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First try .am I on the right track? help!
  • Al25Al25
    Posts: 27
    I'm new to prostate massage, I bought a mgx ,. I used it two days ago, and got it all in...and after a couple of minutes I started feeling like something was in the tip of my when you are going to cum but nothing came out, and I had this sensation everytime I thrusted my hips forwards (I was on my belly) I was doing hip movements like when you are fucking someone :P it didnt feel like woow but it felt good, I was almost beggin for something to come out and feel even better but nothing did. some pre cum started to come out .the sensation on the tip of my penis was something I had never experienced before and I hadn't even touched it once! am I close to something┬┐

    the problem was, that most of the time it felt like aneros wanted to come out of my butt..:S it didn't stay there on its own...or started moving with the anal contractions.....I'm thinking that maybe I needed more time to let my ass used to it? and I couldn't do the pc muscles contractions very easily...maybe I needed more time?

    another question, how often should I try it? I used it on tuesday afternoon...I felt a little sore yesterday but today I'm better, can I give it another try today?

    I hope I didnt write too much, sorry I need tot alk to someone who understands about this!

    Many thanks!
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    I think you're on the right track. Having those feeling on your first session is quite extraordinary.

    You should be able to enjoy a session every couple days or so. If you're not sore, you're good to go.
  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96
    I would say that your definately on the right track. If I might suggest something...try to do less. Don't try to force it, let it "cum" to you. Thrusts and contractions are all good, but you'll learn in the future that sometimes less is more. It sounds like you've experienced a rare situation for someone so new to Aneros. Keep it up. :wink:

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome Al25! :D

    Sage advice from gm501 and lynn2694!

    (And WELCOME BACK LYNN2694!!! :D )

    All journeys are unique. Yours too. That said, lynn's "...sometimes less is more." is an excellent starter/booster/amplifier for many.

    If there is anything approaching "a general guideline" it might be the following...Have no expectations or worries. Be "open" and listen quietly to your body and its little whispers. Allow any energies that grow from the whispers to do whatever they will, even if it seems somewhat overwhelming at first. Gradually, through memories and muscle memories gently embed the unique way your body/mind cums to make this work for you into the core of your intentional being. Aaahhhh...hhhh... hhhh... ...

    gm501's advice of a day or so off without a session, and without masturbation/ejaculation, is also very good advice. Following that approach many develop Day-After Effects of spontaneous orgasmic energies at various levels from low level to higher levels of Butt Buzz and on to full Dry-Os and more...

    Same as above, best not to expect or try to force anything.

    Al25, are you circumsized or not? That feeling in the tip of your penis may be your frenulum and related tissues, or their remnants if you are cut. There is some thought that the sensitive nerves there are related to and connect to the prostate, and you may have a stronger than average link. :wink:

    al the best ecstasies all

  • Al25Al25
    Posts: 27
    hey many thanks for your answers!!!

    yeah I'm circumzised :P

    I forgot to tell you how everything ended..soo I had this sensations on the tip of my penis...I had

    them around 5 to 6 times. so then I just started wanking (sorry) and came by wanking

    the aneros was outside already. But what I notices is that I think I had three orgasms....:S not like

    mind-blowing orgasms but I felt that orgasmic sensation three times in a row..maybe one weaker

    than another but it surely felt differently :s and I cummed a bit more semen, and what surprised me

    was that there was a lot of the transparent fluid, I think it's precum? or that's the prostate fluid?:S

    anyway, when I used to wank before, It was just semen and that's it, but this time apart from the

    semen, a lot of transparent fluid came out as well :P and after that I was a little sore but

    wanted to try it right away (of course I didn't)

    but I felt like wooooow like.....hmmm satisfied ? like well it was a weird feeling but a good one!

    another question, how do you manage to be well lubricated, I apply a lot of lub to the aneros and to my

    finger. but I don't think I'm well lubricated deeper :S and that avoided that the aneros moved with

    my anal contractions....or so I think, because it hurt a bit and I didnt feel like my butt was slippery

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again Al25.

    Sounds like you need to insert lube into your anus/rectum and then not as heavily lube the aneros. Here is the lubricants link here with either pre-packaged butt shots of Marksman, or a lube applicator set with the smooth anal inserter attachment for the syringe! About 3 to 5mm works for most, butt judge your own. Too much may give you "the urge to purge":wink:

    smooth sailing along your alimentary canal too

  • bill3763bill3763
    Posts: 24
    Hello A125--
    Initially, I read posts about the "super O" -- and so I came to these experiences with a degree of expectation. From my perspective now (after about 18 months) I would suggest that experiencing something new, as you did, is an excellent beginning! Certainly I had no thought of really new experiences with a body that I thought I knew well after 60+ years. How naive I was. In all likelihood you will have one new experience after another ... and they will just get better and better. I suggest practicing the pc muscle exercises during the day, now and again. Oh, and you can use a child's "medicine dropper" with a blunt end to insert lube ... a pen or something can serve as a plunger against a bit of tissue ... $1.49 at your local Walgreens.