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Strange energy release
  • rainstomprainstomp
    Posts: 51
    Last night I had a long, tough conversation with a friend. It lasted a couple hours and made me quite upset. Afterwards, I wanted to relax and centre myself before going to bed, so I popped in the aneros. After about 15 mins, I decided to try and sleep with it in. 30-45 mins into it, I started waking up with strange sensations in my upper abdomen. I follow Traditional Chinese Medicine, and have been diagnosed with a stagnant liver which is essentially suppressed emotions, although I have good chi. These sensations seemed to come from my liver area, just in the soft spot below my sternum. They were like small bursts of energy, but a bit alarming rather than pleasurable. This is similar but not nearly as severe as an experience I had with acupuncture, when after sitting with needles in my body for about 20 minutes, all of a sudden I felt as though a bomb burst from my abdomen throughout my entire body. I thought maybe I was awoken in an alarmed state because I might be triggering some energy to be released from my stagnant liver, most likely related to fear/anxiety.

    Has anyone ever had a release like this? I wonder if there are "liver" points in the prostate area.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi rainstomp!

    Your posts are always interesting!

    Although, I am totally out of my realm here and have no
    desire to show my ignorance on these subjects.

    But keep posting, my friend!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • rainstomprainstomp
    Posts: 51
    Thanks! I wonder if anyone will ever be able to decode my experiences, or at least relate to them!