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In or out?
  • atm853atm853
    Posts: 51
    I've been definitely getting into my sessions with a much more serious mind, I've recentlly started to get back the old sensations when I first started to use the Aneros. So when I first started, I remember that my first time was very intense and I felt p-waves, my breathing went all over the place and it seemed that with every breath in my aneros helix would ramm my spot right where my ass needed it. the following days were horrible, and I felt no sensations, about a month later, I got the second huge orgasm but it went away quickly.

    I now after 4 months, can have much more control over my helix, and I've stared to have mini O's throughout the session, usually right off the first 20 mins I get going great, the next 30 nothing other than feeling nice sensations all over, not orgasms but not bad, and then to end I get those mini O's again, my dick gets all hard and I can feel the precum come from the base to the tip of my dick...its very nice, however, I can make a squeeze (very slightly)/contration inward, and feel that great little ache/soarness but when I let go of the squeeze and push out my helix slightly making my anus open up more, as if i were to pee, I have a strong orgasm but nothing comes out, and I can get at least 2 smaller ones by this time my dick is throbbing!!! like it's about to fly off, but lately if I start to try and make those sensations grow, it just all goes away....

    My question is firstly does anyone have this problem, and second, when it does come to the conractions do you push out or squeeze inward...I feel like the harder i squeeze in and hold the less i feel...although when I do sometimes the aneros moves on its own and it feels good but then it just feels like nothing...hope your well and thanks for reading.

    Sending you all twiches and tingles
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    atm853 said:

    like it's about to fly off, but lately if I start to try and make those sensations grow, it just all goes away....

    Trying to increase the feeling is the worst thing I can do. At that point my brain starts telling my body what to 'feel' and that does not work. I have to learn to let my body tell my brain what it wants and then just 'go with the flow'.

    Just let yourself go and enjoy it.