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Aneros and Social Implications Chat Event Transcript - 4/5
  • [16:59:56] ArcticWolves: I'm always first!
    [17:00:05] ArcticWolves: :) :wink:
    [17:00:07] Robby-O: :-)
    [17:00:18] ArcticWolves: What's up Robby!
    [17:01:22] ArcticWolves: Good Morning Support!
    [17:01:23] [email][/email]: hello AW and Robby-O!
    [17:01:37] ArcticWolves: it's April!
    [17:01:39] Robby-O: good morning :-)
    [17:01:47] ArcticWolves: and exciting month for aneros I'm sure? no?
    [17:01:59] ArcticWolves: an*
    [17:02:24] ArcticWolves: lol
    [17:03:07] ArcticWolves: wow only 2 :(
    [17:03:23] [email][/email]: it's always an exciting time for Aneros. hopefully more exciting for all the forum users though!
    [17:03:57] [email][/email]: not to worry, i'm sure we will have more joining us soon
    [17:04:31] Robby-O: hey rumel
    [17:04:32] [email][/email]: hello Rumel!
    [17:04:43] ArcticWolves: Rumel is here!
    [17:04:51] rumel: Hi Guys!
    [17:06:00] rumel: Hi Support, is there a particular topic today?
    [17:06:04] ArcticWolves: Hey Mikal! Thanks for joining us!
    [17:06:19] rumel: Hi M
    [17:06:22] mikal: Hi all
    [17:06:57] ArcticWolves: Mikal, is this your first time in one of these chat events?
    [17:07:01] Robby-O: hi mikal
    [17:07:04] [email][/email]: rumel, I was looking through your list of proposed chat topics that you had posted a while back.
    [17:07:22] [email][/email]: the "social implications" one was interesting
    [17:07:40] [email][/email]: what did you have in mind for that?
    [17:07:48] ArcticWolves: how about something that starts with an "S - T" Support?
    [17:07:50] [email][/email]: mikal, welcome!
    [17:07:55] ArcticWolves: lol
    [17:08:10] mikal: Yes
    [17:08:33] ArcticWolves: Ahh well you're in for a real treat mikal
    [17:08:37] ArcticWolves: Hey Brian!
    [17:08:44] ArcticWolves: Brian in da'house!
    [17:08:50] [email][/email]: Brian!
    [17:09:01] B Mayfield: Hi!
    [17:09:07] mikal: From reading the forums, and blogs I can imagine!
    [17:09:10] rumel: Support, the social implications I was thinking about was how men would start relating to each other differently.
    [17:09:12] ArcticWolves: !!!
    [17:09:30] rumel: Hiya B
    [17:09:36] [email][/email]: Rumel, I think that is a great topic then
    [17:09:44] [email][/email]: for us to explore today
    [17:09:52] ArcticWolves: Rumel is that kind of like Empathetic understanding?
    [17:09:55] B Mayfield: Hi Rumel
    [17:10:04] Robby-O: hi B
    [17:10:17] B Mayfield: Hi Robby-O
    [17:10:35] [email][/email]: so let's start with our short introductions, have some general discussion and at the top of
    [17:10:44] rumel: AW - I think it is that but so much more in the way we start to relate to women as well.
    [17:10:57] [email][/email]: the hour switch gears and focus on the topic at hand
    [17:10:59] [email][/email]: sound good everyone?
    [17:11:22] B Mayfield: sure
    [17:11:29] B Mayfield: and the topic is?
    [17:11:44] B Mayfield: (I'm a little behind the moment)
    [17:12:08] [email][/email]: "Aneros and changing social implications"
    [17:12:15] B Mayfield: very cool
    [17:12:43] [email][/email]: (Aneros University discussion series, hosted by the Aneros Sociology Dept) :wink:
    [17:12:55] rumel: :tongue:
    [17:13:10] B Mayfield: an upper division course to be sure, lol
    [17:13:35] [email][/email]: absolutely!
    [17:13:55] B Mayfield: can't wait to see what the "lab" is about...
    [17:13:59] [email][/email]: okay, AW, please start us off with an introduction and we'll move down the line
    [17:14:03] Robby-O: lol
    [17:14:05] [email][/email]: haha Brian
    [17:14:06] ArcticWolves: Hi, I'm Ron - 23 years old, been using aneros for very close to 1 year! Doing my best to get younger guys involved in aneros
    [17:14:31] ArcticWolves: so they don't miss on this incredible opportunity of pleasure
    [17:14:35] [email][/email]: favorite device?
    [17:14:56] ArcticWolves: Favorite Device is the Peridise Advanced lately!
    [17:15:24] [email][/email]: great! next, the esteemed Brian Mayfield -
    [17:15:32] B Mayfield: I'm Brian 50, using the aneros for 6 years. I have all of the Aneros favorite...whatever I happen to be using at
    [17:15:40] B Mayfield: the time.
    [17:16:05] [email][/email]: Robby-O?
    [17:16:42] Robby-O: I'm Robby, 36, user for close to two months... out of the MGX, Helix, and Progasm I think Progasm and Helix are my favorites
    [17:16:48] [email][/email]: (mikal, FYI Firefox is the best browser to use)
    [17:17:01] Robby-O: although lately I've gotten to using nothing and still getting incredible pleasure
    [17:17:19] [email][/email]: Robby-O, that's great
    [17:17:35] [email][/email]: Mikal, would you introduce yourself please?
    [17:18:10] ArcticWolves [»] [email][/email]: Not be of any bother or anything but I think you should use red color for your messages
    [17:18:16] ArcticWolves [»] [email][/email]: that way it stands out
    [17:18:52] mikal: I am Mikal 34, and have been using the aneros classic for about 2 months, but was a user about 4 years ago also.
    [17:19:00] ArcticWolves [»] [email][/email]: No offense just a suggestion :)
    [17:19:17] [email][/email]: great
    [17:19:23] [email][/email]: welcome again
    [17:19:26] [email][/email]: Rumel?
    [17:19:30] rumel: Hi all, I'm Rumel, 61, user for nearly 2 years, located in Sacramento, CA, I have all models except the SGX.
    [17:19:51] rumel: How do I go about getting my degree in applied Aneros Technology?
    [17:20:03] ArcticWolves: lol
    [17:20:20] B Mayfield: takes a lot of credits man!
    [17:20:52] B Mayfield: speaking of taking courses
    [17:20:54] rumel: Well I'm working on my lab courses dilligently.
    [17:21:25] [email][/email]: i think by creating the Hypnaerosession you received an A already on your senior project
    [17:21:41] Robby-O: :grin:
    [17:21:52] B Mayfield: yes indeed!
    [17:21:56] rumel: Cool, that was my thesis project!
    [17:22:19] ArcticWolves: Thanks support much easier to distinguish :)
    [17:22:28] [email][/email]: most definitely
    [17:23:03] [email][/email]: haha okay, so let's start with some general discussion. mikal and robby-o, do you have any questions?
    [17:23:39] Robby-O: no questions really, at the moment
    [17:23:47] B Mayfield: hello stone!
    [17:23:47] [email][/email]: mikal, seems as though you are both a new and old user
    [17:23:50] ArcticWolves: Hey stone! Welcome to this event!
    [17:23:52] Robby-O: maybe I will later if something comes up :-)
    [17:24:00] [email][/email]: sounds good Robby
    [17:24:11] mikal: I am curious as to what the experts in here have to say about the peridise
    [17:24:25] B Mayfield: love it!
    [17:24:37] ArcticWolves: it's amazing actually
    [17:24:54] B Mayfield: quite different from the rest of the models
    [17:24:59] ArcticWolves: while there is no perenium stimulation tab it's accidental hitting the prostate
    [17:25:06] ArcticWolves: really hits the spot with me!
    [17:25:32] rumel: I find the Peridise a wonderful warm-up tease.
    [17:25:46] ArcticWolves: at first it's so easy to miss the slight sensations it brings
    [17:25:49] mikal: I have been thinking about ordering it, but which size is my question to start off with?
    [17:25:59] ArcticWolves: and it's those slight sensations you need to feel before you can take it to the next level
    [17:26:15] ArcticWolves: How much anal experience do you have?
    [17:26:22] B Mayfield: for a some detailed reviews on it, you can check out my "Next Generation, Prograsm & Peridise Reviewed" sticky thread in the
    [17:26:26] B Mayfield: forum
    [17:26:41] ArcticWolves: the Advanced are more for ones anal muscles toned better
    [17:27:10] mikal: I have had some in the past, but I am kind of new to it again
    [17:27:22] ArcticWolves: if you have done pc exercises and developed a strong pc muscle then go for the advanced
    [17:27:31] ArcticWolves: if not go for the beginner set to start out with
    [17:27:41] B Mayfield: agreed
    [17:27:42] ArcticWolves: keep in mind though they will have a larger diamater to insert
    [17:28:09] ArcticWolves: the advanced get smaller because it's assumed your muscles can hold it in :)
    [17:28:24] B Mayfield: if you have had experience with any of the other Aneros models, shouldn't be much to handle though
    [17:28:36] B Mayfield: none of them are very large
    [17:28:38] mikal: I have been doing pc exercises foe many years
    [17:28:53] ArcticWolves: if you have the money go for a beginning set Peridise and a Eupho :)
    [17:29:08] ArcticWolves: oh really?
    [17:29:18] ArcticWolves: then you might just be ready for the advanced set :)
    [17:29:43] B Mayfield: A Peridise Set and a Eupho....the utmost in agility!
    [17:29:44] ArcticWolves: I'd go for the advanced set then if you have a well developed pc muscle :)
    [17:29:50] mikal: I can hardly wait!
    [17:30:17] ArcticWolves: A Eupho would be good too... yes because it's the most agile model
    [17:30:30] mikal: This whole aneros thing can be veryaddicting!
    [17:30:46] ArcticWolves: only if you let it be
    [17:30:49] [email][/email]: mikal, what has piqued your interest for the Peridise? have your sessions with the Classic been good?
    [17:30:51] ArcticWolves: :wink:
    [17:30:55] Robby-O: I'm still curious to try the Eupho
    [17:30:59] B Mayfield: yes indeed...well pleasure is that way
    [17:33:07] ArcticWolves: :)
    [17:33:25] ArcticWolves: It's easter and maybe support is in a good mood lol
    [17:33:25] mikal: The peridise remids me of a butt plug that I used to use when I was younger, riding my bike around :smile:
    [17:33:28] Robby-O: is the classic the same as the MGX?
    [17:33:29] B Mayfield: not long have you been using them?
    [17:33:58] B Mayfield: it's the older style MGX
    [17:34:01] [email][/email]: mikal, :smile:
    [17:34:11] Robby-O: ah, ok
    [17:34:22] Robby-O: B, almost two months
    [17:34:30] mikal: The bumps in the road felt soo good lol
    [17:34:54] B Mayfield: I think you should stay with them longer
    [17:35:12] B Mayfield: too soon to move on to another model
    [17:35:36] Robby-O: mikal, nice... this has brought back some early childhood memories for me too :-)
    [17:35:45] B Mayfield: I've generally regarding the Eupho as more of an advanced users model
    [17:35:58] mikal: Great Bobby
    [17:36:13] mikal: Robby, sorry
    [17:36:20] ArcticWolves: True Brian...
    [17:36:28] B Mayfield: hi loydaniels!
    [17:36:53] rumel: Hi L
    [17:36:56] ArcticWolves: but there needs to be something that fills the gap between an MGX and Helix
    [17:36:59] loydaniels: it's sooo slowwwwwwww :unhappy:
    [17:37:04] B Mayfield: it's natural to want to transition from one product to the other when one is not getting immediate results
    [17:37:06] ArcticWolves: the Eupho does that job very well I think
    [17:37:12] ArcticWolves: Hi loydaniels!
    [17:37:17] [email][/email]: loy, are you using Firefox?
    [17:37:22] Robby-O: B, I am getting amazing results!
    [17:37:25] loydaniels: yeah
    [17:37:31] [email][/email]: don't use internet explorer
    [17:37:36] [email][/email]: okay
    [17:37:41] loydaniels: it's my net in general
    [17:37:54] ArcticWolves: some new faces and fresh meat!!! back off guys they're mine!! lol
    [17:37:55] [email][/email]: i see
    [17:37:56] B Mayfield: oh...I'm sorry I understood you to were getting nothing...sorry
    [17:38:05] loydaniels: seems to be special slow today
    [17:38:06] [email][/email]: okay, let's take a quick timeout so that stone and loydaniels can introduce themselfes
    [17:38:12] ArcticWolves: j/k lol :wink: :bigtongue: :wub:
    [17:38:24] mikal: I feel like a virgin a little now
    [17:38:30] [email][/email]: loy, can you let us know your Age, location and how long you've been using the Aneros?
    [17:38:39] ArcticWolves: :blushin:
    [17:38:39] Robby-O: oh no, B... I meant I am still getting crazy orgasms while using nothing :-)
    [17:38:59] ArcticWolves: :kiss:
    [17:38:59] loydaniels: oh... 27 from cy
    [17:39:02] ArcticWolves: :happpy:
    [17:39:25] justcurious8: hello every1
    [17:39:25] loydaniels: hmm... how long... I've had it for.. 2 years.. more? but I've rarely been using it :(
    [17:39:56] B Mayfield: hello just curious8!
    [17:39:58] ArcticWolves: Hello Anonymous and Justcurious8
    [17:40:15] [email][/email]: gotcha, thanks. maybe some of the other members can answer some questions for you here
    [17:40:33] [email][/email]: justcurious - please inrtroduce yourself
    [17:40:58] [email][/email]: age, location and experience with Aneros?
    [17:41:02] justcurious8: well im 19 from ny. new to the aneros experience, ive had my aneros helix for 3 weeks now!
    [17:41:12] ArcticWolves: wow
    [17:41:19] [email][/email]: a new user, great and welcome
    [17:41:24] B Mayfield: very cool!
    [17:41:24] justcurious8: i remember talkin to some of you guys a few weeks ago
    [17:41:26] justcurious8: and thanks
    [17:41:26] [email][/email]: okay stone?
    [17:41:27] ArcticWolves: we are reaching the youngers ones little by litte!
    [17:41:44] B Mayfield: it's a good thang!
    [17:41:46] ArcticWolves: little*
    [17:42:22] ArcticWolves: xtube is our friend :)
    [17:42:24] justcurious8: so far its been pretty good. Nothing mind blowing but its getting better and better. im not over expecting anything.
    [17:42:32] stone: I'm in the sunny SF area I'm sust shy of 50 and been using aneros for about two years
    [17:42:40] justcurious8: B mayfield your posts have been very useful
    [17:42:49] loydaniels: yaa... it's my net! T_T
    [17:42:54] ArcticWolves: cool stone another california guy :)
    [17:43:07] [email][/email]: great stone, how have your results been?
    [17:43:14] B Mayfield: thank you...I'm glad to have been of help to you!
    [17:43:15] stone: so your not in the arctic
    [17:43:41] ArcticWolves: nope :happpy:
    [17:43:46] stone: pretty good but no super yet. making steady progress and enjoying it.
    [17:43:55] B Mayfield: yes....we have a large California contingent here today!
    [17:43:57] [email][/email]: excellent
    [17:44:03] loydaniels: no super here either
    [17:44:05] B Mayfield: stay with it man!
    [17:44:10] stone: thanks
    [17:44:23] Robby-O: yes, stay with it
    [17:44:26] [email][/email]: well for the newcomers to the chat, we are going to do 15-20 minutes more of general questions/discussion
    [17:44:32] loydaniels: well I'm not gonna throw it away :P
    [17:44:35] ArcticWolves: stay with it but don't make it a goal please
    [17:44:44] justcurious8: i havent had a lot of pleasure here yet, but its definitely feels good.
    [17:44:56] [email][/email]: then move on to the topic of the day - "Aneros and Resulting Social Implications"
    [17:45:01] justcurious8: the most recent thing that i recognized happening was a tingling buzzing feeling after using it for like 30 minutes
    [17:45:03] stone: isn't feeling good Pleasure?
    [17:45:17] ArcticWolves: and that's all that matters justcurious just enjoy the pleasure you get from it... nothing more!
    [17:45:21] [email][/email]: hosted by the Aneros University Sociology Dept (running joke)
    [17:45:22] loydaniels: I actually used it last night after a while... did a bit more proper prep rather than the quick ones I used to
    [17:45:25] justcurious8: well very mild pleasure i should say then.
    [17:46:22] ArcticWolves: that very mild pleasure justcurious is the key to many orgasmic possibilities!
    [17:46:32] B Mayfield: these sensations very often don't present themselves as intensely pleasurable at first
    [17:46:53] justcurious8: yea every time i use it they get better
    [17:47:06] ArcticWolves: yep because they are so slight and subtle... so easy to miss because
    [17:47:14] ArcticWolves: they don't feel like anything amazing or mind blowing
    [17:47:19] ArcticWolves: truth is that's where it starts!
    [17:47:24] B Mayfield: sometimes it's more helpful to think in terms of "pleasant" and "different"..
    [17:47:29] ArcticWolves: for each and every one of us
    [17:48:00] justcurious8: cool. i have made good progress then i guess haha
    [17:48:09] B Mayfield: but there is a "snowballing" effect that occurs at some point that takes this to a different level
    [17:48:15] ArcticWolves: yes you're doing a great just!
    [17:48:31] justcurious8: so what models of aneros does every1 own
    [17:48:33] justcurious8: ?
    [17:48:51] loydaniels: After a few mini-Os (I guess that's what they are) I ejaced and boy did the prostate feel twitchy!
    [17:49:01] ArcticWolves: I own the peridise (Advanced), mgx, Eupho, and Progasm
    [17:49:05] stone: Outside of my full sessions I often do a mini session while I shower. more of a therapeutic intent. Is this counterproductive
    [17:49:17] B Mayfield: that's a good thing loy
    [17:49:23] ArcticWolves: and many other SEX toys... I'm sure it's safe to say I have a huge sex toy collection :)
    [17:49:29] rumel: I own All (-SGX)
    [17:49:45] Robby-O: AW isn't kidding
    [17:49:51] mikal: Classic , and probably the peridise soon
    [17:49:57] B Mayfield: stone...not necessarily...but remember that arousal plays a big role in all of this...
    [17:50:04] ArcticWolves: probably the largest collection out of anyone here lol
    [17:50:05] B Mayfield: I own them all
    [17:50:18] justcurious8: so whats so different about the peridise?
    [17:50:30] ArcticWolves: I just have to see if I want a helix or maximus
    [17:50:46] ArcticWolves: the main difference is it has no perenium tab on it
    [17:51:07] ArcticWolves: and it's not angled like all the others to hit the prostate
    [17:51:08] B Mayfield: well it's more than that actually
    [17:51:16] B Mayfield: it functions differently
    [17:51:24] ArcticWolves: It's by pure accident it hits the prostate and "rocks your socks off" lol
    [17:51:37] B Mayfield: it's balanced so that it becomes unstable inside the anal canal
    [17:51:51] B Mayfield: it quivers...right support, lol
    [17:52:01] ArcticWolves: lol
    [17:52:07] [email][/email]: that is correct term!
    [17:52:26] justcurious8: arctic what is your favorite out of all?
    [17:52:28] B Mayfield: I heard that at one of the shows actually ! lol
    [17:52:52] ArcticWolves: To be honest, I just got into the LOVING the peridise advanced
    [17:52:57] ArcticWolves: before that was the Eupho
    [17:53:04] ArcticWolves: and before that was the PROGASM!!!!!!!
    [17:53:24] B Mayfield: he 's a fickled guy!
    [17:53:25] justcurious8: very cool. do they give you a different experience?
    [17:53:32] ArcticWolves: The peridise has taken me to levels I have never gone before
    [17:53:36] justcurious8: each model i mean*
    [17:53:47] ArcticWolves: yes
    [17:53:58] ArcticWolves: each one offers their own unique experience
    [17:54:13] ArcticWolves: with the progasm it feels like it's NAILING your prostate almost too much at times :)
    [17:54:13] justcurious8: cool
    [17:54:22] ArcticWolves: but I love it... when I want something big
    [17:54:39] ArcticWolves: the Eupho is more interesting in that it moves so much and is definitely the most agile model
    [17:54:51] ArcticWolves: you really can feel it moving giving you a nice massage down there
    [17:55:05] ArcticWolves: but the peridise... one word... WOW
    [17:55:09] ArcticWolves: who would have thought?
    [17:55:41] mikal: The peridise seems to be your fav at the moment wolf
    [17:55:44] justcurious8: nice. im happy with the helix that i got. people said its a great one to start out with
    [17:55:47] Robby-O: damn, now I'm curious to try two models
    [17:56:05] B Mayfield: the name says it all...."Peridise" they can't spell! lol
    [17:56:06] Robby-O: justcurious8, it is a great model... I still love mine
    [17:56:36] B Mayfield: Helix is a great one to start with..
    [17:56:36] ArcticWolves: the Peridise takes me to Paradise!
    [17:57:02] mikal: I am looking forward to it myself
    [17:57:06] stone: The helix has yet to do much for me. MGX and Progasm do it for me though.
    [17:57:12] B Mayfield: but it's not just some "beginner model" either
    [17:57:20] ArcticWolves: I started with an MGX but didn't like the abutement tab it dug into me so much
    [17:58:06] Robby-O: AW, me too
    [17:58:16] B Mayfield: I love the tab action...more the better for me
    [17:58:28] ArcticWolves: never tried the helix
    [17:58:37] mikal: I second that
    [17:58:39] loydaniels: something must've apaned
    [17:58:40] stone: I love the round ball tabs on the pro. i wish mofe models had it.
    [17:58:41] ArcticWolves: one thing I don't understand is the recommendation of a larger model
    [17:58:43] B Mayfield: it's why it's so great that there are different models to choose from
    [17:58:46] ArcticWolves: like the helix
    [17:59:04] ArcticWolves: i mean do you guys know the diameter on the tip is the same as the Maximus!
    [17:59:20] loydaniels: holy cr*p!
    [17:59:25] B Mayfield: yes...
    [17:59:27] ArcticWolves: which is why you see me recommend the MGX or Eupho as a beginner model
    [17:59:30] loydaniels: I feel violated:P
    [17:59:51] ArcticWolves: lol
    [17:59:55] B Mayfield: but that's not the whole story...the body is different ...and balanced FAR better....IMHO
    [18:00:13] B Mayfield: violated? Where....who?
    [18:00:13] loydaniels: brb... gotta take a shower and then drink something hot
    [18:00:17] ArcticWolves: I guess...
    [18:00:43] ArcticWolves: it's just that it's a pretty big task for someone new starting out
    [18:00:48] B Mayfield: loydaniels...did you just have a session? :)
    [18:00:52] ArcticWolves: to go with such a large diameter at first...
    [18:01:04] rumel: So guys, how has the Aneros experience influenced your social interactions?
    [18:01:14] rumel: I used to be envious of a womans capacity to achieve multiple orgasms but things have changed.
    [18:01:17] ArcticWolves: more confident
    [18:01:25] rumel: I have noticed that since obtaining my first Super-O that I am more sympathetic to the difficulty many women have to achieve orgasm themselves.
    [18:01:35] ArcticWolves: not afraid to speak to anyone and i mean anyone anymore
    [18:01:36] rumel: I have also joined Brian's cadre of Aneros advocates to see how we can get more men to experience this new paradigm.
    [18:01:38] B Mayfield: empowered
    [18:01:52] loydaniels: no influence
    [18:01:55] rumel: My interaction with men and women is more relaxed and assured these days,
    [18:02:05] rumel: I think my ego does not need the continuous affirmation it once did.
    [18:02:11] mikal: My ladyfriend is kind of jealous from the pleasure I get from it
    [18:02:12] ArcticWolves: I can now relate to on terms of what a woman experiences during orgasm ... WOW
    [18:02:33] ArcticWolves: and when the time comes I'll be able to tell when my lover has an orgasm :)
    [18:02:45] ArcticWolves: yes, she'll have socks on too don't worry lol
    [18:03:00] Robby-O: lol
    [18:03:07] B Mayfield: lol
    [18:03:13] B Mayfield: nylons don't count
    [18:03:17] stone: y
    [18:03:21] justcurious8: haha
    [18:03:21] B Mayfield: how's about fishnets?
    [18:03:26] ArcticWolves: :grin:
    [18:03:28] Robby-O: rumel, I agree, self-confidence has improved
    [18:03:42] ArcticWolves: Stone brighten up your color a bit please...
    [18:03:54] [email][/email]: mikal, has your use of the Aneros caused any serious tension between you and your ladyfriend?
    [18:03:58] Robby-O: I find humor in so many more things now ;-)
    [18:04:24] B Mayfield: there's no question that it makes one feel special..
    [18:04:37] stone: How's this
    [18:04:39] [email][/email]: for those of you who don't know, AW has earned the moniker of "Two Socks"
    [18:04:56] mikal: Actually, she wants to watch me have a session from the noises I have made when using it talking to her on the phone
    [18:05:04] [email][/email]: for his wearing of socks during Aneros session he has uploaded to xtube
    [18:05:05] stone: Sounds like a rapper of gunfighter
    [18:05:06] rumel: I feel more psychically balanced these days.
    [18:05:10] ArcticWolves: :blushin: :blush: :wub:
    [18:05:15] justcurious8: yea i noticed AW likes socks lol
    [18:05:26] B Mayfield: or an American Indian chief!
    [18:05:38] ArcticWolves: it all comes from a joke in my xtube videos
    [18:05:58] B Mayfield: I think I came up with that one..not sure..
    [18:05:59] ArcticWolves: I was wearing socks... and yeah.. got named two socks because I love to walk around in my socks
    [18:06:20] [email][/email]: I think it's great that self-confidence has been a common benefit that you all are seeing
    [18:06:35] [email][/email]: thinking about it, it makes sense
    [18:06:39] B Mayfield: I loved the ones that were dusty from the floor ! lol
    [18:06:41] ArcticWolves: Yeah, i remember the first day I had a super-O
    [18:06:46] ArcticWolves: I felt very EMPOWERED
    [18:06:59] ArcticWolves: knowing that I had something no one else even thought capable
    [18:07:01] stone: It's like meditating regularly. but so much better
    [18:07:05] [email][/email]: because as you all gain more experience with the Aneros you become more in tune with and in more control
    [18:07:08] [email][/email]: of your mind and body
    [18:07:27] [email][/email]: which should result in a feeling of empowerment and self confidence
    [18:07:37] B Mayfield: yes...someone just wrote about their first experience in the brought it all back to me....the "shock and awe"...
    [18:07:48] B Mayfield: so wonderful!
    [18:07:52] ArcticWolves: yeah and the no words to describe it i love that
    [18:08:06] B Mayfield: doggie accident, brb
    [18:08:17] ArcticWolves: uhoh
    [18:08:58] rumel: It is ironic that learning to "Just Let Go" actually gains you power and control of your body and mind.
    [18:09:21] [email][/email]: it's great that the community is made up of a wide variety of men, with normal issues (like doggie accidents :wink: )
    [18:09:37] ArcticWolves: On a side note though: Rumel's CD HypnAerosession was the greatest stress reliever during my sessions
    [18:10:09] ArcticWolves: I cannot say how many times the aneros has relieved me from stressful times in life
    [18:10:10] stone: Kelly Howell's ecstasy has been great for me.
    [18:10:18] ArcticWolves: especially from work...
    [18:10:30] mikal: I has that one to stone
    [18:10:37] mikal: have
    [18:10:42] mikal: have
    [18:10:54] stone: do you like it?
    [18:11:10] mikal: Yes, it great
    [18:11:10] ArcticWolves: It's just a relaxing and exciting experience that no male should miss out on
    [18:11:24] ArcticWolves: if only we could spread the word where society would accept it :)
    [18:11:58] ArcticWolves: my social interactions are great... surely have a lot more guts to talk to people... but to bring up this subject? yeah right
    [18:11:59] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:12:41] stone: Has anyone checked out Isabelle valentine's hands free orgasm hypnosis mp3?
    [18:13:12] ArcticWolves: Anyways, how about everyone else? How has the aneros worked with your social interactions?
    [18:13:13] mikal: do you a link to it stone?
    [18:13:47] stone: google isabella valentine
    [18:13:53] B Mayfield: yes I am very familiar with Isabella Valentine's work
    [18:14:15] B Mayfield: very nasty
    [18:14:19] ArcticWolves: brb, wasp in room help!!!
    [18:14:19] stone: did it work for you?
    [18:14:22] rumel: stone, does it work for you?
    [18:14:36] B Mayfield: many times
    [18:14:36] Robby-O: sheesh, dogs, wasps, ...
    [18:14:43] mikal: Yikes! Wolf
    [18:14:50] stone: I haven't droped the 35 bucks yet
    [18:15:10] B Mayfield: what's next ...a plague of locusts?
    [18:15:23] mikal: My next 35 will go towards the peridise
    [18:15:32] B Mayfield: there's no question that this lady knows how to get men aroused
    [18:15:39] stone: i feel lucy that my cats haven't attacked me today
    [18:16:25] B Mayfield: hey AW...did you get stung?
    [18:16:39] B Mayfield: you're not allergic...are ya?
    [18:17:26] B Mayfield: "man goes into anaphalactic shock in a chat at 11:00!"
    [18:17:28] stone: though I'm in the closet about it.
    [18:17:44] ArcticWolves: back
    [18:17:46] ArcticWolves: wow
    [18:17:47] Robby-O: in the closet about your cats?
    [18:17:55] B Mayfield: in the closet about what Stone?
    [18:18:07] stone: me have a special love.
    [18:18:17] B Mayfield: ?
    [18:18:26] stone: aneros use of course
    [18:18:35] Robby-O: ah
    [18:19:18] ArcticWolves: The question is.... Which chat room? lol
    [18:19:21] Robby-O: yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about spreading the word to friends
    [18:19:42] B Mayfield: well that would come out on the backside....
    [18:19:46] ArcticWolves: speaking of locusts...
    [18:19:54] ArcticWolves: is that a grasshopper with wings?
    [18:20:09] B Mayfield: Robby-O this is a difficult thing
    [18:20:09] ArcticWolves: because you're giving me bad luck Brian if so
    [18:20:24] Robby-O: I've only mentioned it to one person so far, and only generally in terms of prostate massage
    [18:20:27] B Mayfield: many time one feels that their putting relationships on the line
    [18:20:34] ArcticWolves: one just nailed my window I kid you not
    [18:20:47] B Mayfield: be careful AW
    [18:21:02] B Mayfield: and what was the reaction Robby-O?
    [18:21:31] Robby-O: I think it was well-taken, though not much conversation followed
    [18:21:47] B Mayfield: it's a start...and that's a good thing
    [18:22:03] mikal: I was dating a girl a while ago, and when she found out that I was the aneros, she broke up with me.
    [18:22:11] Robby-O: ouch
    [18:22:15] mikal: using
    [18:22:25] ArcticWolves: eh, who cares
    [18:22:40] ArcticWolves: if a girl doesn't support my lifestyle than she's not for me
    [18:22:40] Robby-O: was she jealous?
    [18:22:48] ArcticWolves: that's the way I think...
    [18:22:56] mikal: she called me The F word!
    [18:23:02] B Mayfield: well he AW says...she's not the person for you then
    [18:23:09] ArcticWolves: Don't accept me for who I am then you really were not interested in me to begin with
    [18:23:18] Robby-O: AW, exactly
    [18:23:21] B Mayfield: you don't want that kind of person in your life..
    [18:23:43] B Mayfield: the fact is that there are many women who ARE open to this...
    [18:23:46] ArcticWolves: Sorry Mikal! You'll soon learn I am very DIRECT and speak my mind
    [18:23:47] B Mayfield: I'm here to tell you
    [18:23:55] mikal: maybe the aneros was a threat to her?
    [18:23:57] ArcticWolves: sometimes it gets me in trouble on the forums a little bit lol
    [18:23:58] rumel: Thank god for that!
    [18:24:06] B Mayfield: I've been to many public expos...where Aneros has exhibited
    [18:24:15] mikal: That is fine wolf
    [18:24:49] B Mayfield: and they've been loaded with women who want nothing more than to be part of wonderful sensual experiences with the
    [18:24:52] B Mayfield: men in their lives
    [18:25:02] ArcticWolves: Some woman get this idea that anal stimulation makes you gay and that is just so not true
    [18:25:10] ArcticWolves: maybe she did feel threatened...
    [18:25:20] B Mayfield: it's so amazing...such a turn on!
    [18:25:27] ArcticWolves: either way though... I'm sorry to hear she left you over something so personal
    [18:25:36] rumel: mikal - if she is judgmental about your sexuality she will be judgmental about your entire lifestyle.
    [18:25:42] mikal: I have moved on since
    [18:25:51] B Mayfield: like I said, ...."cut bait"...time to drop your line elsewhere my friend
    [18:26:00] B Mayfield: good!
    [18:26:24] mikal: My new friend it vey interested in my ney toy!
    [18:26:24] ArcticWolves: yep just move on and find the one that will accept your lifestyle and not judge you for everything in life
    [18:26:29] ArcticWolves: awesome
    [18:26:37] B Mayfield: getting back to what Robby-O was saying
    [18:26:54] B Mayfield: I've like to say to people that discuss the health benefits of prostate massage is a "backdoor" to more open discussion
    [18:27:07] mikal: I have seen the Progasm in there
    [18:27:09] B Mayfield: it is a start...
    [18:27:40] ArcticWolves: excellent point stone
    [18:28:53] B Mayfield: I know that there are some who have suggested that we be very in your face with this kind of discussion...
    [18:28:53] stone: I would love to tell my wife but the time hasen't come yet.
    [18:28:58] ArcticWolves: nah screw it I'll just move to the eastern culture that accepts this stuff
    [18:29:16] Robby-O: heh
    [18:29:24] B Mayfield: that's another course as well...
    [18:29:27] ArcticWolves: I'd be in jail for sexual harassment probably if I mentioned this subject lol
    [18:30:02] B Mayfield: Stone...hopefully that time will come soon for you
    [18:30:15] B Mayfield: does she enjoy anal stimulation at all?
    [18:30:16] ArcticWolves: For me Brian I find more comfort behind a keyboard so any person's instant messenger I get I somehow present them to aneros:)
    [18:30:16] [email][/email]: stone, timing is definitely an important factor
    [18:30:41] B Mayfield: :)
    [18:31:53] rumel: I'm thinking a subtle approach to engage a listener via curiosity & ennuendo is a good way open communication.
    [18:32:05] B Mayfield: a lot of this depends of the backgrounds of those involved...knowing your "audience" is worthwhile
    [18:32:20] B Mayfield: what works with one person will not work with another...
    [18:33:07] B Mayfield: one way to start is to ease into it...
    [18:33:23] B Mayfield: have your partner give you some perineal massage....
    [18:33:56] B Mayfield: for tell them to rub there while there giving you other "pleasures"....
    [18:34:25] B Mayfield: after your orgasm, tell them that you noticed how much more intense it was ..
    [18:35:05] B Mayfield: from there you just might be able to move it on down the pike...
    [18:35:22] stone: thanks for the encouragement B
    [18:35:38] B Mayfield: you bet....
    [18:35:43] B Mayfield: the thing is....
    [18:36:11] B Mayfield: what many guys don't recognize is that when a woman (or a man) really loves you...
    [18:36:12] stone: we are under a lot of stress now
    [18:36:25] B Mayfield: there will be a real need...and desire to please you
    [18:36:25] stone: and i dont want to freak her out
    [18:36:37] stone: i've got 22 years invested
    [18:36:41] B Mayfield: then the timing is not right
    [18:37:15] B Mayfield: this is something for better more cordial times
    [18:37:49] B Mayfield: but don't stop exploring on your own my friend!
    [18:38:03] stone: I won't
    [18:38:30] B Mayfield: when the timing is right to introduce this to her....she'll have to play a little catch up....but that's okay
    [18:39:05] B Mayfield: and you'll be that much more confident about it then anyway
    [18:39:14] stone: that will a great day
    [18:39:54] B Mayfield: another way to introduce it...
    [18:40:07] B Mayfield: is to let them experience it themselves
    [18:40:44] B Mayfield: if you can intensify a woman's orgasm with some gentle anal say, near the point of her orgasm
    [18:41:27] B Mayfield: it becomes a what's good for the goose is good for the gander situation...
    [18:41:40] B Mayfield: much more readily accepted
    [18:41:50] stone: True. thats been out of our repetoir for a while.
    [18:42:32] B Mayfield: well when the time is right...reintroduce it....rotated it back in to your "playlist"
    [18:42:49] stone: definately a good suggestion
    [18:43:08] B Mayfield: try to see if you can get it well established too prior to broaching your own desires
    [18:43:43] B Mayfield: put it this way....if she's had a good 8 or 10 orgasms under her belt that have benefited from this kind of play
    [18:44:06] B Mayfield: who is she to deny you the experience....right?
    [18:44:19] stone: thats probably true
    [18:44:49] B Mayfield: if it becomes open might even consider getting a toy or two for "her"
    [18:45:04] B Mayfield: like say.....a Peridise set.....hmmm!
    [18:45:44] B Mayfield: I'll shut up now....been hogging the screen! lol
    [18:45:54] stone: I'd like to get to that point. then I could store my bag of tricks in a more convenient place.
    [18:46:05] Robby-O: ;-)
    [18:46:17] stone: Thanks al lot B.
    [18:46:39] B Mayfield: you bet....
    [18:46:56] stone: Where did everyone else go?
    [18:47:11] [email][/email]: ha we are all still here
    [18:47:27] [email][/email]: great discourse you two are having
    [18:48:03] stone: It's great to have this community.
    [18:48:19] [email][/email]: this a very interesting topic. stone, when you said you have 22 years invested that got me thinking
    [18:48:25] B Mayfield: VERY special!
    [18:48:45] [email][/email]: fact - there are a lot of women out there. definitely there are many open to a man enjoying prostate stimulation.
    [18:48:48] stone: about what?
    [18:49:04] [email][/email]: however, on any given street the percentage of women who are either a) not open to prostate stimulation or b) unware of it
    [18:49:19] [email][/email]: is much greater. However, that is not to say that a woman in category a) could not be opened up to it.
    [18:49:40] [email][/email]: In fact I'd say that most of the women in category a) would accept it (some more happily than others), but the timing and approach
    [18:49:50] [email][/email]: are very important. In mikal's case it sounds like there was not any hope with that woman, but relationships are complicated
    [18:50:08] [email][/email]: the perfect woman for any of us might be in category a). In fact you already may be married to her and have found
    [18:50:18] [email][/email]: the Aneros recently but mess up the approach and timing of the discourse and it could go wrong.
    [18:50:34] [email][/email]: Or you may be married already and have found the Aneros to be an important part of your life yet your partner wants nothing
    [18:50:43] [email][/email]: to do it with it despite your efforts to bring her on board. Then what?
    [18:50:54] [email][/email]: You have invested years in your marriage
    [18:51:17] [email][/email]: relationships are complicated
    [18:51:17] stone: Well I'm not changing horses now so I'll work it though some how. I'm a deals a deal guy.
    [18:51:45] [email][/email]: when you are younger, like AW, it's easier to make changes
    [18:51:50] stone: So I'll have to make it happen of remani stealth.
    [18:51:53] B Mayfield: good man...hopefully it will not come down to a "hobson's choice" kind of thing
    [18:52:07] stone: ?
    [18:52:21] [email][/email]: what's hobson's choice brian?
    [18:52:23] stone: I'll have to look that one up
    [18:52:47] B Mayfield: where you have to dump one thing for another
    [18:53:07] stone: I figured as much.
    [18:53:47] B Mayfield: my sense of it is that when someone really cares for another...there should be some degree of caring that allows for such
    [18:53:50] B Mayfield: things
    [18:54:07] rumel: I seriously doubt Aneros use could heavily impact a good 22 yr relationship, though it might stimulate some vigorous talk.
    [18:54:21] B Mayfield: certainly
    [18:54:33] stone: I'm sure that is the case.
    [18:55:23] [email][/email]: hopefully positive discussion
    [18:55:35] rumel: If the relationship was shaky to begin with, then....????
    [18:55:41] B Mayfield: the fact is that if we never discuss or attempt to change...there will be no growth
    [18:56:09] [email][/email]: Rumel, for many men the Aneros has really been a "game changer"
    [18:56:28] B Mayfield: yes...but then it's not really so much about the Aneros or anal play as it is about a disfunctional relationship
    [18:56:32] [email][/email]: it might be that a relationship was stable/strong to begin with
    [18:56:36] rumel: Indeed it has been for me.
    [18:56:41] ArcticWolves: lol brian
    [18:58:18] [email][/email]: "game changers" can result in some unpredictable implications on a person's surrounding environment
    [18:58:31] [email][/email]: hopefully all positive - like self-confidence and a feeling of empowerment
    [18:59:01] B Mayfield: yes true...but the environment exposes us to those kind of things daily
    [18:59:24] B Mayfield: financial worries....death in the family....etc.
    [19:01:30] B Mayfield: and riding on the Aneros......IS PART OF THE RIDE! lol
    [19:01:43] rumel: Stone - try to think of it as being "discreet" and not as being "underground"
    [19:01:58] stone: :laugh:
    [19:02:11] B Mayfield: I'd agree with that...very much so
    [19:02:29] [email][/email]: wow everyone
    [19:02:33] [email][/email]: time has flown by
    [19:02:55] B Mayfield: yes, indeed it has!
    [19:02:59] [email][/email]: i hope everyone enjoyed the change of pace with a specific chat topic today
    [19:03:19] stone: Thanks everyone. :happy:
    [19:03:21] Robby-O: enjoyed the topic, thanks
    [19:03:28] rumel: Yes I did!
    [19:03:35] mikal: Same here
    [19:03:44] B Mayfield: I did too...!
    [19:03:52] [email][/email]: excellent!
    [19:04:02] B Mayfield: one thing that it show us....
    [19:04:13] B Mayfield: we're all dealing with many of the same issues
    [19:04:24] stone: Time to get our of this chair. Bad for the prostate you know.
    [19:04:32] B Mayfield: lol
    [19:04:33] stone: Adios lads.
    [19:04:42] rumel: I think the rewiring process alters us in many, often subtle, ways psychically.
    [19:04:45] B Mayfield: take care!
    [19:04:45] [email][/email]: haha stone, indeed. i'd like to thank all of you for joining today
    [19:04:51] ArcticWolves: Take Care stone
    [19:04:55] [email][/email]: well said Rumel
    [19:05:00] B Mayfield: I'd agree with that Rumel
    [19:05:07] [email][/email]: the chat center will be open all next weekend
    [19:05:11] Robby-O: rumel, another interesting topic for another discussion
    [19:05:14] mikal: see ya stone, and good luck with your relationship
    [19:05:31] [email][/email]: with another general event to follow in the near future
    [19:05:33] ArcticWolves: hey rumel what does psychically mean?
    [19:05:41] ArcticWolves: do you mean pyschic?
    [19:05:55] ArcticWolves: woops
    [19:06:01] ArcticWolves: psychic*
    [19:06:23] [email][/email]: thanks again everyone for joining!!! see you all at the next one
    [19:06:29] rumel: AW - No, I was speaking about the "psyche" in general.
    [19:06:39] ArcticWolves: no Easter presents? :(
    [19:06:40] B Mayfield: thought so
    [19:06:45] B Mayfield: take care all!
    [00:00:00] Administrator: This chat event is ending soon. See you at the next one!
    [19:06:53] ArcticWolves: :unhappy: :unsure: :ohmy: :tongue: :wub:
    [19:06:54] [email][/email]: haha AW, sorry not this time
    [19:06:57] B Mayfield: support thank you guys so much
    [19:07:05] [email][/email]: maybe next time :smile:
    [19:07:10] mikal: so long everyone, and thatks for everything
    [19:07:16] B Mayfield: it's been fun!
    [19:07:17] ArcticWolves: oh late presents are good lol
    [19:07:22] rumel: Thanks Support
    [19:07:31] ArcticWolves: alright thanks a LOT support for being with us today
    [19:07:34] mikal: thanks
    [19:07:44] Robby-O: so long, and thanks for all the fish
    [19:07:48] [email][/email]: Brian, Rumel, always a pleasure
    [19:07:49] ArcticWolves: Take Care all
    [19:07:52] [email][/email]: our pleasure AW
    [19:07:57] ArcticWolves: Sorry Pa99 the chat room is closing
    [19:08:07] B Mayfield: pa99....the party's over...cya next time!
    [19:08:08] ArcticWolves: you're a little late but thanks for showing!
    [19:08:14] [email][/email]: bye until next time!