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Ejaculation Sensitivity
  • View Poll Results: How does Aneros insertion affect YOUR ejaculation? Voters: 743

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    I blow my wad without touching myself 79 10.63%

    Still takes as long to get there as before Aneros. 379 51.01%

    I only touch myself a little and blow my wad 285 38.36%

  • Since starting Aneros therapy, I have discovered that I can ejaculate by only touching my penis with the Progasm inserted, whereas, I used to stroke for a long time while masturbating.
  • This defeats the whole purpose of the aneros and super-O experience. However, since there are some that are in training or want to end their sessions with that wonderful aneros assisted orgasm. It does take less stimulation of your penis to get your rocks off. For some they can ejaculate without even touching themselves (Hands Free) and some it takes less to a lot of stimulation. Everyone is different I would presume. :wink:
  • In general since using the aneros I can become aroused quicker. However I find after I have a good quality prostate orgasm or two I have a VERY hard time ejaculating. I go into dry orgasms well before I am ready to ejaculate.
  • My dick is, at most, semi-hard during a session. Leaking a LOT of pre-cum. After my sessions, it usually takes a good amount of time to get hard. I rarely masturbate, but if I am with my wife, we have intercourse after a lot of foreplay. My traditional orgasm/ejaculation at the end is pretty intense and produces a LOT of cum. Usually I'm done for the night. But last night/morning after cumming, I started having p-waves and dry o's, then super o's. Kind of unusual. I usually go through the refractory period and just relax. But, this morning it was not usual at all. We did some more foreplay, or should I say "after"-play. My wife orgasmed again and I had some great Supers. Intense time!
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I don't remember voting in this poll. But maybe I was one of the 2 people that said "I blow my wad without touching myself". Unfortunately this has become a big set back for the rewiring.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    When I'm using aneros, I actually ejaculate much faster (= last shorter) from penile stimulation. For example, with a fleshlight I can't last a minute. Is this the same for you ?
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    I realized I sort of screwed up when I voted in his poll. Don't think I read it correctly. I don't normally "blow my wad" with the aneros inserted unless I do nipple play and really focus on cumming or if I manually masterbate. For me having the aneros inserted during sex actually makes it harder to ejaculate.