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Electrolytes, Minerals, Trace Elements and Orgasm
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    I am a very profound sweater and can loose 1 1/2 kilos or three pounds during a 2 hour gym workout. This can only be water as the calories burned are between 1000 and 1300 which is 150 grams of fat. I compensate by drinking 3 to 4 litres of water each day. Daily I pop in supplements for potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc as well as trace minerals. If I do not, I tend to get leg cramps during night.

    You may recall that I reported after the second time use I experienced the super-O, and enjoyed this nearly every night for two weeks. I then had a break for two weeks, was away from home without the Aneros, also without my supplements. During this two week break, my diet was different, had more alcohol than I actually wanted (normally maybe a glass of wine or two on the weekend) and also no mineral supplements.

    On returning home, the Aneros sessions were dud sessions, no pleasure waves, no orgasm just nothing. The next night the same, again the same nothing the following night and I was wondering what is up. The forth day home I went to gym, did my strenuous workout, lots of sweating again and after gym as normal took the mineral supplements two and a half weeks since the last time. For good measure had an electrolyte drink as well. One hour later the Super-Os returned.

    The only other similar reference to electrolytes is in the Slightest Touch E-Stim instructions, where the manufacturers recommend drinking electrolyte solution to enhance electric conductivity.

    Could the right balance of minerals and electrolytes also enhance the response of the nerves and thus influencing the intensity of orgasm or the ability to Super-O? and can a mineral deficiency be the reason why some have such a difficult journey reaching it?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks very much alv for this! :D

    Intuitively from personal experience and a sense of some of the science, I think this is key, and in a way parallel to the omega3 fatty acids effects. When what we are working with here is the multi-layered electro-chemical, electro-magnetic, neuro-quantum effects, mitochondrial synchro-pulsing, and beyond, the role of mineral atoms and ions and free electrons seeking "rest" in all of this certainly seems crucial.

    I too tend to be a heavy sweater and have taken mineral supplements for years and noticed a significant improvement in many functions. Here is another area where some systematic funded science could advance things significantly, IMHO!

    The answer to your last questions seems to me to be: Yes!

    In any event, this topic helps map a strategic scientific investigation approach to our widely integrating practice of orgasmic energies cultivation. Thanks again. Who else has had minerals loss/supplement experiences?

    the bigger picture is cumming slowly into folkus

  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Agree on the importance of electrolyte balance in the bod and brain for a good Aneros session. Anecdotal info follows:

    I failed to follow the Wiki suggestion of having drinking water present during a session. Result was pretty extreme. Instead of good tremor/twitch responses I was getting large muscle cramps.

    I started a stretching routine before each session--that helped. Rumel added that tip to the Wiki and reminded me that hydration is essential.

    I now hydrate with a sports drink before each session and keep an open bottle on my nightstand--important during the summer when a/c sucks every drop of moisture out of the room. We then dehydrate by deep breathing.

    The mini-O box score has improved.
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179

    I now hydrate with a sports drink before each session and keep an open bottle on my nightstand--important during the summer when a/c sucks every drop of moisture out of the room. We then dehydrate by deep breathing.

    Not only do we dehydrate by deep breathing, we sweat and I find somehow the Aneros stimulates the kidneys thus filling the bladder, I have to pee a lot about every 45 minutes to one hour once the super-O sets in which is bothersome as it breaks a session. It is really a full bladder and this also contributes to dehydration. Normally, I do not urinate that much in such a short time span.