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My Unusual Path to Ecstasy
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    I would not be writing this except that several months ago I had what I now understand was a dry, possibly full-body orgasm. This was before I knew a thing about prostate massage, aneros, or dry orgasms. My wife was masturbating me as she does every morning, but this time we were using a different setup, including a cock ring of my own design and different lube, but most importantly, a much different stroke – tiny half-inch strokes lightly caressing the rim of the head. I have been trying to retrain myself away from the much more vigorous strokes I have always used. Sometimes I take over and go to an ejaculation, but usually we quit after a few minutes and I enjoy the tingle for the rest of the morning. This time, though, it was completely different. It felt better and better. What’s going on? I thought. Still better, then better yet. I could not believe what was happening. Soon I was moaning. Then screaming. It didn’t stop, the more I screamed the better it got. My arms and legs were flailing. My hands were raised in the air, my fingers were claws, opening and closing. I made animal noises. I would tell her to stop, and lie there in disbelief for a couple of minutes, then tell her to resume, and it would happen all over again. This went on for half an hour before things began to settle down. Having for years watched my wife multiple-orgasm with her vibrator, I looked at her and said, “I think I’ve just had a female orgasm.”
    To me it was incomprehensible that there was no ejaculation of any kind, and even more amazing, I felt absolutely no desire to ejaculate. Instead of frustration, there was total satisfaction.
    The rest of the day I felt more energized and alive than I had in years.

    Several days later we were able to repeat the event, but it wasn’t quite as strong. I had the first misgivings. A day or two after that, there was a third event, but it was still weaker. Anxiety set in, and there were no more female orgasms. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing them. In my ignorance, I thought I had discovered something unknown to science. The world must be told about this. But who would even believe me?

    A few days later I saw the aneros on the Fleshlight site. If not for my three excellent adventures, I would have reacted like most other guys – man, that is gross. What some people will do for a cheap thrill, it’s disgusting.
    Then I found this forum, and began reading. What an education this has been. What I would have earlier discounted as exaggerated new-age hype, I now began to understand.

    I am now in my second week with my new Helix. I quit ejaculating a few days before starting, to make sure the prostate had a good charge. Have been doing a session a day most of the time, and have felt little or nothing in the way of pleasant sensations during the sessions. I looked for sensory signals that were somehow different from the obvious awareness of a kind of rectal fullness, they weren’t there. After a few days I began to distinguish a slight difference in feel when contracting. Maybe I did have a prostate, after all. Some of the better sessions have been in the hot tub in total darkness. I even moaned a few times, but it felt like I was faking it. I gradually began to become aware of the presence of the prostate. Nothing much more, just its presence.

    Here’s where it gets interesting. Starting about three days ago, without any warning, the dry orgasms started up again. Not with the helix in place, though. They are triggered during our masturbation sessions, with the super-light stroking of the head. Yesterday after my wife let go of me, it started up all by itself. I lay there watching my body arch up and down, with no one touching it, and I couldn’t believe it was happening. This morning the feelings started before I even got to the couch. Each day they seem to get a little stronger. This afternoon the unheard of happened. We were in Trader Joe’s doing some shopping. I saw a very attractive young woman with long black hair, pushing a cart with a small boy in it. Before I even had time to think, I was having an orgasm! Standing there in the store. I quickly turned and walked down the aisle, hoping I could keep from moaning or clawing the walls. I’m sure if I had lay down right there and surrendered to it, it would have built up to its full force, and I would have had a great time before the men in the white coats came for me. Instead, I willed it to stay down. I walked out of the store and by the time we got to the car it was all gone but the afterglow.
    Fortunately, I have a very understanding wife. I was giggling in absolute disbelief as I told her what happened. When we got home, we unpacked the groceries and she helped me finish the orgasm I had started at Trader Joe’s.

    Clearly the recharging of my prostate has been a major factor in this incredible horniness, but I think much of the credit goes to the aneros for triggering the awakening of my prostate, even though it has not evolved at all the way I expected it to. I have some theories about what has been happening, which I’ll write about later, and I would appreciate anyone else’s ideas. Meanwhile, I can hardly wait to go back to Trader Joe’s.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    This is wonderful in technique and in your storytelling Woodsman!

    You may want to consider blogging too so sequential record of your story is available as its episodes unfold.

    This could be your first post in your blog!

    so many nerve endings, so little time, so many bioenergetics possibilities

  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    Woodsman, I can feel for you chasing that experience and the sense of loss. I had a similar experience two years ago and with the help of the Aneros regained it. (see my Blog)

    Furthermore, I personally suspect that when you experienced your first MMO your life energies were able to circulate just great - you actually described how relaxed you were while this was all happening - this circulation then got blocked again. Now, with the help of the Aneros, your life energies are circulating and you are in ecstasy.

    Congrats - don't loose it this time.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850

    What a fantastic story! Thank you for sharing your experiences! It's great to hear about peoples paradigm change due to a powerful life experience, exciting! I hope that you have many dry orgasms in the future! Please keep us posted.
    Good luck on your journey.
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    Thanks guys. Your comments are encouraging and greatly appreciated. I can’t get over how fortunate we all are to be able to communicate freely, thanks to the internet, about something so incredibly personal, and to share knowledge that throughout history has been available to only a lucky few.
  • InverseInverse
    Posts: 36
    Woodsman said:

    Thanks guys. Your comments are encouraging and greatly appreciated. I can’t get over how fortunate we all are to be able to communicate freely, thanks to the internet, about something so incredibly personal, and to share knowledge that throughout history has been available to only a lucky few.

    Ain't it a trip? I go to at least 3 other forums all around other sexual elements of my life. :) I <3 the net.
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    It was probably what is referred to as an 'echo' effect which is pretty common with those who practice KSMO meditation.

    I can have dry orgasms at will most of the time just by twitching my muscles, particularly if I make a conscious effort to draw my testicles upward toward my body which automatically puts slight pressure on my prostate.

  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    This sounds like a pretty accurate description of what happened to me. A couple of days later I was waiting in a store and I thought I’d see what would happen if I began doing a few contractions while watching the attractive young cashier. Sure enough, those feelings began again, nowhere near enough for an orgasm this time, but extremely pleasurable nonetheless. I can now easily imagine the at-will dry orgasms you describe, and am determined not to let this slip away. I have realized during the last several weeks (during which there has been no ejaculation) that there is a near-constant “glow” in my pelvis, and I can cause this glow to swell and expand through thought and muscle contraction. I used to be able to draw my testicles up when I was younger, I’ll have to relearn this technique. The muscles are sure there – during a standard orgasm they pull right up into their little pockets. A friend of mine who lived in Japan years ago described seeing Japanese men in public bathhouses squatting and practicing their testicle control. He swears that some of them could actually pull up one at a time. Another mystery of the Orient, I guess, and more self-discipline than most of us will ever have.
    I seem to have isolated an abdominal muscle that directly acts on the prostate. It’s just below the navel and feels as if it can pull upward on the prostate. I don’t know if this is real or imaginary, but it feels good.

    Then it came to an end yesterday. I had been edging every couple of days, able to stop when just a drop or two of ejaculate would emerge. But yesterday I lost it and had an enormous ejaculation which must have drained the poor little walnut of everything it had. The orgasm was great – it ranks in the all time top ten - I lay on the floor for ten minutes in a stupor. The bad news was, the glow was gone. Now, twenty-four hours later, the penis sensitivity and erections are working fine, but there is still nothing from the prostate. In the past couple of weeks I had been patiently learning to recognize the subtle signals, which were now silent. What an amazing insight this is. There is a definite sense of lost feelings of well-being and energy. Even my wife has noticed it. Today I have been reading about it, about the role of Oxytocin and dopamine, PEA, etc., and for the first time I am beginning to realize the downside of frequent ejaculation. I am anxiously awaiting the recharging of my little prostate, and promise to treat it with the respect I now realize it deserves.

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    The benefits of ejaculating or not have been discussed in the past. I too have experienced what you've discussed by resisting that urge. I have a problem balancing it with the research that a regular emptying can help prevent prostate cancer. Any thoughts?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks ohmy06 and Hi All!

    ohmy06 said:

    The benefits of ejaculating or not have been discussed in the past. I too have experienced what you've discussed by resisting that urge. I have a problem balancing it with the research that a regular emptying can help prevent prostate cancer. Any thoughts?

    This is a crucial conundrum for us here. And the science identifying the benefits of both more frequent ejaculations and specifically of prostate massage is new and emergent. So, things may change as replication and new data come forward.

    As far as my Aneros use for BPH therapy, I have stimulating sessions exploring new routes to ever more varied sensations and body/mind energetics, butt always end with a Super-T to "clean the pipes"! NuBe09 mentioned his urologist now recommending 20+ ejacs per month as a prostate health regime. I'm not there yet and think I would feel "drained", with reduced energetic levels.

    Also, I am more and more convinced of the importance of having at least a day off with no ejaculation between sessions with Aneros or KSMO or for those of us doing combined practice for fully effective rewiring. That would mean 15 or 16 per month per month at 1 per day. Multiples in a day, beyond the teens and twenties are likely to be less than fully effective from a preventative point of view, if at all.

    There are Taoist discussions and techniques for "cooking" the jing energy out of the semen and thereby allowing for more frequent ejaculations without (as much?) energy loss. More research needed both in Taoist and Tantric traditions as well as contemporary science, eh orgasmotechies all?!?

    the best of all possible worlds enlightened orgasmic explorers all

  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Thanks artform

    Being 50+ I have noticed within the last year that there have been times when I've ejaculated three times within 24 hours with no problem and no loss of energy. Then others where one will drain me. It seems the effect is minimal when in conjuction with energy builds - then, the old fachioned traditional with no such builds can be draining. Not sure what that means but it's the fact.
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    This question has become extremely interesting to me. For years I have been ejaculating regularly - when younger, usually once a day, for the past decade or so, every other day. As I have aged, I have seen the semen output drop, until now on the 2-day schedule it is normally just a few drops. I used to think the amount of cum was related to the strength of the orgasm, but I have found that my ejaculatory orgasms are the strongest they’ve ever been. I think now intensity is far more dependent on other factors, in my case an involuntary holding back until it simply won’t be stopped. Reaching orgasm takes a lot more work than it used to; I gradually lost the ability to cum in my wife some years ago, and the effort in jacking off gave me tennis elbow once. This is one reason why these alternative dry orgasms are so appealing.
    I have read that many prostate problems result from the aging and deterioration of the seminal fluid in the organ, thus the need to routinely “flush” it. It would seem that a healthy frequency of ejaculation would then be related in some way to the amount of semen one produces. If so, it might follow that those of us with lower production in our older years would not have to flush as often.
    For me, everything has changed with the discovery of this forum. For now, it is even more important to me than my new Helix, which I’m sure will provide its own rewards if I keep working with it.

    The good news today is that, three days after my giant ejaculation killed off the prostate glow, it is coming back. These dry orgasms I have been having are not prostate-based. There is no precum at all, and they are brought on either by penis stimulation (I can get it to one level, I need my wife to send it over the top) or the several no-hands mini-Os from visual triggers. Except for that first one months ago, nothing so far has matched the intensity of a powerful ejaculatory orgasm, but these new sensations more than compensate by their seemingly endless repeatability and duration.
    In addition, I absolutely LOVE that constant pelvic glow, and I don’t want to lose it again. Even better is the feeling of energy that seems to persist for hours. For that reason, at this point I am ready to forego frequent ejaculation if that’s what it takes. I’m going to keep working on my edging technique, because this doesn’t seem to dim the glow at all. I’m going to assume my prostate doesn’t need as much flushing as it used to, because of its reduced output, especially if I can learn to release a few drops at a time by edging.
  • Edit
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    The better the hydration of the body the more volume to the ejaculate. Drink up! (non caffeinated of course)
  • Well, it’s been a month now since I got my Helix, and nearly three months since my first dry orgasm, recounted at the top of this thread. I have been making slow but promising progress with the tool, and am slowly learning to recognize the signals that can be coaxed out of the prostate. No dry Os but lots of pleasant feelings, I will keep “plugging” away. Meanwhile, there’s been more progress at the other end of my dick.

    After learning that full ejaculations kill the magical pelvic glow for several days, I have been working on my edging technique, and now every two or three days I masturbate until three or four drops of cum/precum emerge. This seems to provide the best combination: a fine long-lasting energy buzz and no refractory period.
    Even better, I have found a way back to the same kind of dry orgasms that started this adventure. It involves further refinement in the extremely light stroking of the rim of the glans I wrote about earlier, with no other contact. I can get up to a nice level of pleasure, but then my wife takes over and when everything is working right, she sends me through the roof. The stroke is barely a quarter-inch, just the thumb and forefinger forming a ring around the rim of the head, and very slow, no lube. I have to write this tonight because this morning’s was probably the best overall orgasm of my life. Within a minute or two she had me whimpering like a baby and arching my body as high as it can go without breaking something.

    The pleasure becomes so exquisite it almost borders on pain. Part of me tries to pull away from her reach, but her hand follows, and this only amplifies the pleasure. Then I finally moaned for her to let go; she did and the orgasm just went on and on, even building strength. I was jerking my hips violently up and down; the movements were voluntary but felt fantastic; seeing my junk flopping around like a rag doll only added to the intensity. The euphoria was like a flywheel, which just keeps on going after the motive force is withdrawn. After what seemed like a minute or more I felt I couldn’t take any more, and gripped my penis and began jerking it off. This brought it down. During this time the head felt like it was molded out of hard rubber. My grip seemed to act like a brake. After a minute or two of rest I would have her start again, and within seconds it was up to full speed all over. And best of all, IT DOES NOT END. I honestly have no idea how long it might last if I let it. At some point I become exhausted and have to bring it down with my own hand.

    Interesting points: I can’t get to this level myself, only my wife can do it. Once it starts building, there’s a distinct fork in the path. If I take over I soon reach a plateau and then my only recourse is to become much more energetic and take it to an ejaculation. But if I let my wife stay on it with her tiny light strokes, it branches off on this fantastic other path that leads to the best, longest-lasting pleasure I have ever imagined. Technically speaking, the state probably doesn’t even qualify as an orgasm, maybe just super P-waves, especially since it seems to have no end. If it could be measured, the pleasure level might be lower than a traditional orgasm. But it is still so far over the top that such comparisons become completely irrelevant. It’s like staring at the sun, it’s blinding. The total pleasure is immeasurably greater, because it doesn’t end until I stop it myself, and this only when I can’t take it any more.

    Also, talk about dry, these things are completely dry. No precum, nothing. The only thing I can imagine it compares to is a woman’s clitoral orgasm. All the stimulation is confined to the tiny rim of tissue that corresponds to a clitoris. The electricity courses down the inside of my thighs and up into my chest, and I feel my mind going to a different place.

    And what an amazing effect it has had on my view of ejaculation, that traditional, fundamental instant of ecstasy which for all these years we are led to believe is the point of the whole thing. At this moment, I don’t care if I never ejaculate again. It just doesn’t stack up, and the cost in lost sensitivity is just not worth it. Especially if I can edge out a few drops every couple of days without losing the glow.

    I am already beginning to worry that my unconventional dry Os will slip away again as they did the first time, but I’m more confident now that I can find them again. There is clearly some rewiring going on, and I love it, but I’m a little concerned that it might interfere with the aneros rewiring. I think the two can become complementary if I go about it right.

    There’s so much more to learn. I hope some of you old pros out there can help me understand what is going on.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    a very interesting story and a lot of good info. I hope you take good care of your wife... she sounds like the woman many on this board are looking for!
    I have been experienceing the pelvic glow you talk about. I've been at this a while but only recently have I started enjoying this phase of my rewiring. I feel like my prostrate is inflated to twice its size. For me, it takes regular sessions to keep it going for now, but just feeling this becons me to have another session. I have not had a super O yet, but my sessions are so pleasant, I just keep coming back for more. Your term "super P-wave" hits the nail right on the head for me. Sometimes I am thinking, "maybe this is an orgasm I am having?" it feels so damn good, but then I know there is more.
    I am your age as well, and your history of ejaculation sounds much like my own. I probably could still ejaculate several times a day, but have no desire to do so. regular ejaculation isn't what it used to be and like you say, it a real buzz killer. I find that I still bounce back quite quickly after I do cum, but would agree that not ejaculating for a few days does build up the pressure. I went though a phase early on with my aneros where I couldn't stop myself from jerking off during my sessions. Then I went through a phase where I had absolutley no desire to jerk off...ever. a while ago, I was back at the desire to jerk off during a session, and did give in many times. Although, a wonderful orgasm was the result, afterwards, I felt a bit down and dissapointed with myself. I am doing my damnest to practice self control right now and for now, winning the battle. I like to watch porn (with the sound off) during my sessions, and I think that is what make me want to masterbate. Old habits are hard to break

    There are a few threads floating around the forumn directed at just the young guys... maybe we need a few just for us old guys and our problems!
  • Thhn:
    Thanks for the kind words about my wife, you’re right, she’s a keeper. I was grinning as I read your post, so much of it sounded so familiar. It is great to hear from others like you who are going through the same kinds of experiences. For sure, it’s not the kind of thing one can talk about in the typical social gathering (or anywhere else outside the internet that I can think of), that’s what is so great about forums like this.
    I had that same feeling of disappointment after I lost control and ejaculated, twice during the last month, each time I was annoyed with myself. Sure, it was great for the few moments it lasted, and the relaxation after was good, but now I’ve gotten hooked on that pelvic glow, I want it all the time. I don’t want to wait the few days it takes my prostate to recharge itself.
    It’s very interesting to hear about the phases you have gone through. The self control seems to be getting much easier for me, I’m pretty sure when I was younger I would not have been able to cut off a masturbation session just before ejaculating, it would have felt far too frustrating. But now that same feeling seems to be turning into one of pleasure itself. It is such an unexpected development that I’m writing down a few thoughts about that which I’ll probably post in a new thread.
    I would be interested in hearing from some of the other older guys about how they think their sexual drive and responses have changed as they got older.
    You have a head start on me, I’m not yet a the point where I can feel much coming out of my prostate, but I’m increasingly confident that it’s there somewhere waiting.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Interesting to see that some are looking for information about us older folks. I am 70 and have recently started out on this journey. I have to say, I am having the time of my life.
    A couple of nights ago, I was able to enjoy three quarters of an hour of continuous P waves, over which I had no control at all. My Helix did all the work (see my blog). I really hadn't thought that my experience could even have been described as a continuous mini orgasm.
    Having retired, it is also great to have the time to do the research here!
    Keep up the good work everyone!
  • Woodsman said:

    ... snip ......
    I seem to have isolated an abdominal muscle that directly acts on the prostate. It’s just below the navel and feels as if it can pull upward on the prostate. I don’t know if this is real or imaginary, but it feels good.


    As artform noted, your ability to sense, capture and put into words what you experience is exquisite!

    Tks for joining in and I look forward to your posts in the future. Sounds like you are progressing more rapidly than I so you may turn into another guy leaving footprints that I can follow.

    That 'muscle' you perfectly describe is what I call my DanTien and for me, the 'tug' or 'storm' in that area of my pelvis is the first definite indication that I'm going to be overtaken by a mini-O. (I've had some major belly surgery right there so perhaps my sensations are distorted by scar tissue.)

    "Pan" who has posted here for nearly five years seems expert in differentiation of various pelvic muscle groups and how to influence various tissues and organs within the pelvis. While I find the posts rather advanced they make for interesting reading.

    Yes, I'm also beginning to, once again, experience 'pelvic glow' -- it's taken since May to rekindle that warm feeling that I had in my early 20's. Reflecting back on that, I think the 'glow' was an arousal of my craving for orgasm. As I 'wired' into vaginal contact to ejaculation I slowly "masked" orgasmic desire with the "goal" of ejaculation. That wiring was pretty well established by the time I married in my late 20's and orgasmic desire was on the back burner.

    The many facets of marriage, family and job occupied most if my 30's and '40s; and, by my 50s my orgasm was truncated to only a second or two. I wasn't aware of that until my first Aneros induced mini-O (six, perhaps eight seconds in length). The next day, I ejaculated and for the first time in years I differentiated orgasm and ejaculation. The reality of what I'd allowed to happen struck me.... gangbusters !

    Rome wasn't built in a day so I don't hurry the rewiring process. I just appreciate the small changes that happen along the path. Be warned though that change will be

    Rebuilding my pelvic floor has been a major factor. In May, I thought I was in pretty good shape. However, I experience notable changes every few weeks so that what wasn't working early on now works well and some techniques that provided great vibes are being replaced by different positions or techniques. In July I had an excellent balance between anal and PC muscles. Since then, I've had a lot of PC bulking and that's tended to mask the more subtle involuntaries. Therefore, I find the journey a bit of a juggling act. Lots of balls in the air. One pace forward, one-half back.

    I'm now learning how to cultivate pelvic-glow and cherish it. Only manage it a couple of days a week but would like to have it all the time. I smile a lot. :D ... tks again for the great thread :!:
  • Newbie:
    Thanks much, I have gained so much valuable help from this board in the last couple of months that I feel an obligation to put something back into it. You’re right, I am making surprising progress, but it seems to be in a different direction from others’ experiences. I can’t complain because it’s working fantastically, but I remain concerned that it might complicate my aneros rewiring. You are way ahead of me in that I have not yet had any aneros Os, but I do think I am getting closer. I think you put it perfectly how you masked the orgasmic desire with the goal of ejaculation. This would probably describe a great many of us.

    I have been having my own kind of breakthroughs every couple of days now. I’ve been getting much better at the edging I described earlier. This morning I woke up excruciatingly horny and jacked myself up to the edge, quitting with the release of a single drop. I felt satisfied for a few minutes, but then the urge came back as strong as ever. When my wife woke up I made the poor groggy woman start on me with her magic thumb and forefinger trick, and after about five minutes I could no longer stand it. I grabbed my penis and started jacking it off with great force. The first surprise was that the resulting orgasm was a dry one. Not a single drop of cum, but a very satisfying orgasm nonetheless. The next surprise was the feeling afterward. It seemed to combine the best aspects of the relaxed dopamine high from a conventional ejaculation, yet the sensitivity was still there and within minutes I felt ready to go at it again. This is unheard of. Normally when I cum the arousal is instantly turned off as with a light switch, and it stays off for a day or more.

    I need to point out that during virtually all of these unusual sessions I am wearing a cock ring which is more of a collar, which I made out of a piece of 2 inch ABS pipe, with a notch at the top for the penis. It’s a little over an inch long and it keeps the balls stretched. This seems to be extremely helpful in several ways. The stretching of the balls greatly accelerates the arrival of P-waves, and I’m sure this helps in the edging by resisting ejaculation (something I learned from this forum). I don’t know where the fluid is being stored, but I am imagining my prostate beginning to look like an overinflated party balloon. I am assuming this is the best condition for it to be in for my next Helix session, which I will try later today.

    Now as I write this a couple of hours later, the blessed glow is there. I know what you mean about smiling a lot. The effect this has on one’s state of mind has got to be better (and healthier) than any drug I know of.

    You are also far ahead of me in being able to differentiate the various muscles. I have a lot of practicing to do. I was also interested in reading about the changes you go through every few weeks. I will keep that in mind as I continue on my own journey.

    Great to hear about your P-waves, I’m looking forward to the day when my own Helix will do the same for me! I’ll be following your blog.