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Question about P-Waves
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124
    I’ve been reading the Wiki lately (for some strange reason) and I was tacken aback by the definition for P-Wave:

    pleasure wave (P-wave) A feeling of sexual excitement and pleasure that normally originates in the lower abdominal and/or pelvic regions. P-waves may be localized or spread out all over the body. Some have suggested that the sensation feels like butterflies in the stomach (but lower in the abdomen) or as the feeling of sexual electricity associated with ones first touch from the first encounter with a lover. As the body becomes more sensitized with arousal amplification, pleasure waves become more common and can be produced by the Aneros or by other arousal amplification techniques. P-waves may be very subtle or intense.

    So let me get this straight – the boiling spaghetti feeling I’ve been getting below my pelvic ridge for a couple of months, those prostate flutters, that scampering ant hill that bubbles up towards my scrotum, those are P-Waves? Can a P-Wave last for 30 minutes? I mean I have them and they feel really pleasant, but not all that pleasurable (like orgasmical pleasure). I’m just starting to get a handle on making them in session and out of session, but mostly they just manifest out of nowhere when I’m out and about.

    Are these P-Waves, or just ‘day after affects’?

    Someone, throw me a bone.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I believe those are P-waves and yes you can experience them as 'day after effects'. Isn't it nice when "...they just manifest out of nowhere..." ?