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Mini-O's at the gym...
  • I'm working my legs this morning and I'm sitting on the seated calf machine. In the middle of my 2nd set I get a "tingling" in my right calf that "crawls" up my leg, passes across my thigh, goes under my balls, and hits my prostate! Both my legs and my ass begin to tighten up and I can feel "one coming on." I immediately stand up and stretch, which causes the sensation to partially subside.

    Later, I'm on the leg press and the same thing happens again. This time, it starts in my left hamstring and goes up into my ass, right to my prostate. I IMMEDIATELY stopped my set and tried to straighten my legs, kinda stretch it out. Both of my legs started to "twitch." I stood up and went to walk it off. As I took a step both my ass and abdomen began to contract and I could feel a swell of contractions coming on in my pelvis. I retreated to a nearby abandoned corner of the gym and waited for it to go away. After that, I finished my workout and all was good.

    GUYS, let this be a warning to you. If you're working out, especially legs, beware of those involuntary muscle contractions! Once you're rewired, your ass, hams, quads, and calves all have a "direct dial" to your sphincter muscle which can activate your prostate and "start things up." I knew I was horny when I woke up, but decided to go to the gym instead. So, if you go to the gym when your horny, be careful that you don't end up almost in "super-o" land like me!
  • I think one of the forum regulars mentioned a similar experience at the gym a while back.
    You are not alone. :wink:
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi SOLOSTAR and The_Bishop! :D :D

    SOLOSTAR you have experienced something that demonstrates both the "muscle memory" and energies storage potential and function of our legs! Congratulations! You can learn to use this intentionally and with some control of its application and timing. :wink:

    I have had this too and have earlier experienced very good energy flows from the ankles and through my legs, adding significantly to full body energetics and the full range of dry multiple orgasms. Good to see your report of others too Bishop. There are ways of storing energies these energies passively there and I describe a method I found about a month ago while travelling, in my recent blog post, The Master Organist and The Sultan of BagJazz:

    all the best orgasmic/life-force/spiritual energies generation/transmutation/storage/enjoyment all
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again All!

    I would really appreciate comments here from anyone having any muscular or energetics sensations in their legs. Thanks again.

    all the best orgasmic dancing all

  • I noticed that when I did high weights on a leg extension machine -- really pushing my quads to the limit -- that I'd start to get a sensation that felt very much like the build-up to orgasm. I've never had dry-o's so I can't make that comparison, but it was a very distinctive feeling.

    My personal trainer got me off the the leg extension machine and on to doing barbell squats, and it doesn't give me the same feeling at all. I think that I'm going to start finding a way to mix in the leg extension machien again :D