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my hour long session last night
  • Well i started off with 10 minutes of meditation music. i then slowly started to retract my muscles about every 15 seconds and holding it for about 10 seconds. After a short time i found the sensation was gripping my into a wave of niceness, making my leg and stomach muscles tense and as i released my grip my 'ringpiece' seemded to throb. I did this for around 40 minutes and although it was nice it didnt result in anything more than described but, as im just a beginner on a journey and i feel i am making progress, the rest will happen in time
  • Great to hear that, I too enjoy sensing the tremors on my skin that the tailpiece is conducting from the rectal muscles. :)
  • Hello "the thinker", good start.

    Continue enjoying these sensations, you are doing exactly what is working for me. Just be really careful to use light contractions and to focus on sensation you have internally.

    FYI, I use 1/4 to 1/2 of maximum contraction never more for reaching the Super-O with a base contraction about 1/8th. Try also to use 15 seconds contractions alternating both rectal and anal.

    I wish you a good journey ;-)