as much about themselves forum
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Rumel and Chuckjo2000, thank you again for allowing us all to share in your awe-struck experience. We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made. Rumel, your overview and suggestions are spot on and very very helpful as usual! Thanks so much both of you!

    Chuck, the second phase of your #5, the air inflation sensations, is also very interesting and related to others' experiences in meditation and/or sexually triggered ecstatic energies experiences. I have a thread at the KSMO site looking at all the scientific interests and advanced current work that may be leading to the kind of integrative theory and practical understanding of all of this that rumel suggests above.

    Here is the KSMO link to my sciences plus thread:

    Rupert Sheldrake's work on our minds not being confined to their boney skull capsule, but rather able to expand out into the world and beyond is part of your "air inflation sensations" I think Chuck. Taoists and meditators/poets and others in many faiths/traditions experience this kind of dynamic and scale-shifting in these types of experiences too.

    Fearsome as they can be and overwhelmingly awe inspiring, these are, in the end, extraordinary and astounding gifts.

    all the best ecstatic travels in all dimensions all

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Wow! Another interesting thread to read!
    Thank you artform and Chuckjo2000! :D

    I can't accept the acknowledgement for bumping the Jill Bolte Tayler thread, that was Plantation's doing. I was just the one right after him to comment about it.

    I think there are some really good points about adding the "spiritual experience" component to the Aneros WIKI, as it does seem to be a legitimate part of the Aneros experience for some guys. In my opinion, if it does go in the WIKI, then I would think that it needs to use extremely general language for spiritual terminology with no implications or words that would suggest any one particular religious belief. If that is even possible. (May take many diverse minds to proof read and come to a consensus.) Or that it otherwise has to be left out of the WIKI and left to be discussed in the forum, Blogs, and private messaging by people who have an interest in it.

    For whatever it's worth, as it's not like I'm an expert in the subject matter. But my own interpretation of Chuckjo2000's experience through the eyes of my own spiritual upbringing as a child, it would appear like the Aneros and super-O's induced an out of body/spiritual traveling experience. And that the feeling of inflating was perhaps his consciousness being expanded. It's said that people who practice techniques to learn out of body travel, can sometimes experience terror or extreme fear either just before achieving it, or during it. Makes me wonder if this is similar to the "terror at the gates" experience that a number of Aneros users have experienced. I also wonder if this is much like when you are confronted with information that completely contradicts your beliefs about life and are shown more than you expected or wanted. Or it is such a new and unusual experience and you don't know what will happen or how it will play out. What is your response then? Probably terror or fear. I'm totally just flinging ideas and possibilities around here. But it sure is fascinating to try and put the pieces together and wonder about the events and conclusions.

  • My two cents: (guaranteed not to be as long as my novel length post :P )

    Artform, it is because of posters like you and Rumel, and so many others, who don't fear posting what they know to be true, at least as much as they can attest to, that allowed me to post my post. I didn't think myself too crazy to post my experience because it was just that. My experience. I didn't really know what happened. I can't say I know what's going on. All I know is that I post what I felt. Feelings are just that, what people feel. They can't be right or wrong in my opinion. Feelings just are. What we are talking about, if I am correctly understanding, is feelings that we are sharing and trying better to understand. It just so happens that we are not the first to feel this way, meaning to feel various energies and different perceptions of consciousness.

    How did the first to view electricity and see its power at work feel? Probably a little scared and excited. Is this much different? What I felt more than anything during my experience was something that was expressed during my physics class. The entire universe is made of the same atoms and molecules. Hence, the atoms and molecules that run through my body are no different that those that are part of a pulsar billions of light years away. The same core atomic structure exists in me and that pulsar. So, how are people any different? We all share the same make up. And we share that make up with the universe. That was my ultimate feeling.

    I will admit that because of my experience, as well as those posted by other members, I am having a desire to learn once again about energy control and manipulation. When I was younger I used to read new age books on energy control throughout one's body as well as enhancing ones mental (what was termed psychic but I tend to shy away from that terminology for various reason) abilities. So, I have become interested once again in trying to see what my limitations are in this regard, as well as what I might be able to enhance and achieve.

    To anyone skeptical, which I fully understand the reasons, I just think to myself, science can't explain what the soul is really. Why do our moods improve and our spirits soar when listening to beautiful music that we enjoy? Why is it that horrific acts evoke outrage? Somewhere inherent within all of us is something deeper. Can science truly explain the conscious? Can it explain why I can visualize objects in my mind with my eyes closed or hear a remembrance of a loved ones voice whose passed on? I just feel like some things go beyond what we can define and confine into understandable and accepted terminology. I for one look forward to the journey of beyond. Wherever it make take us. :)
  • One time I had an experience that could be likened to those discussed here. The aneros was particularly mobile that night. Also I was better than normal able to control the movements to get it just right. The arousal built and built. When I was close to what would normally cause an orgasm, it was as though I was given a choice. Normally when I orgasm with the aneros there is massive full body muscle contractions... this time I was given a choice to stay relaxed. The arousal continued to increase. Normally orgasm hits me strong and suddenly when I am ready. This time I slowly built into an orgasmic state. The physical sensation was like the gentlest stroking of my glands just before ejaculating but I didn't ejaculate. My mind entered a state most similar to a spiritual awakening or something like what I have experienced with psychedelics. Normally orgasm is about pleasure... this time it was about joy. Everything was right in the world. I had the feeling as though I was home again and very safe. I have not returned to this state since. I think a very important component was staying relaxed... I have not been able to orgasm and stay relaxed since.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi chris_SoCal! :D

    Great description of a great experience!

    You might find something useful on relaxing this thread launched by Helixer:

    all the best deeply relaxed submissive desire orgasmic transportation all
    or HJ
    all the best deeply relaxed receptive desire orgasmic transportation all

  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    artform said:

    Rupert Sheldrake's work on our minds not being confined to their boney skull capsule, but rather able to expand out into the world and beyond ......


    Out of body experiences recreated in the lab -
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    alv said:

    artform said:

    Rupert Sheldrake's work on our minds not being confined to their boney skull capsule, but rather able to expand out into the world and beyond ......


    Out of body experiences recreated in the lab -

    Thanks alv for this and your earlier post above. Your experiences highlight the reason for bringing this issue forward too. Have you read much of mog's blog at KSMO or threads here? A conversation with both of you involved would be quite interesting for you and all, IMHO. Thanks again.

    From the same page alv. What would an Aneros, or S-OS (Super-O Society), campaign for young men's prostate health produce in the same age group?

    See also the right column's "See Also" list of previous articles as a similar reading and exceptions.

    all the best information and courage explorers all

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Thanks for the link to that short article. It reinforces the concept that our mental perception of reality IS our reality.

    From the article – Dr. Susan Blackmore, psychologist and visiting lecturer at the University of the West of England, said: "Scientists have long suspected that the clue to these extraordinary, and sometimes life-changing, experiences lies in disrupting our normal illusion of being a self behind our eyes, and replacing it with a new viewpoint from above or behind."

    So how does this apply to Aneros users and the journey to the Super-O?
    For the newbie, it involves the paradigm shift away from penis focused sensations and replacing that focus on the inner prostate centered sensations.
    For the intermediate users who haven't achieved the Super-O yet, it involves disrupting the normal illusion of what constitutes an orgasm and letting go of that illusion.

    For those who have achieved the Super-O, you already know how your life has changed. :wink:
  • GREAT thread, fellas.

    Artform, you really do stimulate my thinking, so let me thank you for your input. Rumel, LoveIs, etc., thanks for the contributions, too.

    Love_Is, your exactly correct about "terror at the gates" and Chuck your "inflation" factor was right on.

    See, this is a much larger experiential dynamic than any Aneros orgasm. And Rumel is right, it truly goes beyond the functionality of the Wiki, especially for those who are just beginning their rewiring journey or even for some who simply enjoy the physical release of Aneros use. So I agree, Rumel, there may not be an appropriate Wiki entry for this whole subject, at least not yet.

    Love_Is stated it correctly, IMHO, when he posits that pointing our extended experiences toward any particular religious or metaphysical discipline. I suggest that we place it in "extraordinary human experience" category and agree that regardless of metaphysical or spiritual or religious alignment, we as humans can experience significantly greater and greater things, given our willingness to let our minds and bodies roam.

    Fear of the unknown has held back mankind for millenia, no? Explorations of both physical and mental frontiers have been accomplished by those willing to overcome those fears and move ahead.

    Gentlemen, again, IMNSHO, the ONLY way we can continue to develop ourselves inside and outside of the Aneros experience it to GO THERE without fear.

    I had an overwhelmingly successful session yesterday morning, after two really fine Super O sessions the previous evening (I was on the road in the peace and tranquility of a fine motel-wheee). I put in my Helix upon waking at about 6 AM with about two hours of free time. I hate a clock deadline, but mornings tend to need attention. (I have often suggested to newbies who are frustrated by lack of "action" to try to find time AFTER a good night's sleep to use their Aneros toys, as at least as far as I'm concerned, the body responds much better after rest rather than before.)

    Within minutes I was starting to fly high. I was consciously trying to relax and just let things go, and was rewarded with a massive Super O that started like a full body stretch, you know the kind, hands over your head, really good stretch, that overwhelmed me like, well, what comes to mind is being in front of a snowplow and experiencing a W I D E overflooding orgasm that left me literally gasping for breath and screaming into a spare pillow! (I hoped the pillow would stifle it...didn't what to bring the cops!).

    Now, I don't visualize other types of sexual experiences, as some have described, but rather my OOB consciousness is very real. I can see myself floating above my bed. I can see in brilliant color, and my senses are completely dulled to anything other than where I am and what I'm doing. I did have the presence of mind to stifle my agonizing vocalization, however.

    My point here is not to relive the experience with my keyboard, but rather to emphasize the point that at no point did I "fear" what I was experiencing, but rather, eagerly welcoming whatever would come, with the realization that I wasn't going to die, or hurt myself, but rather, delve deeper into what my mind and body are capable of.

    So, guys, keep digging here. The rewards of patience, relaxation, OOB realization which I think does have some truth, and fearless discovery are significant and mind expanding. I truly believe that my conscious behavior and openness to others, both in person and in mind, have improved as I have striven to experience, accept and seek the expansion of my own physical and mental powers.

    I have always been a sympathetic individual. By that I mean, I have always had the gift, although I stifled it for decades, or really being able to "harmonize" or be in sympathetic resonance, with certain other individuals. I never know with whom or when this will occur, but when it does, it's just like a jolt of electricity. Instant brother/sisterhood, if you get my drift. It's cool.

    Flowing from that is what I tend to think is an openness or willingness to harmonize with my "other" self/selves if you will. I think humans are very complex organisms, and religion/metaphysics/mysticism aside, very able to communicate with ourselves on differing planes.

    I'm very interested in your thinking on this topic, and how it relates to where we all seem to "get to" during or in concert with, and Aneros session.

  • Wow. Just when you can start feeling a little smug about your accomplishments . .. along comes a new goal to realize, and new experiences just over the horizon. It is truly fantastic!!!!!

    I have been having full and deep super o's for more than 18 months, having started my sessions 2 years ago. It took me six months of trying to not try to get there, to get there, if you know what I mean. I have noted that the depth of my experience with each successive super o in a session increases as they repeat. Kind of like climbing a mountain ...the view gets better with each step. The incentive then is to go for longer and longer sessions.

    Although I have not had anything resembling these spiritual moments you all are referring to I will look forward to experiencing them some day. I have noticed however when I have the more expansive super o's in the later part of an extended session (where they almost take your breath away) that time seems to dissappear. I have posted this before. When I get to this state the super o rolls over me again and again. In these instances I feel like it has occured over a few moments; but in reality it had been 30 minutes.

    The closest I have come to these altered states is several times in the last 6 months a session will go really well and before a knew it the whole night has gone by. This has happened a few times. In these occassions I thought I (semi) slept for very brief periods between orgasms. But it was not regular sleep because I was still concious and still felt the pleasure of the aneros. I have found this happening most frequently with my eupho.

    My hats off to all of you guys for finding the words and being open. I look forward (or maybe not) to my discovery of this new experience.

    What amazing things these little white gizmos are.
  • a big thank you has you Cockadoodle for your comfort we need you to cheer us on site is not to be manipulated by our fears and our minds and to continue our journey Aneros relax even further to help us we need you again thank you ... from planting in the new world of sexual energy :roll: :oops:
  • Edit
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    After having similar experiences at least twice in the last week I thought this might represent a good time to post to this thread.

    The first was a session with the eupho and the second was without any aneros assistance. Both were absolutely amazing and the kind that could consume your day if you let them.

    First it was "my time" house to myself, just the right music and yet a stressful day had prefaced this session leading to the unlikely possibility of succes. Resolved to go higher and relax and breathe into whatever came I was off. For the sake of time I'll jump past the physical pieces but there were lots of actions including off and on erections which are not typical of my sessions. Finally however the peace washed over me and I had the sense of travelling to another dimension where fog was clouding the vision. Upon the gradual clearing of the fog I was floating in a nightime sky with and among the stars. Absolute peace and a sense of being accompanied by someone on a "tour." During this phase there were waves of pleasure washing over my paralyzed body - absolute bliss. This phase lasted for about 10 minutes but I would have liked to stay for hours. Eventually it was back to earth so to speak and i was unable to move for quite some time - nor did I want to.

    This built into another session invoving my wife a few days later. While she lightly massaged, stroked, touched, and kissed all the right places - I simply continued to orgasm to another plateau. All of this was simply following some routine morning wood - where the stroking started. The orgasms and sessions lasted for nearly an hour but inlcuded the "floating in the stars" feeling during a portion.

    Prior to these there had been a couple of other instances where there was the sense of travelling through rings of light to eventually encounter a higher level. At this level a purple light radiated from me into a brighter light where it dissolved.

    Thanks to the sharing here and the great support of the forum I was able to accept the feeling without fear and instead great them with anticipation of what was to lie ahead. It was a spiritual experience that I was very thankful for and can't wait to pursue when given more time.
  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I'm glad this got bumped. Spirituality aside, I think that having lots of these sorts of orgasms over time changes the brain structure so that one more easily has supernatural experiences.

    I've long felt alienated from female society because I think so very differently, and now I am sure it is because my brain is different--I have changed my brain. Unfortunately there is no website I know of where women who have fifty orgasms a day get together and hobnob, so you all are my clan.

    It's funny, I don't have OOB experiences, instead I have experiences of visitors.
  • BadgerBadger
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    I had a OOB experience once as a teenager. It scared the beejeezus out of me and I never tried again.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Ohmy06!! :D

    Congratulations on these great recent voyages and experiences!! They are indeed very appropriate here. Interesting that you and zaneblue both have the "visitor" type of experience, your as an accompanying presence on your journey, which sounds like you would classify as an out-of-body one.(?)

    Thanks too zaneblue and Badger!! :D :D

    I had a few OOBs in my youth and described the Intellectual Orgasms of my early teens as "through-the-body-travel" as they were a form of orgasmic OOB as well. Be brave Badger! Cum fly with us all!

    This is also being bumped now to connect to the "Welcome to the Forum" potential and discussion.

    all the most calming and re-creative soaring bliss revelations all

  • WiredWired
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    Digging up an old thread here linked to me recently by Chuckjo2000 and Artform. I recently had a discussion with and told them of an experience i had about a year ago now. After that they linked me to this thread and from reading what has already been said, I feel more comfortable about sharing my own experience. I really wish that at the time this took place, i knew what i know now. Anyway i hope you guys enjoy reading about this (i already sent this to them in a PM, and im to lazy to re-write it although it certainly could use it for clarity.)

    "I finished a aneros session for the night (i was really new to it) and i
    decided to sit down and do some research. At the time i was a heavy
    marijuana user and it helped me focus my interests. So i went and smoked
    alot and came back inside to do some reading. When i sat down though, i
    wasnt able to read. I wasnt even able to open up my web browser. I just
    sat there in a Very wierd state of mind (i now know this to be similar
    to states i enter via meditation). I Had recently been thinking very
    deeply into my own life, the meaning of life, our universe and similar
    topics. after what i think was a couple of minutes of sitting there in
    this wierd state, i had a very profound event take place. I felt at
    first a rising in the back of my neck and skull immediatly followed by
    the vision of blurred colours rising and before i knew it i was
    Surrounded by this aura of blurring moving colours (This explanation
    does not at all do justice to the event but its the best i can do. It
    just was not anything that could be compared to) and i had the absolute
    best feeling you could immagine. Absolutly overwhelming bliss, happiness
    to the extreme. I felt so good i never wanted it to stop. Infact i came
    out of it and realised i was sitting in front of my chair. I remember
    going through the exact same thought process that got me there in the
    first place (i was in space looking down at earth from a very long way
    away, and i realised that Im a human and theres no reason for me to
    think badly towards humans, and instead i should embrace who i am and
    enjoy my life, I felt a true love for myself), And sure enough once i
    thought of this again, i went straight back to it, another vision of the
    same coloured blurry tunnel type shape, with the best feeling possible.
    When i came out the second time i got scared, i didnt know what
    happened to me, and it was late at night so my room was really dark and
    it was VERY quiet (this made it SO much worse.) Being scared quickly
    escalated to absolute terror. I thought that i had died. i layed down on
    my bed, Thinking that i was dead (my thought was not normal at this
    time). Infact for a couple of minutes i Knew i was dead (this is was
    caused massive ammount of terror and panic). Clearly i wasnt but in my
    mind i just died and i was experiencing the cross over after you die (i
    believe this would have been Much less dramatic if it wasnt so quiet).
    **This is where your gonna get interested Artform. So i layed there
    thinking im dead when, (i wouldnt say all of a sudden because time was
    really hard to percieve, almost like i couldnt tell you at all how long
    this whole event took) all of a sudden im floating above my body,
    looking down on myself lying there. I started to rise up and i was using
    every part of my will power to bring myself back down to my body, but i
    couldnt, i just kept rising up. I went really high, and i could see my
    room getting smaller and smaller, However around the walls of my room
    was just blackness, not the rest of my house, just darkness and the room
    was going smaller into darkness. I really cannot remember coming back
    to myself lying in my bed, But i do remember a little while later lying
    there realising that im infact not dead, and something extreme just
    happened to me. Once i realised that im not dead I felt a very strong
    rush of happiness as i remember the good experience that proceeded. I
    felt very very strongly like i had worked out the meaning of life and i
    remember asking myself alot of times, "Why me, Why did i figure out the
    meaning of life". My mind was not in a normal state what so ever and my
    memory of the event was never razor sharp (even worse now because it was
    like 1 year ago now). However i do remember partly what i was thinking
    about when i realised "the meaning of life", I had a very strong sense
    to be happy and not live with regrets, and to help others do the same. I
    had an overwhelming sense of pride in humans and i still feel the
    effects of that to this day (prior to this i looked at humans as a
    plague on our planet). With this happiness still filling me up inside i
    sat in the shower for 3 hours whilst i cried thinking about the meaning
    of life, and the great happiness i could still feel. For the next week i
    felt like i was on speed, wired all the time and jittery, nervous even.
    I knew i had experienced something very real, but talking to my friends
    they kept telling me that it was the weed and some wierd effect from
    it. I now know they were very wrong and my intuition was right all

    Just for some added info, before i went in the shower i
    could feel my memory of the event slipping away so i decided to make a
    text document incase i completely forgot it the next day. I still have
    it on my desktop and ive only opened and read in once since i made it.
    The document is titled REMEMBER, it says this inside.

    "about to play cs,

    Realise im a typical human watching typical human shows,

    And i SHOULD BE. :)

    THought i died, Thought i went crazy, Thought i worked out the meaning of life.

    Eyes closed. Thought of myself on the planet earth, smiling, happy. Being human.

    Extreme happiness. Overwhelming happiness.

    Extreme pride in humans."

    not entirely sure if i wrote this before or after having the out of
    body experience. and ive just realised that i was about to play a video
    game (from reading this for like the 3rd time since it happened)."
  • openguy89openguy89
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    I think the more people taking their "unusual" experiences seriously like you did and sharing it, the better place the world will be. As I said before, I think the Aneros is one "technology" to achieve a true breakthrough in perception and understanding. I had similar experiences with THC but without using the Aneros - although the combination is quite interesting.

    What I'm curious to know, did your experience happen while you were still using the Aneros?
  • WiredWired
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    I was not openguy89, I had Just finished a session (with ejac). Cleaned up and packed away my aneros. Then i went outside smoked some THC, than when i was on my way back inside, my housemate was watching a tv show, and i remember looking at it for a little while and thinking "Wow this show is SUPER predictable." and i saw it very objectively. Almost as if i wasnt a human, watching a human show if that makes any sense. than i went to my room sat in my computer chair, and the rest took place from there.
  • AneRicoAneRico
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  • CanacanCanacan
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    Thanks all. And thanks @AneRico for the bump.

    I must say (being extremely skeptic about beliefs) I agree with @Rumel about not alienating some readers with in depth study of the spiritual aspects in wiki. But from the little I have experienced I also know strange things do happen in this journey, which could be extremely disturbing for some. And the questions "is this for real?" and "am I nuts?" are so common it deserves to be dealt with. All the more because mental illnesses do indeed exist, so it is important (if possible) to separate the two.

    Again thanks to all. This community is amazing.
  • AneRicoAneRico
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