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Had Super-O x5, then woke up!
  • MartyBMartyB
    Posts: 80
    -- :!: Holy Crap :!: -- Sorry I had to start with that...

    Ok, I want to give a little history before I go into my 1st Super-O.

    Back in May of this year, I was at the point of reliably feeling moments of pleasure here and there with the aneros. Quite a bit of mental energy was required to feel pleasure and I couldn't maintain the effort for more than 20 seconds to a minute at a time. Apart from the pleasure, I could also feel something building. Sometimes I felt pleasure along with the building sensation, sometimes I didn't. The "building" part felt like I was climbing one ladder after another. Just as I would reach the "top" of one and couldn't put forth any more mental effort, I would relax a bit and it would start all over again. All of this was done through breathing and mental focus while trying to remain relaxed.

    Convinced that I wasn't reaching the prize because of muscle tension and not being relaxed enough, I put forth the conviction to "Do Nothing" physically (i.e. contractions, etc...). Looking back, I read into that a bit more than I should have. I took "Do Nothing" as "make sure your muscles stay 100% relaxed at all times." At times, I would cheat here and there and allow involuntaries to slip by, they felt good and I knew it was part of the process. I remained focused on not allowing muscle tension to accumulate. I remember a few times, having to "fight" to keep my PC muscles relaxed.

    By mid June, I was getting good at keeping muscle tension to a minimum and walked up the ladder again. This is when I first felt my life force energies vibrating at all sorts of speeds (2, 6, 30, 90 Hz...). I visited these energies two more times but the Super-O hadn't found me. By this point, I realized I may have made a mistake by "forbidding" muscle tension to accumulate. I slowly started to encourage it and no longer fought it off.

    Late June, early July, I misplaced my ability to generate extremish life force energies (above 12ish Hz), but replaced that with the ability to feel near continuous p-wave pleasure with much less mental effort. This was due in part to Rumel's response to a question asking about the differences in pleasure between anal, prostate and/or penile. I don't remember exactly, but his response was confusion towards the question and ended with pleasure is pleasure, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, enjoy it. Sage advice, I was ignoring, not acknowledging or appreciating, some of the pleasure I was feeling. For some reason I didn't think it was good enough if it came from the wrong place.

    For the month of July I've been enjoying wonderful p-wave pleasure. A session before making love to the GF really makes the T-Orgasm shine! I figured the Super-O will say hi to me when it's ready, until then I'll just enjoy all of this wonderful pleasure. Saturday Night I was replying to a post talking about the Aneros Classic. I had an experience with the Classic that left me thinking it was much too aggressive for me to use now that my prostate is awake. Before I posted about my desensitizing experience with the classic I figured I would give it another go. It only took 2-3 days to recover from my prior experience, not a bad price to pay to make sure I'm not sharing bad information.

    Saturday night I gave the ole classic a try. It felt like a bit much, but went ahead and had an enjoyable evening and left it in overnight. Not much to report by morning. I took the aneros out and relaxed for a bit. My prostate felt a little different, like the classic was indeed a bit too much. I put the eupho in to see if I had suffered any loss of sensation. Nope, this time the eupho felt normal, but as before the eupho felt like it was 3/4 of an inch too long. The "too long" sensation feels similar to that of a full bladder without the pain. I emptied my bladder but the sensation continued. The eupho was either stimulating the top part of my prostate, that hadn't been stimulated before, or it was reaching towards the seminal vesicles. I thought to myself it was the later and imagined them filling with fluid as I started my morning session. I could feel a tingle in my balls and the "too long" sensation started to tingle and feel good. I "played" around and enjoyed all of these new sensations not knowing what to make of them. Without knowing it, I drifted off to sleep.

    :shock: Super-O on :shock: -- 15 seconds later, Super-O off. Repeat 5-6 times. I was in bliss for two minutes. The Super-O isn't just a sensation or something you feel, it is a state of being, it has a form of conscience all to its own (although I was asleep, so take that with a grain of salt). This Super-O was very different from the "extreme" PC-cramp experiences I've had before while asleep. This Super-O was soft and gentle. I was floating in a complete body wrap of pleasure and felt nothing but this pleasure. The level of pleasure was more than what is felt at the absolute highest level of a T-Orgasm. You will know when you achieve bliss. I had a sense of "That was the last one, I'm done" at the end of the last super-O, then my eyes opened and I was awake. Usually I wake up shortly after the first feeling of pleasure, not this time. I was able to vary the level of pleasure by applying a slight contraction. Anyone know if this is even possible or does the brain paralyze these muscles as well when you sleep?

    I now understand what is behind every gesture my GF makes while she is in orgasmic bliss.

    Thank you all! Thank you aneros!

    Hoping to stay awake on the journey,
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    WOW MartyB!!! Congratulations man!!!

    Consciousness, which we have yet to define or document scientifically or philosophically, is a many splendoured thing! You have had a wonderful version related probably to lucid dreaming, or a highly focused deep reverie state.

    Old Wolf was one of the first to describe the enveloping bliss super orgasm and called it "Above and Beyond (the Super-O). It has entered the Glossary in the Wiki as the Calm Seas-O, the still body bliss wrap that you seem to be describing too.

    On my journey, these quickly became the preferred stratospheric orgasms, my wounded body much preferring these quiet multitides of astounding bliss. They also fairly soon produced pure bioenergetic day-after effects bliss like the Micro-Cosmic or Mitochondrial Orgasms described in my blog or the spiritual orgasms which are closely related or the other side of the bioenergetic coin. I believe that you have just place your first touch on a very exciting threshold on your journey!

    all the very best as you integrate this step of your journey