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Prostate Massage Not For Men With Acute Prostatis Now What
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    Hi there i have just discovered on the internet, that men with acute prostatis is what i seem to have
    should not engage in any sort of prostate massage for risk of spreading the infection.

    Does anyone here have acute prostatis and does it ever effect your aneros usage, or cause any problems?

    If i have to for the rest of my life without using the aneros prostate massager it will seem like a life sentence behind bars for my single sex life? :-(

    What should i do now?

    :( :( :cry: :cry:
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    You may want to read the thread Aneros for medical use? which has some further discussion about the prostatitis issue. ‘B Mayfield’ provided some excellent information regarding this issue.

    Just because you have a temporary condition of prostatitis doesn’t mean you will always have it. I am fairly confident that once you have this flareup resolved you will be able to return to continued use of your Aneros massager. It is highly unlikely this will become a “life sentence” in Aneros exile.

    “What should i do now?” IMHO, seek proper medical treatment to get the prostatitis under control now, get further advice and information from your physician, see how your diet and/or lifestyle may need to be altered to alleviate/reduce future occurrences.
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    I am sorry too say that i did use the aneros prostate massager whilst i still had this problem which only made things worse whoops big mistake one which i shall not be repeating again, i am addicted to caffien which as i read in the post i will have to give up entirely to prevent further inflammation irritation i also understand that i should start taking a zinc supplement modify my diet a little bit for the better is this correct.

    Oh yes and i didnt have time to mention in my post that i have already seen my Physician/GP
    and he prescribed me Doxycyline 100mg anti biotics and since then the inflammation seems to have gone down but i still can feel a bit of pain which sometimes occure right next to my prostate or on it wtf i do not understand why it feels to be in the side of my anus next to the prostate? I went back partly because the 500mg capsules that he gave me would not go straight down and this made me greatly fearful of it getting caught. It fills me with great anxiety and fear whenever i go into those naturopathic stores and see all those gigantic capsules waiting to end my life shall i ever take one
    this is why i will not take fish oil capsules, i have seen smaller rounder zinc tablets at the stores but it still worries me swalling them whole maybe i suspect i dont have a very big throat, everyone is different.

    But the good news seems to be it is not the end of the world and it is not bye bye aneros prostate massager and bye bye super O. Thank god what a relief. But the good news has come and the bad news is that i will have to detox myself from caffeine, oh boy this will not be easy, because i usually
    sit up till 3am addicted to the internet drinking bottles of coke, and at every A.A meeting i go to i usually drink coffee because that is usually what everyone else does at the meetings but on the positive side i will save a bit of money buying bottles of caffeine filled coke and save and giving it up
    will prove good for my help in the long run i just hope i can get off it, and stay of it. Actually bugger the caffein if it will stand in the way of using my aneros, i am actually considering taking saw palmetto after talking to my A.A sponsor who once took it after a friend recommended it too him
    i have told him about my aneros usage i even showed him the extra still packaged eupho that i bought he was not at all freaked out by me using it, but i do not think he took enough interest in it
    to even consider buying using one plus his wife would probably be upset if he was caught using it
    she is from a christian back ground and so is he, but anyways he knows all about my troubles and is
    quiet supportive of all my troubles.

    Thank you rumel for your help it is much appreciated without the help of the blokes of the forum i
    think i would be completely lost.