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Maybe I'm just impatient?
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    it's been going on two years and still no super O but loving every minute of it. Lots of great feelings and always feel lilke I'm right on the edge.
    I change models often during a session and get the greatest pleasures within a minute or two of starting my sessions or changing models. Generally within15 minutes all the peaks have leveled off and although an occasional wave comes along, the session is pretty tame but pleasurable. Most sessions don't last more than one hour as I don't generally have the luxury of alone time. I don't feel I am rushing a session, it's just that after some time and the feelings have died down, I get a little bored.
    My question is.... should I give it more time even though all is quiet? I try various positons and breathing during a session but once the big rush is past, it doesn't seem to come back
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    You know i was just thinking yesterday about posting a similar thread. I have been using aneros a year this month and me too no super o only what i feel are mini o's and p-waves. I too get great feelings the first 15-30 min then it dies down and i am left feeling somewhat satisfied but at the same time unsatisfied.

    I think we may have both hit a plateau and require a break from normal use. I noticed i get anerosless sensations as i go to bed. It feels like the aneros is in me but its not seems when i dont use the aneros my body is too used to it and sensations start. What i think is affecting me though is the only time i can use aneros is before bed due to room mate. So my body is too acustomed to aneros in my bed before sleep.

    I might have to change my aneros use to when i am fully away during the morning or day time but its too hard. I dont have much time to post other thoughts but i think we both need a good week or two break i am starting now. Anyways will be back after work whole 11 hours till i am home sigh lol maybe being tired at night also contributes to my lack of super o. I have not even had a hands free super t which i would love i was doing good progress untill i reach this same effect as you even if i let my session go for 2 hours first 15-30 min is the best but not great anymore.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I guess we are at the same spot with our progress promass. I'm not sure about a week or two layoff if that would do anything. Often, I go several days without a session but don't think I've ever gone longer than that.
    I feel the same way - I'm satisfied yet unsatisfied. If I never got any more than what I get out of a session right now, I would just continue. I'm always hoping to go to the next level but just love the pleasure I get right now. If I could only keep the intensity of the first fifteen minutes of my session going for an hour or two......