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I keep looking in circles to chat
  • I logged on at 6:00 pm Pacfic time and go to chat center there was no chat going on. Is the chat through IRC chat. if so what was the chat address. maybe later this weekend I will get the secret to enter the chat. Sorry I'm new and not used to the site.
    Jeff :?
  • churneychurney
    Posts: 42
    Sundance, I do not think that a "chat" is squelched for this weekend. If you look under "Chat" it will list the times and dates the chat room is open.
  • I thought it was this week got my date mixed up.
  • InverseInverse
    Posts: 36
    I wish the chat was open all the time. :( don't see why we can't have one available.
  • inc63inc63
    Posts: 22
    Ideally, like Inverse, I have wondered why the chat is not open all the time.

    Perhaps those who set the "open" times could explain their thinking/constraints behind the current intermittent times.

    It seems the session times in the chat facility are evolving over time. As a further step in that evolution could it be open regularly each weekend from 17.00 Friday evening until midnight Sunday night. Special "topic" times could be programmed as part of the regular weekly open time. If there are limitations with the amount of time moderators &/or experts can be available their involvement could be concentrated on these "topic" times.

    Further, while I acknowledge that the majority of participants are from the USA, the chat facility serves a worldwide community and in order to make the above hours available to any location the room would need to be open, if I have my calculations correct, from midnight Thursday until 08.00 Monday morning EST (USA).

    Of course this this last comment could be construed as being biased as I am from "down under". :)
  • I have been in chat and waiting for someone to chat with....its late, just bitching some!