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Im having a prostate problem, keeps re occuring.
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    Hi there once again, i went to the doctor about three weeks a go and two weeks before this i have a long middle of the night aneros session instead of sleeping for about three hours switching in between aneros models and this made my prostate and the surrounding muscles in my anus sore.

    So i went to the doctor told him that i had some pain discomfort from using the a prostate massager
    firstly i told him i used it purely for health reasons he didnt exactly buy that so it told him i used it for sexual pleasure, so he immediately asked me whether is was gay just because i stick something in my ass, "this is just great i thought."

    He then asked me why dont just have sex with a woman instead, i explained to him that women use sex toys as well duh whats the difference, he figured i did not have a female partner, i said to him it's not like i can just go get any woman and have sex with her whenever i please i also had to show him the aneros website and he saw the picture of the white progasm, and he said i am not sure of the health implications of using this device obviously he has never heard of prostate massagers and there health benefits, so he looked up my record and saw that i had been there before and been prescribed anti biotics so he gave me a prescription for anti biotics just in case i had prostatis, he also recommended that i dont use the aneros too much, fair enough.

    So never again do i feel like going to the doctor about this problem, i just need to get the problem resolved.

    So i got the anti biotics started taking them but forgot to keep taking them about three quarters of the way through the pack, it's been five weeks now with this problem and it's seem to have lessened
    quiet a bit only after taking more anti biotics so tomorrow i will go back to a doctor tell him that i was prescribed anti biotics for prostatis tell him i forgot to keep taking them and need some more.

    The honest truth is i have never had and problem with any of the aneros prostate massagers until i bought one of these about six months a go for about $50 AUD thinking i would stimulate the prostate nicely
    and i could use the rabbit ears to stimulate the prenium this is when i first started having problems boy i feel as though a really made a bad decision using this, and regret ever using it in the first place, i think maybe i did some permanent damage i really hope not.

    And also to add to the list i have not being using my larger toys up there i have been letting things slowly tighten back up agian after speaking to members on this forum an finding out about incontinence,. So i do listen and learn you see.

    I used the aneros Eupho model last night for about not even twenty minutes after i took some more anti biotics a few days before and thought i might be right after about four days of no pain or discomfort and i felt no pain or discomfort what so ever on the prostate but the muscles in my anus at the back behind the prostate massager felt a bit sore like i had stretched them a bit like when you work out or something.

    The good news is i am not in agony i have not really been with this problem although it has not been pleasant, at the moment i feel slight discomfort and a small burning sensation in my bladder or something the pain goes all the way through to my ass to my low abdomen region, the strange thing is the mild pain or discomfort would come for a short period of time then i would feel nothing so it comes and goes, and when i have been lying a sleep at night i would get a stiffness at the bottom of my spine this only happened a couple of times, and now i am feeling a slight burning sensation in my bladder.

    And i should add a few things a couple of times i could not be bothered washing the aneros prostate massagers but most of the time i would, i think this may have caused an infection somewhere, from now on i will always wash these devices with hot soap and water, and i am go to try switching from using the silicone lube to a safer long lasting water based lube see if it makes any difference, but my
    greatest fear is that i will have to give up my aneros addiction altogether if i dont get another chance
    this time however i think i will have breaks of a few days in between use and keep the sessions to no longer than an hour to give my body a break.

    If i have to give up altogether which will feel like a life sentence and something for which i will never ever forgive myself for, i will probably be the greatest relapser of all time. I just wish i knew what was wrong so i could find out what the verdict is and what course of action i have to take.

    If it has been five weeks so far i think it must be some kind of an infection, also i suspect maybe there is something wrong with the muscles in my anus. I apologise to all for having to listen too my stupidity i am really sorry for this the strange thing is even when i first started having this problem my sessions would be fine just like normal until i went to far with too longer a session most of my sessions have been normal with no problems but abviously i have made some kind of silly mistake
    i make mistakes all the time and create minor problems for myself all the time like forgetting to do stuff etc.

    So what i would like to know has anybody had any similar problems to mine, and what kind of problems could come from improperly using this device and i need your help in figuring else what is wrong, i am going to be very careful to take every precaution this time that is if it's not already to late too start over again.

    Maybe i have an infection some along these lines.

    I feel like registering a new account and pretending to be someone else, but i wont because i feel like most of you are taking some pity on me, but what do i expect when i am so careless.

    Anyways i hope you are all well and dont do what i do for god sakes, god be with you.

    Cheers thecritta

    :oops: :oops: :roll: :lol: :shock:
  • mogmog
    Posts: 176
    Hi thecritta,

    >If i have to give up altogether which will feel like a life sentence and something for which i will never ever forgive myself for, i will probably be the greatest relapser of all time. I just wish i knew what was wrong so i could find out what the verdict is and what course of action i have to take.<<br />
    You seem to be having a lot of bad luck. While I'm not qualified to offer any advice on your symptoms, I feel that a few comments from me might be relevant to your predicament.

    If you are serious about getting to the heights of orgasmic experience, forget completely and utterly about using any kind of mechanical reciprocating machinery or vibrating massager. Instead you must train your mind and body to generate orgasms without the use of risky artificial stimulation.

    Assuming that your interior bits return to health, you don't have congenital weakness in there, and you are ready and confident to re-visit prostate massage, why not give one of the Peridise devices a go? The smallest of the range is amazingly effective in generating super-Os and can be a lot less physically stressful.

    But if you had to give up the Aneros for health reasons but to wish to continue to explore the world of MMOs you could think about taking up the KSMO practice. If you were to train assiduously, this can give you high orgasms galore without the use of any insertions, mechanical devices, drugs, props or unnatural practices. I know that it works - and how! (I'm also an Aneros user).

    Good luck,

    Mog :)
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    I concur with mog. I use the KSMO and think it really works. I know that I can often have multiple dry orgasms without the Aneros (I use a Eupho most of the time and a Helix occasionally).

    It sounds as if you are using a general practice medical doctor. I use a Urologist for prostate problems. A Urologist is far more familiar with the prostate.

    My experience with doctors (lots of them) has been that most discourage use of anything other than prescription medications. My general practitioner (family doctor) is an American born of Vietnamese parents and I find him to be much more open minded about herbal medicines and such.

    I take Saw Palmetto for prostate health.


    I had a prostate problem about 35 years ago and an Internist said that hot baths helped and that more frequent ejaculations were also helpful as they 'cleared out' the system.

    I have cut the handles off of both of my Aneros models. I could feel them pressing against my butt and I get more movement without them. I am also careful to use minimal pressure on the prostate to stimulate it and when I orgasm I use more pressure for a few seconds. This also results in less strain on the anus muscles. Much of the time I can achieve enough movement by just taking deep breaths and not consciously trying use my anus muscles.

    Good luck and be kind to your behind!
  • nurseladynurselady
    Posts: 95
    Hello... I saw your note and thought as a nurse.. this one was right up my alley!
    I would recommend you see a urologist due to your symptoms. You seem to have a history of prostate problems in the past and many of the symptoms you discussed are indicative of possible prostatitis.
    I have to say.. you should have taken all your antibiotics! Make sure you let your dr. know that you didn't take the complete round of your prescription. There are several medications and combinations of meds. that can help. However, you really need to follow up with a physican. I hope you can find a better rapport with your current physician....
    Below is a website that discusses symptoms, treatments, etc. It may be of some assistance?
  • thecrittathecritta
    Posts: 154
    Yes thank you all very much for your kind replies and help. I went and visited the doctor today and told him that i had recently seen another doctor which i had seen in the first place for this problem who prescribed me anti biotics, i told him that i stopped raking them after about i took half and forgot and missed a day so i thought now i have stuffed it up and stopped taking them, now i know just to keep taking them, ooh how stupid am i. I briefly mentioned that i used a prostate massager for sexual pleasure i think he might have missed this part or did not take any notice, i am glad he did not ask whether i had a girlfriend or not why i used a prostate massager all those annoying uncomfortable questions that the doctor asks when he is just trying to help.

    And he said no sex because the prostate is clogged up and swollen or something cant remember exactly what he said, which is assume he means for at least a few weeks or whatever, and i said "how long like a month"i don't remember his reply a month was my suggestion. I don't know if i can manage
    a month without masturbating, how am i going to manage this? I see no mention of this on the internet
    strange that anyone ever heard of this?

    I am just very confused at the moment this is all my fault ooh boy

    And the doctor said for someone my age prostatis is very unusual so nothing is adding up at all.
    I am age 26 years old and prostatis usually effects men in there middle ages and old age so nothing at makes any sense. I guess all i can do is take the anti biotics and hope things improve.

    This post is very interesting because it relates to me.

    Maybe i have non infectious prostatis because i have not notices any discharge

    It keeps coming and going this is the second instance the first time it happened i went to the
    doctor and he prescribed me anti biotics and i went away within like three weeks and got better.


    I just dont trust the doctors judgement on this one what should i do?

    Thank you all for your help and suggestions take care.

    Cheers thecritta

    :? :shock: :oops:
  • DeepDeep
    Posts: 78
    If the anti-biotics don't work for you it sounds like you have chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome - it's the same thing. I have this condition too; I'm 24. The first thing you need to do is try not to worry so much, anxiety can make it worse. A GP won't be able to help - you should get a referal to a urologist but in my experience they're not much better. There is not a lot known about the condition. I suggest you get the book 'A Headache in the Pelvis', it has helped me and I believe it has helped other people on this board with the same problem. Good luck.