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Dopamine Cycle question
  • Some people actually experience an "orgasm hangover". The vast majority of us have our dopamine levels fluctuate strangely after an intense satisfying sexual encounter.

    My question is in men, what triggers this? Is it orgasm or is it ejaculation? Many argue that it is ejaculation and not orgasm and therefore teach that you have to orgasm with out ejaculating if you don't want to "loose your sexual energy"(personally I think this synonymous with dopamine fluctuations). However what about women? They don't have an ejaculation response like us men but they are still very vulnerable to this effect.

    To those that have greatly reduced your ejaculations since using the Aneros... do you find yourself ever have a let down mentally/emotionally after a good session? Or does this only happen when you ejaculate.
  • You may be thinking about prolactin, not dopamine. As I understand it, the main chemical difference between an orgasm with ejaculation and without, is that the orgasm with ejaculation causes a release of prolactin within the brain. This kills the sex drive and causes deep relaxation. A study that examined multi-orgasmic men found that these men did not experience the release of prolactin with ejaculation.

    All orgasms induce the release of lots of chemicals in the brain, including Phenylethylamine (PEA) and oxytocin.

    I'm not sure what you mean when you refer to "orgasm hangover," but I sometimes feel extended euphoria which can extend to the following day if the orgasm is preceded by prolonged and intense arousal. It needs to be both prolonged and intense for this to happen. I'm sure that lots of chemicals are involved: dopamine, adrenaline, etc...
  • A rise in prolactin is associated with loosing your desire after sex. However I don't think it is usually associated with what is called "Orgasm Hangover". As far as I know that is because of a massive increase in dopamine leading up to orgasm then a crash in your dopamine levels afterwords.