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My View on the T-Orgasm - Why we are in a race to the end
  • I’ve wanted to write this post for a while to share my experience and get some feedback from others. In the world of Mini-Os and Super-Os the levels and variations of pleasure are as numerous as stars in the sky and most of it is beyond description. In the world of the traditional male orgasm/ejaculation, I think it’s rather easy to sum it up on a scale of 0-10, with clear distinct markers and indicators along the entire way. I would love to hear from others if this describes your experience or what your experience is.

    The first level or base level of pleasure is what is felt for almost the entire time. It is only when the Point Of No Return is near, about 2-4 seconds away from happening, that the level of pleasure is kicked up quite a bit. I’ve argued with myself if there is a difference in the level of pleasure between maintaining arousal (just feeling the base level of pleasure) and building towards the point of no return, while keeping it sufficiently at bay. Perhaps just knowing you are working towards the PONR and the pleasure that will ensue when it arrives is what makes me think that it feels better when it really doesn’t. You know you are “building” towards the PONR when you say oh yea, right there, keep doing that. Does it really feel better (more pleasure)? Or is it the knowledge of what that will lead to give it greater value or merit?

    If I were to put the pleasure on a scale of 0-10, I would put the base level somewhere between 1 and 2. This is where it stays until I’m 2-4 seconds away from the PONR. I know when I’m 2-4 seconds away from the PONR when the pleasure jumps up to about a 5. What happened to 3 & 4? They don’t exist here. The pleasure increases from 5 to 7 linearly in about two to four seconds, with 7 being the PONR. If I’m lucky I can hold on to an 8 for a second or two after passing the PONR before the ejaculation reflex starts. The 8 peaks to a 10 in short pulses that are synchronized with ejaculation lasting about 8-10 seconds, in the last 5 seconds this, the pleasure of the peaks and valleys drop linearly in intensity to end at about half.

    To sum it up, I can hope for 10-16 seconds of pleasure beyond the base level in the scope of a traditional male orgasm/ejaculation. When these 10-16 seconds come after 5, 20, or more minutes of effort, it’s no wonder we are always rushing towards the end; that’s the only place it ever feels any good. If we are not working our way towards the goal (the end), we had better be pleasing our lady (this is more enjoyable than a 1-2 on the pleasure scale), if we don’t get that either, we are working towards frustration.

    Apart from the sensations of pleasure, the surge of prolactin that happens at the moment of ejaculation plays a huge role in feeling reward, release, closure, satisfaction. Although prolactin doesn't give us the sensation of pleasure, on some level we think it does. This is a topic for another discussion, but I would argue that during a quickie (less than 5 minutes) we don't experience pleasure beyond 4 or 5 on the scale. It is the prolactin surge that makes a quickie feel worthwhile.

    Again, I would love to hear how this compares with your experiences.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,775
    Strictly by the numbers --- lol :D

    Seems a sorry shame to occupy a darned fine MMO - S-O board with a Trad-O thread but it is what it is.

    Last week I glossed past this post but my 'bride' is recovering from surgery and I've also suspended my journey (hopefully a temporary measure) so am becoming re-acquainted with "Merry-five fingers" (aka Mary ...).

    Having not invested in a Fleshlight, I'm still mired in the imprecise, crude and variable world of choosing fingertips based on their size, fingerprint pattern and presence of any cuticle barbs, etc. And, figuring out how I'll employ those in the parametric game of edging.

    As MartyB points out,, the trip to level 5 is pretty well standardized. An old H.S. locker room saying used to have it as a simple 25 foot-long trip. (Do the math -- 6" strokes x 50 strokes.) :)

    (sorry to the global crowd -- stroke = 15.24cm) :)

    It's the activity in the region between 5.5 and 6.4 that's always challenging. While 90% of the pleasure I crave exists in the 6.4 to 6.6 region, anything above 6.5 is unstable and it's tough to back out of that with grace.

    I've also found that I seem to have an 'incursion counter.' Each little visit above 6.48 adds a tally to the count and as those accumulate, the PONR creeps downward from 7. So as the edging session moves onward I pay for my craven mis-adventures, sloppiness and crudities. (A crudity is that which results in a pesky ejac pulse -- a single pulse seems equal to a dozen "incursions.") Even rest and a return to somewhere below level 5 fails to zero-out my incursion counter. Only the final insult of prolactin and oxytocin can do that.

    The game then becomes one with limited maneuvering room which forces my 'give-in' moment when I let go or think, "oh what the hell....."