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Multiple Aneros toys per session?
  • View Poll Results: If one uses mulitple toys in a single session, what sequence are they deployed? Voters: 740

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    Never switch once you start. 160 21.62%

    Smaller to larger. 406 54.86%

    Larger to smaller 174 23.51%

  • DavoDavo
    Posts: 19
    Which Aneros, if you use more than one do you use 1st and in what order?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I split my orgasmic sessions, large tool in the first half and a smaller, more-agile tool in the second half session. This has changed with time (two years ago it was the other way round.)

    Now (mid-2011) it's warm-up with a Maximus. Take a break. Then, fall into orgasmic paradise with either a Helix or Eupho.

    OTOH, therapy sessions now use only one tool -- VICE. Great way to loosen up a prostate before a Super-T !
  • hotsnakeshotsnakes
    Posts: 3
    went from mxg to progasm, was great, had to adjust movements a little, but kicked my session up a little higher. but when i went back to mxg, it was jumping so fast it was AWESOME.