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Rewiring complete..........(standby)............. **Eject**
  • I acquired my MGX last November. I had great fun exploring with it. I would though loose patience and always finish my massage with a happy ending. Then for a long bit it became a masturbation tool. I also experimented with a vibrator on my p-spot. and touching the device. I probably had my first super-O(these are things are so hard to define) with a vibrator on my p-spot.

    On a recent session with a couple beers in me and a nice little buzz from mary jane I went to heaven. I felt life my very core was being stroked. It is like faintest graze across your tip just before you come. I wanted to laugh and I wanted to cry. It was very spiritual and it was very phsycedelic. Then as it always is.... I was distracted. My attention was needed in the house. I wasn't able get back there that night so I then finished myself off the way I usually do.

    But now I have had a taste of what is possible. By fate I came down with the flu. Because of this I had a several day break from masturbation. After doing some research I decided I needed to forgo ejaculating for a bit. I also decided to try out the condom method. That night I had a good solid session. Nothing amazing but I showed great resolve and quit while still feeling frustrated. Willy was gonna have to wait.

    Then the next night it happened. After insertion my face felt very flushed. It was hot. It burned. I also had tingles. Me and Aneros had a good couple hour ride together. All of a sudden the darn bugger just comes flying outa my bum. I was like WTF? That never happened before. I rammed it back up in there. I could never get it seated right, felt very awkward. Within a couple moments the thing fires out again. So I was like okay I guess I am done with it. My body doesn't want it anymore. I get up and take care of a couple things around the house. I go to use the restroom and get cleaned up a bit. Just after using it and I am smacked by a crazy intense orgasm. I was struck with aftershocks that lasted a good 12 hours latter.

    I have had sessions most days since this. My whole outlook on things has changed. I find I can orgasm now with PC contractions and a bit of concentration.
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Congratulations Chris!
    Sounds to me you have definitely busted through and reached a higher level. Enjoy the experience. It just keeps getting better.
    Charlie :)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Yes indeed congratulations! Yet another terrific account of an Aneros user crossing-over into another phase of his/her journey! As Charlie said, it only gets better. Stay with it, as more and more things will reveal themselves to you in time.

    BF Mayfield