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My second attempt
  • My second attempt was on Friday night. After everyone had gone to bed I inserted my helix and sat watching TV for a while. Once I thought I was relaxed I started contracting but after a while still nothing so I moved onto hands and knees which, on my first attempt, had my coming in 2 minutes. Still no affect so I retired to bed.
    Saturday afternoon I tried again. This time my girlfriend was watching. Firstly I started on my knees which made me pant and tremble a bit (and sweat like mad) but no climax. Then I moved to my back where I got into a good rhythm and at one stage could feel something rising up my cock. Nothing actually happened though. I was wondering if I’m trying too hard ? While my girlfriend was there she spoke to me a couple of times and I wondered if that put me off and also she touched me and that might be a distraction. Friday night I had been drinking so that always slows me down. I have bought the Aneros lube applicator and found that easy to use although I have had bad runs since I think I have a bug and its not caused by the KY being inserted.
    I read somewhere on this site about a download that talks you through relaxing. Where can I find it please. I am going to totally relax my body before my next attempt.
    Thanks for reading and any input would be great. I am not giving up yet….no way. I know there is huge pleasure to be had and I’m going to find it.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received

    Many thanks
  • After recently experiencing a noticeable increase in pleasure during the sessions, I've started thinking what I did differently, and what was right on the mark before. I'd assume that these could be contributing factors:

    1) Mental stimulation before the session.

    Before ever using Aneros, I had noticed that climaxing can be a lot easier - and fulfilling - if you've felt physically/mentally aroused beforehand. I mean merely thinking erotic thoughts and experiencing erections, possibly even hours before the session.

    2) Relaxation.

    Could be more important than I could've ever imagined. I don't think it needs to be a strict routine (that's probably the opposite of relaxing), but merely feeling that your muscles are calm throughout your body

    3) Position.

    Related to the second point, I think this is a key factor. I've grown most pleased with being on my knees, upper torso bent at the end of the bed, resting on my elbows. In this position, no body weight or unnecessary pressure is applied to the massager, allowing it to maneuver with ease. The position also allows me to relax and control the abdominal region with minimal excertion.
  • many thanks. that a few things to think about.
  • One more thing - as you've likely noticed, shifting weight to your feet or spine during a session can cause a momentary contraction. This can trigger a wave of pleasure for a short while, but I think it might also interfere with the involuntary contractions. Personally I'm starting to support the philosophy that the less you strain yourself during a session, the stronger pleasure feedback you'll get.

    Please keep this thread updated - I'll be happy to help if there's further development. And be patient! It wasn't until my sixth session that the Helix really punched some serious pleasure in. :)
  • Some great advice thanks. I have got my self some relaxing music to calm me.
  • markomarko
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    Some great tips thanks!
  • Thought I should add a couple of things...

    From a recent session I've gathered that mental arousal also plays an important part when using the Aneros - the involuntary contractions kicked to another level when I focused my thoughts on some magazines I had handy.

    What I'm unsure of is the ideal (well, acceptable) level of physical exhaustion during a session - the muscles in my abdomen and legs start working overtime once I really get into the contractions. Next week, I will experiment how the sensations will change if I attempt to keep the rest of my body relaxed, focusing all the work merely on the muscles surrounding the Aneros.