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  • pifpif
    Posts: 30
    Hello all! Well this afternoon I took the plunge. I used the SGX model I brought yesterday (it was the only one they had in the store). I was not sure if it was the correct size ( I am 5' 7") and haven't massged much.

    The insertion was easy and was confortable. I relaxed for about 20 mins with the unit then played around with various positions (face down, on the side etc...). Almost fell asleep with it on my side for a few mins.

    I started getting some very lite twitching and a 'nice' prostate feeling towards the end of the two hour session. Over all it was a pleasant experience I am just not sure if I should have brought the Helix or the standard model... Any suggestions please?
  • pifpif
    Posts: 30
    OK.. So I am sitting here in bed reading the topics in the forum and I am starting to feel a slight 'pulsation" on my prostate... slight pressure.. giving me a semi erection, feels actually pretty cool... is this normal??? The unit is not in. Is the the "BUZZ BUT" i was reading about earlier???

    :?: :!: :shock:
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    sounds like you are getting the butt buzz - congrats to you with that success
    I wouldn't second guess what model you bought. that one will do just fine untill you get many sessions under your belt.
    my first was the mgx, and although I own several models, that one gives me the best results. I think the sgx and the mgx are very similar.
    I would just enjoy the ride and any additional butt buzz you many experience