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Female orgasm
  • esfenoidesesfenoides
    Posts: 58
    Im starting my research, I want to get my title in female orgasmology.

    I watched the white tiger tantra and ideagasms videos. And love the idea of massage to release the body to gradually lay the grounds. I already have my little theories on female ejaculation and how to achieve it, and altough Ive been able to achieve it, Im doubting if the female ejaculation really has to do with a higher/different level of orgasms or if its just a build up of liquid that can be squirted through g-spot stimulation.

    My technique in a nutshel is getting her aroused and dancing with her body with my hands, and there is a point where the gspot is about to explode and I just play with the sensation of eding and not letting her cum. There after I seem to be able to stimulate a female ejaculation.

    I want other people to give their recomendations and views of female orgasm and how to explore the different manifestations of it. I want to investigate the journeys I can put my partner through to my enjoyment. I mean all this is all about a sexual fantasy of mine which has to do with traveling new territory with her and make her scream and let herself be defensless in my arms letting her iner self fly.

    Recomendations and personal views on it. I'll post a few books I have on the subject and what I liked from them. But before investing time in reading any book I wanted to know for sure that Im reading the best things on the subject.

    My sexuality has become a study lateley after the experiences Ive been having and the sexuality of my counterpart is going to be a serious study too. A lot of note taking, investigation, empirical research, exams... mmmmmm