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Hormones and Orgasm
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    Searching the net I found following paper Endocrine effects of sexual arousal and orgasm in men and a similar study Endocrine Alterations After Masturbation-Induced Orgasm in Women and a surprisingly showing that in both men and women have a similar hormonal response to orgasm.

    Now assuming that the same hormones are released during a super-o, the following three hormones are released in significant levels

    1. Epinephrine and Norepinephrine increase at time of orgasm and then immediately reduces back to normal levels shortly thereafter. These are Adrenaline hormones or flight hormones that release stored energy into our body. It signals the heart to pump harder, increasing blood pressure, opening airways in the lungs, narrowing blood vessels in the skin and intestine to increase blood flow to major muscle groups and brain, boosting the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain and muscles, increasing blood sugars and starts breaking down lipids in stored fat thereby again releasing more stored energy, vitamins etc. Epinephrine also opens the airways and inhibits allergic response inhibiting mucus production all for easier breathing. Wow and this for one or two hours – no wonder we feel so energized and healthy after a lengthy super-o session.

    Further, it is stated that the urine production is increased synchronously with the rise in arterial pressure, and continues above normal for several minutes after blood-pressure falls, this explains why I, and many others, have the need to urinate during a session, in my case usually a very full bladder about every 30 to 45 minutes when continuously riding one orgasm on top of another. Often the urine has high sugar levels - so we actually piss away our excess weight - what a way to diet. I actually have experienced increased weight loss - I am on a diet and exercise program designed for 1.5kg loss per week. After using the Aneros, with the same amount of diet and gym work I lost 2.5kg in the first week, already reported this here, and now actually have relaxed my diet but keeping the 1.5kg per week, thanks to Aneros.

    this is another good Epinephrine link

    2. Prolactin is increased after orgasm and remains at increased level thereafter. What happens when experiencing multiple orgasm in short succession as in the super-o, do we step up the Prolactin levels? Prolactin has a stimulates the pituitary glands (that is our nipples) – many Aneros users have reported increased sensitivity and size of their nipples now we know why. Further, it is thought that prolactin levels correlate with the sense of sexual satisfaction and relaxation – possibly explaining why a non ejaculatory Aneros induced super-o is as satisfying as a traditional ejaculatory orgasm.

    3. Oxytocin is released similarly to Prolactin. Oxytocin is the so called love hormone which makes us fall in love, bind to our partners, etc. A possible explanation why after a super-o session we feel mellow and show more sympathy towards others after a super-o session.

    With all these hormones being released and the metabolism stimulated while using the Aneros, what other health benefits are there?

    Possibly one can explain the Aneros addiction; Adrenaline+Pleasure is a potent mix, people get addicted to adrenaline + just plain awful stress, the adrenalin junkie, how much easier is the addiction if you replace awful stress with pleasure.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Neat research you found alv!!! :D
    I enjoyed reading it.

    I haven't yet reached super-O's yet that I am aware of. But I still find myself having to urinate during an Aneros session, once if not several times. Last night it was almost obnoxious the amount of times I had to go. Although, perhaps I drank too much water prior.

  • I understood that prolactin release in men was the primary reason why we typically only have one orgasm. A study found that men who were multi-orgasmic had reduced prolactin release during a traditional orgasm. I would suspect reduced prolactin release during a non-ejaculatory super o with an Aneros. I understood that prolactin is also responsible for the wave of fatigue and relaxation immediately after a traditional orgasm. I could be wrong.
  • Just a few things to add...

    As friday77 posted, prolactin is the chemical you do NOT want. It is released after orgasm and is known to block dopamine. There is a powerful pharmecutical called Cabergoline/dostinex, it is prescribed to parkinson's disease sufferers where in certain rare cases where they need more dopamine to function (since prolactin blocks dopamine). Anyway, was reading that this drug can apparently reduce or eliminate the male refactory period.

    I started looking all over the internet for more information after reading about this, and discovered a post on a forum where this man was experimenting with drugs. He basically stated he was taking the above pharmecutical, and a few other dopamine boosting drugs, as well as some other things that I won't mention. Anyway, he basically said that he could "cum again and again for hours with the most incredible orgasms" and that the girls he was with were more than amazed.

    Now, I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND experimenting with drugs or pharmecuticals. And, I actually debated even telling this here because I know there will be people reading this who are seeking powerful orgasms and will no doubt be tempted to pursue this venture. The aneros works wonders and that combined with lots of fish oil is really all you should ever need to feel the most exquisite pleasure.

    I personally believe, based on what I stated above, that the super-o's that the aneros produce do not come with any prolactin release. I can have super-o's that happen again and again producing the most incredible feeling and it lasts for hours.

    There aren't really any studies that I could find that draw clear links between beta-endorphin and orgasm. But I am convinced that there is a connection either to beta-endorphine or to some as-of-yet undiscovered pleasure hormone. Beta-endorphin is 80 times more potent than morphine at relieving pain. I do know that people who take heroin describe the feeling as like a really powerful orgasm. Heroin is known to stimulate many of the endorphine receptors at once.

    If there is a really powerful pleasure chemical released, it is probably not only powerful, but also really short lived. Possibly with a half life in seconds. I am speaking only based on anecdotal evidence. There hasn't been enough research in this area despite the fact that technology to do it is more than available. I guess to get a research grant, one has to be trying to cure a disease. Or just not be studying something as "taboo" as orgasm, which has no perceived benefit to the medical community. :roll:

  • Couple of reads:
    -- --
    -- --

    Also: Google for - prolactinoma in males -

    My 2¢w: Not in my bod unless an MRI has found a pituitary tumor and an endocrinologist is running the show. :(
  • binaryfellow thank you for your wisdom on this item the prolactin a little intelligence can you help me to recommend a brand of fish oil? and what dosage thank you in advance.
  • plantation,

    I'm probably not the best person to ask for dosage. I personally use the info found in these threads

    I also am doing the dark chocolate as well... but I want to add that it is important you eat healthy. Don't think that if all you eat is junk food that taking fish oil will "fix everything". I personally avoid fast food like the plague, and try to get plenty of protein.

    There are actually lots of other foods that can help with orgasms. I recommend just doing a search on "top brain foods" to get ideas.

    When following those links, keep in mind that what you want to focus on are foods that boost dopamine. If it says it boosts serotonin, it's probably not what you want.

  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    :D reading these brain food articles I come to the conclusion my diet is perfect :D
  • a great big thank you to all :o :o