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  • needit_needit_
    Posts: 34
    :D well gang here we a ice arrived just be fore the long as you no dout no all about ,company over the wknd ,nice to see them and great to see them go .so to day i rather played a bit of hookey or did not go to work .as felt like diggin out my ice pkg and givin it a go sort of .well my session lasted 45minutes .no bells and not much else .kind a figured this may happen from readin others attempts.but suprisin ,after in sertion ,yes there was a tad of discomfort for a couple of minutes .but after that it started to feel ?like it rather belonged there? a full feelin ,fer sure.tried a bit of this and a bit of that ,as the others have mentioned .but will ,definatley try many times agn take care and have fun ..gang..does seem that the wifes have quited down some? or is it just me and wknd things got in the way? :D