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6/21 Chat Transcript
  • [15:25:10] [email][/email]: welcome to the chat event
    [15:25:45] [email][/email]: would you introduce yourself please?
    [15:25:45] anonymous: thanks. sorry i'm a little late. did i miss anything?
    [15:26:15] [email][/email]: age location, and experience with the Aneros?
    [15:26:15] rumel: anon - I'm 5'-9", the SGX was reccommended for users under 5'-7"
    [15:27:10] anonymous: miami fl, 38, used for 1 year- helix, mgx
    [15:27:28] rumel: I mght still get it though just to say I have the full model range.
    [15:27:40] [email][/email]: great anonymous
    [15:28:02] anonymous: i love the helix and was thinking (a lot ) about getting the new progasm
    [15:28:07] anonymous: does anyone have one yet?
    [15:28:26] Bradman: Just got my Helix yeterday, anon, and have it in for the second time.
    [15:28:47] Davo: i do it's my least favorite
    [15:28:54] anonymous: yeah, its a doozie
    [15:29:11] Bradman: The Helix is a doozie, or the progasm?
    [15:29:16] anonymous: helix, im ean
    [15:29:53] Davo: i'd say eupho is my favorite right now
    [15:29:55] Bradman: How long did it take you for the Helix to produce mindblowing pleasure?
    [15:30:40] anonymous: davo - i thought the eupho was for experts? do you consider yourself in that category after 6 months?
    [15:30:46] rumel: Hi Buster
    [15:30:52] Buster: Hi Guys!
    [15:31:07] MartyB: Greetings Everyone
    [15:31:07] anonymous: Helix blew me away the first time
    [15:31:12] Davo: it works great for me
    [15:31:20] [email][/email]: hello buster, hello MartyB!
    [15:31:21] anonymous: but i had been using the mgx for about 6 months prior
    [15:31:34] rumel: Hi MartyB
    [15:31:36] Buster: Hi Support. Thanks for hosting today.
    [15:32:02] anonymous: davo- your a lucky man!
    [15:32:02] [email][/email]: Buster, would you please introduce yourself?
    [15:32:32] MartyB: Hi rumel
    [15:32:35] [email][/email]: age, location, experience with Aneros?
    [15:32:44] Davo: it's about relaxation and the commnetmen t of time
    [15:32:57] Buster: Sure. I have been an Aneros user and fan for going on 5 years. I have hit some pretty incredible highs. I am 48 and live..
    [15:33:01] Buster: in Michigan.
    [15:33:03] Davo: a good lube too ;-)\
    [15:33:21] [email][/email]: thanks Buster, MartyB same for you
    [15:34:01] MartyB: Greeting All, I'm Marty, 32 and have been using the aneros for about a year
    [15:34:26] MartyB: I have all of the models except for the maximus
    [15:34:40] anonymous: So, does anyone here have the progasm ICE, yet??
    [15:34:45] [email][/email]: excellent, thanks MartyB
    [15:35:43] MartyB: nope, no Ice for me. Where does one go to but one?
    [15:35:45] anonymous: marty- whyd you opt against the maximus?
    [15:35:52] MartyB: *buy*
    [15:36:13] MartyB: I just haven't bought it. No reason really
    [15:36:42] anonymous: i'm always curious when someone has the full range but opts to leave one out
    [15:37:26] anonymous: i only have two, but am really curious about the eupho and the new Progasm
    [15:38:07] anonymous: my wife wants me to try the progasm next :happy:
    [15:38:21] Davo: for me the progasm is too much
    [15:38:35] Davo: eupho much hotter
    [15:38:38] Buster: I have all models but the SGX, ICE Progasm and one of the Peridise sets. I forget which one of the Peridise sets I have.
    [15:39:18] anonymous: yeah, that's what i was tinking too, davo. the helix is almost too intense when its going on in the back and she's riding me
    [15:39:19] anonymous: in front
    [15:40:10] Davo: other people swear by them
    [15:40:20] Davo: not me
    [15:40:25] Bradman: Does the Helix tend to piston you?
    [15:40:58] MartyB: Once I starting making good progress with the rest of the aneros line, the progasm started to seem like a bit much for me too
    [15:40:58] anonymous: yeah it takes on a mind of its own
    [15:41:21] Bradman: What postiion does it tend to ride your ass the hardest in?
    [15:42:22] Davo: on my back knees up feet flat
    [15:42:30] MartyB: Opps, left out location in my introduction; I'm in Wisconsin.
    [15:42:42] anonymous: its usu. when i'm laying on my side, but it happened once when i was on my back with my wife on top
    [15:42:48] anonymous: trying to recreate that one. loved it
    [15:43:55] anonymous: would love to get a peridise for my wife. anyone know any woman thats tried it?
    [15:45:59] rumel: member 'lynn2694'
    [15:46:06] [email][/email]: well, anonymous you can always read Lynn's assessment of the peridise in the Forum
    [15:46:12] MartyB: My Girlfriend tried it, she was reluctant to it. she said she felt a heat sensation in her legs...
    [15:46:39] [email][/email]: thanks Rumel, beat me to it
    [15:47:55] [email][/email]: okay, well for today's chat event
    [15:47:57] rumel: See 'lynn2694's post -
    [15:49:00] [email][/email]: i propose we discuss what you all would like to see in an Aneros product
    [15:49:17] [email][/email]: in the future
    [15:49:57] [email][/email]: rumel, this was on your list of proposed chat topics and we haven't done it before
    [15:50:41] [email][/email]: of course you call could say that all the products are perfect and we can all retire :bigtongue:
    [15:51:22] Buster: Personally, I really don't have anything in mind as far as my "wish list" goes. I know others have talked about it.
    [15:51:40] MartyB: I've noticed differences in the plastic/manufacturing between my MGX and eupho. I like the MGX better
    [15:51:45] rumel: I'm wondering about incorporating the electronic technology recently reported
    [15:51:56] rumel: about in the Dr. Erector thread, it seems a logical extension.
    [15:52:58] [email][/email]: Hi MartyB the manufacturing process between the MGX and eupho is the same
    [15:53:05] [email][/email]: what difference have you noticed?
    [15:53:15] MartyB: Someone had posted an idea for a new model that was a Eupho with a MGX ribbed stem and P & K tabs of the Progasm
    [15:53:31] rumel: There is also a large contingent of men outside of Aneros users who use e-stim, perhaps an e-stim Aneros model?
    [15:53:42] Buster: The Eupho and Progasm seem to have more of a matte finish.
    [15:54:07] MartyB: The MGX seems to be more polished, smoother & harder surface, pure white color.
    [15:55:02] MartyB: The eupho & helix seem do have a slightly duller surface to them. Maybe I just need to take a buffing wheel to them.
    [15:55:24] [email][/email]: hi MartyB, i see - the difference you are noticing is that the Eupho is hand polished while the MGX is now machine polished
    [15:55:54] rumel: Perhaps the entire lineup of models could be manufactured in "clear" material like the new 'ICE'
    [15:56:34] MartyB: Ahh, that might be it then. ohh yea @rumel I like the clear idea :)
    [15:56:56] [email][/email]: Rumel, that one is definitely a possibility - about an entire "Ice" line
    [15:57:05] [email][/email]: Rumel, do you have a Dr. Erector?
    [15:57:16] rumel: no
    [15:57:39] [email][/email]: I see
    [15:58:12] rumel: I think a joint project with "Slightest Touch" might be interesting.
    [15:58:15] [email][/email]: As far as e-stim goes we are concerned about the long term effects of electronic stimulation on the prostate
    [15:58:50] MartyB: I would agree with support on the long term effects.
    [15:58:57] [email][/email]: btw, Martyb you have a really good eye
    [15:59:12] [email][/email]: to notice the difference between the mgx and eupho
    [15:59:15] MartyB: Give us a knob and we will turn it to max...
    [15:59:57] MartyB: I could also tell a difference when cleaning the models. They felt different when I would dry them off with paper towel.
    [16:00:08] [email][/email]: yes, that is a concern of ours as well
    [16:00:16] [email][/email]: user safety
    [16:00:59] [email][/email]: as an example, the Peridise has a safety tab
    [16:01:17] [email][/email]: however
    [16:01:39] [email][/email]: when the product was first released to the japanese market it didn't have this tab
    [16:02:04] MartyB: Oh my, people must have lost a few then....
    [16:02:57] Buster: safety tab?
    [16:03:04] [email][/email]: actually we don't know, we assume not because when used the way it's intended
    [16:03:16] [email][/email]: the peridise won't go into the rectum
    [16:03:24] MartyB: The "T" at the end of the peridise
    [16:03:57] [email][/email]: so we can probably say that it never happened
    [16:04:01] anonymous: WOW, rumel. what a great thread! thanks! definitely going to get a peridise now.
    [16:05:12] [email][/email]: as far as the e-stim goes we would have to be 100% certain that it would be safe
    [16:05:48] [email][/email]: at this time we don't feel like anyone can make that claim
    [16:05:57] MartyB: @anonymous If your wife is adventurous, I would certainly get one for her :)
    [16:07:01] rumel: What about putting the Progasm's 'ball' P-tab on the other models?
    [16:08:16] MartyB: @rummel Great idea! The first time I used the progasm I wished other models had the same round tabs. The cut in less and feel
    [16:08:18] MartyB: great
    [16:08:38] MartyB: *ball* tabs
    [16:09:08] [email][/email]: hi martyb, after using the models now for a bit how to the standard tabs feel?
    [16:09:19] [email][/email]: how do
    [16:10:24] [email][/email]: did you get used to the standard tab?
    [16:10:30] MartyB: I've cut the handles off of my aneros models and found that causes the p-tab to press more
    [16:11:04] anonymous: i actually prefer the helix p-tab to the mgx p-tab. at first it felt a little sharp, but after a month or so, it felt great.
    [16:11:15] MartyB: I didn't really have too much discomfort with the standard round tabs, the ball just made me say oh yea this is the way to go
    [16:11:24] anonymous: obv. havent tried the round tab yet...
    [16:11:57] MartyB: round tab = standard p-tab on aneros models - progasm & peridise
    [16:12:07] anonymous: but i'm thinking it might displace the perineum pressure and not feel as good
    [16:12:40] [email][/email]: well, we are working on something for this
    [16:12:43] anonymous: ball tab, i meant
    [16:12:49] MartyB: Cut off the handle and you will get more p-tab pressure
    [16:13:27] [email][/email]: but anon is correct, the ball tab would displace the pressure of the p-tab compared to the standard tabs
    [16:13:35] [email][/email]: that said
    [16:13:50] [email][/email]: we do feel like there could be a progression
    [16:13:59] [email][/email]: from less pressure to more pressure
    [16:14:11] [email][/email]: which is why we are working on a solution for this
    [16:14:35] rumel: What if the 'ball' were slightly smaller than the Progasm's 'ball'?
    [16:14:54] [email][/email]: what we don't want to do is to offer a helix with a ball tab
    [16:15:03] [email][/email]: and a helix with a standard dime tab
    [16:15:21] [email][/email]: because ultimately the standard dime will work the best
    [16:15:32] [email][/email]: and offering two different tabs would be a bit confusing
    [16:16:18] MartyB: Perhaps an advanced model with a threaded end where one can change out the p-tabs?
    [16:16:53] Buster: ....change out the tabs? That could be interesting.
    [16:17:13] [email][/email]: hi rumel, yes it would need to be slightly smaller in the right proportion
    [16:17:39] MartyB: Although that could be dangerous if the p-tab unscrewed itself.... hmmm sounds like an engineering quest for safety
    [16:18:52] [email][/email]: hi Martyb, that is a nice idea and yes definitely a great engineering challenge
    [16:19:40] MartyB: I think the ball tab is better because the pressure it applies is always consistant no matter what angle it is at
    [16:19:53] ArcticWolves: why not have some type of spring loaded mechanism on the ball tab
    [16:20:00] [email][/email]: that is definitely a long term goal of ours - a fully configurable device
    [16:20:26] [email][/email]: where you will be able to pick and choose the head style, stem style, p-tab, k-tab
    [16:20:31] ArcticWolves: on full contraction is offers more pressure to the perenium (not painful) and on release it gently touches it
    [16:20:49] [email][/email]: while maintaining the correct weight and balance
    [16:21:20] Buster: I have run out of time everyone. Nice chatting with you.
    [16:21:29] ArcticWolves: take care buster
    [16:21:37] [email][/email]: hi Buster, thanks as always for joining!
    [16:21:50] [email][/email]: hi AW!
    [16:21:53] rumel: Bye Buster
    [16:21:56] MartyB: Sorry guys, I have to go. It's check out time at my hotel. I can't wait until the next chat session. Happy journeys to all!
    [16:22:10] ArcticWolves: wow a ! mark that's something lol
    [16:22:17] ArcticWolves: Hi!!!!
    [16:22:19] rumel: Bye MartyB
    [16:22:20] [email][/email]: thanks MartyB, hope to see you at the next one
    [16:22:34] ArcticWolves: later Marty
    [16:23:02] ArcticWolves: for some reason I thought it was 9AM pst silly me
    [16:23:19] [email][/email]: AW, that is a very interesting idea
    [16:24:16] [email][/email]: i'm having trouble picturing where the spring would be to ensure that a proper seal was maintained
    [16:25:10] ArcticWolves: almost like an internal mechanism
    [16:25:37] ArcticWolves: but it's incased somehow lol
    [16:26:02] [email][/email]: i see
    [16:26:44] [email][/email]: something for us to ponder
    [16:26:52] ArcticWolves: perhaps
    [16:27:25] rumel: A tempered aluminum core and P-tab arm with a soft silicone outer skin?
    [16:27:30] ArcticWolves: i mean i just know though by having my prograsm fully compressed in i love that stimulation it gives when pressing
    [16:27:34] ArcticWolves: in on the perenium
    [16:28:34] [email][/email]: hi rumel - aluminum for a lighter weight?
    [16:28:49] rumel: Yes
    [16:29:27] rumel: but also for it's thermal and strength qualities.
    [16:32:03] [email][/email]: rumel that is a very cool idea
    [16:32:58] [email][/email]: just pondering it for a bit
    [16:34:32] [email][/email]: my concern is how thin the perineum arm is
    [16:34:38] rumel: Actually an all aluminum model would work well too.
    [16:34:52] [email][/email]: and whether the aluminum would be strong enough to maintain the integrity of the shape
    [16:35:08] [email][/email]: with a layer of silicone around it
    [16:37:04] [email][/email]: for aluminum i remember seeing a thread on the forum
    [16:37:25] [email][/email]: someone through that out there about the possibilities of aluminium being used as a material
    [16:37:48] [email][/email]: from a manufacturing standpoint it doesn't pose a challenge
    [16:38:24] [email][/email]: however, there are concerns about the safety of aluminum for internal use
    [16:38:46] [email][/email]: which is why we see so few adult products made in the material
    [16:40:15] rumel: It has been used by other manufacturers - see
    [16:41:50] [email][/email]: that one is pretty interesting looking
    [16:41:51] rumel: also
    [16:43:08] [email][/email]: it's one i'll take back to the powers that be here at the company
    [16:44:00] rumel: I think safety from a toxicity standpoint is not an issue as the body does use and need trace amounts of aluminum.
    [16:45:06] [email][/email]: duly noted
    [16:48:22] dharmadave: hello
    [16:48:36] [email][/email]: hi dharmadave!
    [16:48:38] rumel: Hi dharmadave
    [16:48:45] [email][/email]: welcome to the chat event
    [16:48:53] dharmadave: thanks
    [16:48:58] dharmadave: what happens next?
    [16:49:00] dharmadave: lol
    [16:49:05] [email][/email]: we've got a couple of expert users here in the event
    [16:49:12] rumel: We are having a discussion about future Aneros products.
    [16:49:13] [email][/email]: as we've got about 10 minutes left
    [16:49:24] dharmadave: I see.
    [16:49:38] [email][/email]: well, can you give us your age, location and experience with the Aneros?
    [16:49:44] [email][/email]: hi pleasureseeker!
    [16:49:50] dharmadave: have the progasm x 5 months
    [16:50:02] [email][/email]: how are you liking it?
    [16:50:03] PleasureSeeker: Hi all
    [16:50:07] rumel: Hi PleasureSeeker
    [16:50:18] [email][/email]: and if you have any questions, now is a great time to ask
    [16:50:25] dharmadave: i had a very intense experience with first use.
    [16:50:39] dharmadave: meditate for yrs prior to this, perhaps this helps.
    [16:51:15] rumel: Yes meditation definitely helps
    [16:51:21] dharmadave: I have not had sustained involuntary contractions, which I would like to experience.
    [16:51:22] [email][/email]: having an inner peace between mind and body definitely helps
    [16:52:06] dharmadave: yes, I have had some of the 'higher'effects.. very peaceful afterwards.
    [16:52:22] rumel: don't worry about achieving sustained involuntaries, its not necessary.
    [16:53:06] dharmadave: one expereince where the energy radiated from the anus to prostate, then something resembling kundalini energy..
    [16:53:16] dharmadave: shaking pretty forcefully
    [16:53:41] dharmadave: I would SO like to experience them...they sound incredibly pleasurable.
    [16:53:50] rumel: Sounds Super-O'ish to me.
    [16:54:10] PleasureSeeker: I've been reading up on Kundalini lately in relation to aneros sensations
    [16:54:55] dharmadave: has anyone read multiorgasimic male? by Mantak Chia. Discussed Taoist theory and practice for multiple male orgasms.
    [16:55:04] dharmadave: thinking this could be integrated
    [16:55:56] rumel: I've got the book but I haven't read it yet, this is an often cited reference on the Forum.
    [16:56:17] PleasureSeeker: Yes I read it a few years ago
    [16:56:40] dharmadave: how long has everyone been using these products?
    [16:57:01] rumel: 25 months
    [16:57:23] dharmadave: can anyone predictably produce involuntaries? or is this just an occasional, unexpected suprise?
    [16:57:30] PleasureSeeker: I've had an MGX for about 2 years and a Progasm for about a month
    [16:58:25] rumel: I can usually induce some involuntaries by just trying to hold a slight contraction for awhile.
    [16:58:45] dharmadave: have only the progasm, perhaps a role to buy another model? is there significant variation in these models
    [16:58:52] PleasureSeeker: I don't know about predicting but i experience involuntries a lot
    [16:58:54] dharmadave: as far as your personal experience?
    [16:59:12] rumel: with or without Aneros.
    [16:59:44] dharmadave: how long did it take you to achieve them regularly?
    [17:01:03] rumel: Opinions vary a great deal about the significance of the sensual differences between models, I try to avoid that
    [17:01:10] rumel: discussion.
    [17:01:52] PleasureSeeker: I have had good results with both MGX & Progasm, I think its a question of patience partly
    [17:02:12] rumel: I think it took me about nine months to get pretty regular induced involuntaries.
    [17:03:07] PleasureSeeker: I think its impressive you can get them without the aneros
    [17:03:40] rumel: I know people don't like to hear this refrain but everyone is different, please don't compare your progress with others.
    [17:04:08] PleasureSeeker: I agree
    [17:06:10] [email][/email]: hi everyone, I am going to keep the chat room for another 30 minutes if you would like to continue the discussion
    [17:07:01] rumel: OK thanks.
    [17:08:00] [email][/email]: I'm going to sign off for now. Thanks Rumel, AW, and PleasureSeeker for joining today! See you guys at the next one.
    [17:08:24] rumel: Bye support.
    [17:08:44] PleasureSeeker: bye support
    [17:08:47] [email][/email]: bye!
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    Does anyone have the rest of the chat log, after support signed off?

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    The rest of the chat would be considered "Open". so it is not logged.