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Crystal in Uranus
  • "Crystal in Uranus" by Owl

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    It was originally on but I don't believe it is still there. I found the article by searching the term: pelvic bowl.
  • So it's plastic or crystal? Looks interesting and quite "stimulating"!! :lol:
  • It's some form of plastic I believe. I guess they call it Crystal because of the color. It's very nice Arctic Wolves and I strongly suggest that you try it. Also put it in backwards and stimulate the entire internal tailbone/sacrum/coccyx/k-spot area. It almost like having another prostate expect on the back (butt) end instead of the front (penile/perineum/prostate) end. After I used it several night ago and constantly dipping it in J-Lube it was a wonderful and relaxing and pleasurable session and gets you warmed up/primed for an Aneros session. I also stimulated my prostate with it. I stimulated the tailbone area more that night. I also stimulated every part of the pelvic bowl more briefly. After I used it I felt "cleaned out" so to speak even though I was already clean there. After using it I didn't realize there was so much muscle tension there for I felt so much relief and so whole. I would say the Crystal Wand may also be essential for keeping Protalgia Fugax under control. I think it works better than the Aneros in that aspect but I think it is essential to soothe or prevent Proctalgia Fugax with the Peridise sets, Crystal Wand, MGX, and Progasm. I strongly believe those four or more things all have to be used. People with Protalgia Fugax should also drink plenty of water, take plenty of potassium, and have plenty of fiber. Also use Colon Clenze.
  • sells the Crystal Wands and so does
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello equalityboy81, :)

    Are you using the regular or deluxe model? And did you chose one over the other for any particular reason?

  • I choose the regular (large) size although I have both sizes and use both. The larger is more fullfilling for my pelvic bowl/prostate/perineum and internal/external tailbone area. The smaller one is more like a tease. The Crystal Wand Deluxe is to the Crystal Wand as the SGX is to the MGX (or MGX is to the Progasm, any way you want to look at it). Remember while massaging the prostate with the Crystal Wand the part sticking outside of your body can be used to be pressed into the perineum simultaneously. This same analogy works with the internal/external tailbone area.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    i have both. i recommend the deluxe. it is thinner and longer than the regular one. you can use either end (thin or knobby) for different effects.

    one thing: be very careful applying pressure on your prostate or other delicate parts inside.

    equalityboy has often pointed out a surprisingly sensitive spot on the sacrum (internal). to reach that spot w/ the deluxe, use the thin end, and rotate the wand so it is pointing away from your belly button. your sacrum is your tailbone. massage that, or just hold some pressure on it, and you might find a new g-spot.