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2/22 Chat Transcript
  • Hi Everyone,
    Here is the transcript for the 2/22 chat event:

    [18:04:15] ArcticWolves: Support please do the same for me
    [18:04:36] [email][/email]: hi Rumel! hi Brian! Rumel - of course
    [18:04:57] ArcticWolves: awww :(
    [18:05:04] B Mayfield: same for Mercury in mine thank you...
    [18:05:04] Robby-O: waiting list, hmm
    [18:05:11] [email][/email]: we are very excited about the stainless steel Peridise and you'll be one of the first to have one
    [18:05:16] Robby-O: I'm still waiting for my Progasm to arrive (what's taking it so long?)
    [18:05:28] ArcticWolves: Brian colorize yourself please :)
    [18:05:37] rumel: Hi Brian
    [18:05:39] ArcticWolves: I reserve this color!
    [18:05:54] B Mayfield: How's that?
    [18:05:57] [email][/email]: Brian, we'll make the special request - no Mercury in yours :wink:
    [18:06:16] [email][/email]: Robby-O, when did you place your order?
    [18:06:29] B Mayfield: On second thought....and yes, I appreciate that
    [18:06:33] [email][/email]: welcome DCM, hi nood!
    [18:06:34] rumel: I'll take Venus in mine!
    [18:07:01] Robby-O: Support - Feb. 12
    [18:07:04] dcm: hi all
    [18:07:43] B Mayfield: the pestle with the vessel has the brew that is true..
    [18:07:47] nood1963: hello everyone
    [18:08:12] B Mayfield: hey's it?
    [18:08:14] [email][/email]: Robby-O, it should have gotten to you a long time ago then. It usually only takes 2-4 days.
    [18:08:24] nood1963: its going awesome
    [18:08:30] [email][/email]: please email me your name at [email][/email] so i can check on it
    [18:08:38] [email][/email]: personally
    [18:08:44] Robby-O: Support, yes, my first order arrived very quickly... strange
    [18:08:53] Robby-O: Thanks, will do
    [18:09:07] ArcticWolves: lol maybe the delivery guy saw it and went I have to try this!
    [18:09:19] ArcticWolves: j/k
    [18:09:23] Robby-O: lol
    [18:09:35] [email][/email]: okay everyone we'll go ahead and get started - this will be a loose format chat event
    [18:09:38] B Mayfield: isn't that a thought now..
    [18:09:41] ArcticWolves: cool some new faces!
    [18:09:51] [email][/email]: we'll start with introductions
    [18:09:57] rumel: Hi stanco, are you a new member?
    [18:10:09] [email][/email]: and then have it pretty much open to whatever you guys like
    [18:10:12] stanco: hey guys i am new here just got my aneros this week and am looking forward to the gjourney
    [18:10:19] nood1963: thanks
    [18:10:24] [email][/email]: with some Q&A for support at the end and some product announcements
    [18:10:32] [email][/email]: welcome stanco!
    [18:10:33] rumel: Welcome S
    [18:10:40] nood1963: the journey is awesome stanco
    [18:11:01] B Mayfield: welcome Stanco
    [18:11:06] stanco: i think i am in the process of rewiring- enjoying the feeling but think i have a way to go
    [18:11:08] ArcticWolves: oh wow maybe a gift like last time? :) ;) steel peridise? hey :D :P j/k worth trying though :)
    [18:11:14] stanco: thanks
    [18:11:22] ArcticWolves: :) :wink: lol
    [18:11:24] [email][/email]: so let's go down the line and again do some intros - please tell us your experience with the Aneros, location,
    [18:11:31] [email][/email]: and favorite model
    [18:11:35] nood1963: what one did you get stanco
    [18:11:45] stanco: helix
    [18:11:49] [email][/email]: AW, let's start with you
    [18:12:50] ArcticWolves: Yes Sir, Hi guys I'm ArcticWolves (Ron) I have had wonderful experiences with my aneros! Especially, the Progasm
    [18:12:52] nood1963: i started my journey 3 yrs ago....i have the mgx,helix,euphus, and progasm.....
    [18:13:11] ArcticWolves: I have just started getting into the other models and my body is really like the new journey with these models
    [18:13:32] ArcticWolves: I am starting to LOVE the eupho more and more! I have been trying out new positions instead of my stomach...
    [18:13:36] [email][/email]: thanks AW okay Brian, you're up
    [18:13:49] stanco: love to hear how long it took some of you men to get to the point of really knowing what this toy is capable of
    [18:13:56] ArcticWolves: I own the Progasm, Eupho, Peridise, and MGX and I'm 23 years old... SOrry I'm long winded lol
    [18:14:10] [email][/email]: haha, no problem AW
    [18:14:27] ArcticWolves: stanco, we are going through introductions now... wait your turn :wink:
    [18:14:46] [email][/email]: okay looks like we lost Brian for a sec, Robby-O, please introduce yourself :smile:
    [18:14:48] ArcticWolves: Oh and I have 3 videos available on xtube of my Super-O experience!!
    [18:15:14] Robby-O: Hi all, I'm in socal and have had about a week and a half of Aneros experience...
    [18:15:34] Robby-O: I have just the MGX and Helix, with the Helix probably being my favorite so far
    [18:15:48] Robby-O: I've had some pretty incredible experiences which I've blogged about
    [18:16:04] B Mayfield: battery dead..brb
    [18:16:12] ArcticWolves: Support I may step out for a bit I have to restart my computer... Updating Antivirus stuff
    [18:16:26] [email][/email]: sure AW
    [18:16:39] [email][/email]: thanks Robby-O - okay DCM, your turn
    [18:17:38] [email][/email]: DCM? you there?
    [18:17:51] dcm: hi all, i own a progasm now for about 3 months,
    [18:17:55] [email][/email]: okay, we'll come back to you - nood, anything else you would like to add?
    [18:17:59] [email][/email]: oh great
    [18:18:17] nood1963: not at the moment
    [18:18:42] ArcticWolves: lol give us some time lol
    [18:18:48] dcm: still working on trying to get some mini o's
    [18:18:58] ArcticWolves: some of us don't type as fast as support :)
    [18:19:23] [email][/email]: AW haha
    [18:19:54] [email][/email]: great dcm, welcome. if you have any questions, this is the place
    [18:20:01] [email][/email]: okay, rumel?
    [18:20:07] rumel: 61, user for 22 mos., Sacto. CA., I have all models of Aneros, today’s favorite - Helix, “HypnAerosession” producer.
    [18:20:24] ArcticWolves: tomorrow's favorite?
    [18:20:28] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:20:33] rumel: ??????
    [18:20:36] Buster: Let's here it for Rumel!!!!
    [18:20:47] ArcticWolves: it was a joke lol my bad
    [18:21:11] [email][/email]: your favorite today may be the Helix, but omorrow it might be...
    [18:21:29] rumel: Hi Buster Today is 'Kick A** Day'
    [18:21:43] [email][/email]: hi stanco, please tell us a bit about yourself
    [18:21:52] Buster: You better watch out!
    [18:22:08] rumel: :laugh:
    [18:22:22] stanco: i am 48 years old -gay in NY and just getting started - would love to chat with men about thier experiences maybe on yahoo im
    [18:22:41] [email][/email]: great, welcome to the community!
    [18:22:49] stanco: thanks
    [18:22:56] [email][/email]: okay let's go back to Brian
    [18:23:41] B Mayfield: I'm Brian, 50, user for 6 years, Los Angeles, CA. Today I come to you as an Aneros Evangelist..
    [18:24:27] [email][/email]: indeed! okay Buster you're up
    [18:24:56] rumel: Amen , Brother Brian
    [18:25:12] Buster: I was just telling stanco in a private chat (that does work, I guess) that he can catch me on Yahoo for questions.
    [18:25:54] Buster: I have been an aneros user since 2005 I think.
    [18:26:16] nood1963: u were there with my questions buster...
    [18:26:23] nood1963: thanks
    [18:26:31] Buster: I have a pretty detailed blog (if you can find it) that explains quite a bit about my earlier progress
    [18:26:40] B Mayfield: oops, I was locked out there for a minute, I would just add that
    [18:26:50] Buster: You know nood, it was good to see you hear today. You really helped me out as well.
    [18:26:54] B Mayfield: I've spent many years now try to chronicle my journey and help others with theirs
    [18:27:12] nood1963: really, thanks
    [18:27:12] Buster: People have commented about that part of my blog where you and Charlie and I were conversing.
    [18:27:43] Buster: The two of you I credit with telling me I was overanalyzing things. It helped.
    [18:28:05] [email][/email]: it was a great running dialogue and really interesting to go back to see the progression
    [18:28:12] nood1963: yes, i really believe in that theory
    [18:28:18] Robby-O: I'd also like to add my thanks for those here who have offered to me their advice and support
    [18:28:30] nood1963: np robby
    [18:28:36] [email][/email]: hi The_Bishop! please introduce yourself to everyone
    [18:28:49] B Mayfield: that's what bloggings all about...I'm delighted we have that feature
    [18:29:02] nood1963: indeed
    [18:29:11] rumel: We're all members of the Super-O Society here.
    [18:29:27] nood1963: i am for sure!
    [18:29:42] stanco: hope i can be one soon
    [18:29:45] Robby-O: :smile:
    [18:29:45] Buster: I find the blogs somewhat confusing in relation to being able to find the old ones and people keep starting new ones.
    [18:30:11] ArcticWolves: yeah
    [18:30:21] ArcticWolves: i feel the same way buster
    [18:30:25] B Mayfield: The Fellowship of the Zhwwing!
    [18:30:27] Robby-O: It would be nice if comments on the blogs would trigger an email like the forums do
    [18:31:18] [email][/email]: hi Robby-O, we'll definitely consider the request - the forum software is definitely more powerful than the blogging code
    [18:31:32] Buster: AW, I just kept adding comments to my initial blog titled "Buster". It is now buried pretty deep.
    [18:31:53] B Mayfield: brb
    [18:31:55] [email][/email]: the Bishop, please introduce yourself when you can
    [18:32:32] nood1963: hes not on my list as online
    [18:32:57] [email][/email]: okay, let's start with the new users' questions then. Robby-o, DCM, stanco, we have here some of true experts
    [18:33:06] rumel: stanco - I just shot you a PM - you ARE now a member of the Super-O Scociety.
    [18:33:12] [email][/email]: if you have any questions, please ask away
    [18:33:35] [email][/email]: Robby-O, let's start with you
    [18:34:56] stanco: - well i have found the initial feeling very pleasurable and have not had a real problem relaxing - just think it is going to
    [18:35:20] stanco: take a while to get to the point mentally to really get anal orgasms
    [18:36:21] nood1963: love the mgx for giving me anal orgasms
    [18:36:58] rumel: Robby-O – Do you mean in relation to Aneros usage?
    [18:37:16] nood1963: yes
    [18:37:22] ArcticWolves: Oh, I want to be special to Rumel! Send me whatever it is you're sending them :)
    [18:37:26] nood1963: sorry
    [18:37:32] stanco: i think i have ignored my prostate for so long it is going to take some time to awaken my connection
    [18:38:17] Buster: Who's got the talking stick here?
    [18:38:20] Robby-O: I seem to find myself especially susceptible to them with the Aneros
    [18:38:24] dcm: what positions do people like with their aneros, i dont seem to get a good psotion
    [18:38:26] ArcticWolves: What's giving you blue balls?
    [18:38:37] rumel: AW – You already received my introductory PM.
    [18:38:42] Robby-O: AW, prolonged sessions without ejaculation
    [18:39:04] nood1963: dcm.....just have fun and experiment...
    [18:39:15] [email][/email]: okay, let's focus on Robby-O's question first, we'll come to DCM and stanco next
    [18:39:16] Robby-O: obviously the solution is simple :-)
    [18:39:57] Robby-O: just curious if others were also susceptible, since I haven't seen anyone talk about it
    [18:40:13] B Mayfield: if you mean ejaculation...yes..that is simple
    [18:40:14] ArcticWolves: Sorry rumel I just checked my pm's from my first super-o and nothing from you about super-o intro
    [18:40:17] The_Bishop: Hi Ya'll!
    [18:40:21] B Mayfield: but there are other solutions
    [18:40:40] Buster: Robby, with me, the orgasms are so NOT penile centered that it is not an issue with me.
    [18:41:42] B Mayfield: in Tantric terms "Blue Balls" is the result of energy that is not being properly manipulated
    [18:41:46] Robby-O: mine aren't penile centered either, but there still seems to be some fluid buildup internally
    [18:42:18] rumel: R - I suggest you ejaculate sans Aneros so you don't mess with your rewiring.
    [18:43:06] Buster: Yea Robby, I would get right on that ejaculation :grin:
    [18:43:17] Robby-O: B, can you elaborate briefly?
    [18:43:41] stanco: can u expand on the rewiring thing- i have read about it in the Wiki but would love to hear how some of you got there
    [18:44:18] B Mayfield: with or without the Aneros will make little difference, once you want to avoid getting to that point
    [18:44:26] B Mayfield: if at all possible
    [18:45:23] ArcticWolves: Rumel and buster are correct
    [18:45:33] B Mayfield: when people are having chronic difficulty I generally like to recommend KSMO
    [18:45:43] ArcticWolves: sometimes too much buildup leads to slip ups in a session and henders the re-wiring process
    [18:45:56] B Mayfield: the Male Deer Exercises can also be helpful
    [18:46:27] Robby-O: OK, thanks for the input
    [18:46:40] B Mayfield: yes, that is true, but at some point, if this continues being an issue, it's better to deal with it energetically
    [18:46:48] ArcticWolves: Is that the exercise where one puts on antlers and go's bonkers Brian?
    [18:47:07] ArcticWolves: sorry, i'm bad with humor lol
    [18:47:17] B Mayfield: yes...and you have to stand in a field as well
    [18:47:44] ArcticWolves: and duck down when flying objects are flailing about?
    [18:47:52] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:48:05] Robby-O: where did I put that antler hat
    [18:48:25] B Mayfield: that's only when you're sighted!
    [18:48:29] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:48:46] B Mayfield: seriously, these things can help and they get more to the root cause of this
    [18:49:09] ArcticWolves: seriously Robby-O you should see me have a session with the buildup pressure
    [18:49:17] Robby-O: Thanks B, I'm very interested in the energetic side of things
    [18:49:32] ArcticWolves: I sometimes stop and start "Humping" the air standing up like their's no tomorrow
    [18:49:51] B Mayfield: yes, ejaculation will effectively quash the arousal...but then we need arousal to build the Super O...
    [18:49:53] ArcticWolves: the blue balls sensation will lead you to do some wild and crazy things lol
    [18:50:22] ArcticWolves: i swear one of these days I'm going to film that LOL it would be the #1 funniest video
    [18:51:12] ArcticWolves: but after about 5 minuts of humping the air and working up a sweat the pressure kind of diminishes and I'm back on my bed
    [18:51:17] ArcticWolves: enjoying my p-waves
    [18:51:48] Robby-O: AW, do you have a blog?
    [18:51:59] ArcticWolves: so i guess I just found a path that let me exert some of this pressure
    [18:52:02] ArcticWolves: no I don't
    [18:52:19] rumel: AW - you can check your Message Center for a PM.
    [18:53:00] Buster: You know Rumel, those PM's of yours are like a right of passage!
    [18:53:16] ArcticWolves: Oh wow Rumel what a great PM.. no I didn't receive that thanks so much
    [18:53:31] ArcticWolves: I didn't receive that at the beginning when I first joined
    [18:53:44] ArcticWolves: thanks tumel
    [18:53:48] ArcticWolves: rumel*
    [18:54:06] rumel: AW - I am sorry I didn't get it to you.
    [18:54:54] B Mayfield: so The_Bishop...what's up with you?
    [18:55:12] The_Bishop: Hi B Mayfield!
    [18:55:24] Buster: Hey Bish.
    [18:55:33] rumel: I can't catch everyone when they first register and many people don't check their message center for PM's.
    [18:55:35] The_Bishop: Hi Buster!
    [18:55:56] rumel: Hi TB
    [18:56:08] The_Bishop: I forgot there was a chat today....this one started EARLY!
    [18:56:18] The_Bishop: Hi Rumel!
    [18:56:23] B Mayfield: where are you again?
    [18:56:40] Robby-O: Hi Bishop
    [18:57:26] The_Bishop: Hi Robby!
    [18:57:48] B Mayfield: funny thing is I've got so used to the all day chats....I saw a 2 hour chat and wondered what was wrong, lol
    [18:58:14] ArcticWolves: lol
    [18:58:44] B Mayfield: I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Support for this feature in the Forum!!
    [18:58:49] B Mayfield: it's terrific!
    [18:59:00] Robby-O: likewise
    [18:59:01] The_Bishop: Yes, thanks support! :laugh:
    [18:59:04] ArcticWolves: no problem rumel! I just finished reading it and it's very informative... Not to long and lots of information I love it
    [18:59:07] nood1963: yes, indeed
    [18:59:11] rumel: I'll second the motion!
    [18:59:31] The_Bishop: HI Skeeter!
    [18:59:43] B Mayfield: seems like there's a nice following going at this point
    [18:59:46] skeeter_g: Hi All!!
    [18:59:48] rumel: Hi skeeter
    [19:00:00] Robby-O: Hey skeeter
    [19:00:08] B Mayfield: hey skeeter!
    [19:00:18] skeeter_g: better late than never.... :laugh:
    [19:00:22] [email][/email]: hi skeeter, welcome!
    [19:00:26] The_Bishop: :wink:
    [19:00:35] Buster: Hey skeets
    [19:00:37] B Mayfield: we've got a nice West Coast contingent here today
    [19:00:52] The_Bishop: Support.....what is the next question?
    [19:00:56] skeeter_g: Hi Support!!I see this.
    [19:01:02] [email][/email]: okay let's go back to stanco and his question about rewiring
    [19:01:19] skeeter_g: good turn out
    [19:01:25] The_Bishop: yep
    [19:01:37] ArcticWolves: don't miond me i just hit my backspace button you should have seen what happened lol
    [19:01:42] [email][/email]: stanco would like more info about the rewiring process, time it takes, etc.
    [19:01:53] stanco: also i am so new at this i want to "plug in" every day- is that to much for a beginner?
    [19:02:01] ArcticWolves: there is no set time for the re-wiring process stanco
    [19:02:09] skeeter_g: hey AW nice new vid!!!
    [19:02:22] B Mayfield: it varies from one person to the next
    [19:02:23] skeeter_g: great socks!!
    [19:02:26] ArcticWolves: that's the worst thing you can do is set a time table for yourself
    [19:02:28] nood1963: and i wouldnt use one everyday either
    [19:02:33] stanco: i get that i just wanted to hear individuals here stories
    [19:02:35] ArcticWolves: it's what we call setting "Expectations:
    [19:03:15] ArcticWolves: which is the Rule #1 when using aneros: RELEASE all expectations... there is no timetable :wink:
    [19:03:21] B Mayfield: even those who experience a Super O right off the bat (as I did) undergo this process
    [19:03:29] Robby-O: stanco, for me the rewiring process took place almost immediately, but I understand that's not typical
    [19:03:41] Robby-O: I still learn something in each session
    [19:03:45] skeeter_g: very true AW no expectations.
    [19:03:46] Buster: It takes some time.
    [19:03:51] skeeter_g: and No stress!!
    [19:03:52] rumel: stanco - IMHO to begin I would recommend once every three days for the first couple of weeks for 1-1.5 hours per session.
    [19:03:54] stanco: thnks robby
    [19:04:05] ArcticWolves: I know that doesn't answer your question... I like to think of it as we're always under some type of re-wiring process
    [19:04:23] ArcticWolves: after each session
    [19:04:30] B Mayfield: Robby-O, the thing is that "re-wiring" is continuous...yes AW has it right
    [19:04:47] Robby-O: yes, I would agree
    [19:05:06] B Mayfield: in some ways I still feel it happening ....
    [19:05:18] Robby-O: I should have said "started" rather than "took place"
    [19:05:26] B Mayfield: for example...the Super O came immediately
    [19:05:31] skeeter_g: It has been over 2 years, and still new things coming my way....
    [19:05:38] ArcticWolves: I know you want to hear something from others but I'm not inclined to tell you how long it took
    [19:05:43] rumel: Rewiring is definitely a continuing, evolutionary process.
    [19:05:45] B Mayfield: but having a real for facility for it...that took time
    [19:05:57] ArcticWolves: because it will just discourage you and lead to frustration! It's different for every person sorry to say...
    [19:06:07] stanco: not asking how log just your observations
    [19:06:10] Robby-O: what do you mean by facility, B?
    [19:06:25] skeeter_g: true AW
    [19:06:26] B Mayfield: oops...ease
    [19:06:32] B Mayfield: the capacity
    [19:06:40] Robby-O: ah
    [19:07:03] nood1963: mine was easy too......
    [19:07:05] B Mayfield: later I developed the ability to have Super O's without the Aneros
    [19:07:20] B Mayfield: and there have many other changes since then....
    [19:07:22] Robby-O: me too, B!
    [19:07:38] B Mayfield: Oh btw. the way guys....did I tell you that I can fly
    [19:07:50] Robby-O: :-D
    [19:07:54] skeeter_g: Oh man many changes for me also..
    [19:08:08] B Mayfield:'s an ongoing process, with new things presenting themselves all the time
    [19:08:14] skeeter_g: Oh yeah B?
    [19:08:35] Robby-O: stanco, my observation has been that the pleasure I feel is not really physical in nature
    [19:08:44] nood1963: how soon in a session do u fly b?
    [19:08:51] B Mayfield: should see the neighbors when I'm out an about! lol
    [19:09:03] rumel: Mayfield's Majik!
    [19:09:18] skeeter_g: :happy:
    [19:09:28] skeeter_g: :laugh:
    [19:09:31] stanco: that is the part i want to understand more about robby
    [19:09:44] Robby-O: watch out Criss Angel
    [19:10:05] B Mayfield: last summer, I really came to understand the "currency" of arousal...
    [19:10:34] Robby-O: stanco, did you see the thread I started about the energetic movements tutorial?
    [19:10:43] B Mayfield: as I've mentioned here before, I was orgasmic while watching a fireworks display..
    [19:11:08] stanco: no i will read it after this
    [19:11:09] nood1963: wow
    [19:11:53] B Mayfield:'s sensory stimuli
    [19:11:57] nood1963: b-was there a lot of ohing and ahing going on ?
    [19:12:24] B Mayfield: I really had to check myself...after all, I was in the company of others...
    [19:12:44] stanco: i have always been almost always physically sexual and want to learn more about the importance of mind and spirit
    [19:12:47] skeeter_g: stance.. It is interesting how the sexual activity and the combo of the activity with the Aneos has changed my whole being.
    [19:12:55] nood1963: what people dont know sometimes.....
    [19:13:01] skeeter_g: but it is not a fast process for sure.
    [19:13:02] B Mayfield: but it happened...the deeper colors in particular seemed to have that effect upon me
    [19:13:08] Robby-O: stanco, the Aneros is a great tool to help you do that
    [19:13:17] B Mayfield: violet and blues...
    [19:13:44] skeeter_g: I think I actually understand that B
    [19:13:49] Robby-O: B, very interesting
    [19:13:49] nood1963: wish i could experience that.....
    [19:13:54] B Mayfield: very simply put...the Aneros is the basis for everything that's happened to me...
    [19:13:56] skeeter_g: very interesting about tose colors.
    [19:14:09] skeeter_g: those*
    [19:14:30] nood1963: b-i do agree 100 percent with u
    [19:14:46] B Mayfield: it WAS and IS the Key to the Backdoor to Ecstacy!
    [19:15:17] B Mayfield: I really do believe that....
    [19:15:17] nood1963: amen to that b
    [19:15:42] B Mayfield: while all of this is possible by other means...
    [19:16:10] B Mayfield: it is a device for effectively lowering the bar on achieving the Super O
    [19:16:19] stanco: thanks for all of your input men
    [19:16:21] B Mayfield: it cracks the door...
    [19:16:33] B Mayfield: what you do with up to you
    [19:16:34] The_Bishop: Hi justadam81!
    [19:16:35] skeeter_g: true B..
    [19:16:44] ArcticWolves: woohooo another new person!
    [19:16:47] [email][/email]: hi justadam81, welcome to the chat event!
    [19:16:48] Robby-O: I kind of wonder why it took me this long to discover it
    [19:16:51] ArcticWolves: Welcome, JustAdam81
    [19:16:55] justadam81: hello all
    [19:17:01] skeeter_g: Hi just
    [19:17:05] nood1963: yes, indeed b
    [19:17:05] Robby-O: Hi justadam
    [19:17:09] B Mayfield: hi justadam81
    [19:17:21] [email][/email]: please give us a short intro - location, age, and experience with the Aneros
    [19:17:27] ArcticWolves: glad you made it in. :) Guys, justadam is a friend of mine and I hope you make him feel warm and fuzzy all over lol
    [19:17:27] justadam81: hello hello hello:)
    [19:17:44] [email][/email]: oh great AW!
    [19:17:49] skeeter_g: social pressure maybe robby...
    [19:18:00] skeeter_g: no...
    [19:18:26] Robby-O: skeeter, maybe... it's not exactly the kind of thing one talks about in polite company
    [19:18:26] Buster: any friend of AW is a friend of ours.
    [19:18:36] ArcticWolves: lol
    [19:18:43] justadam81: florida, 24, lots of little sessions ending in dissapointment, until i met arctic wolves..
    [19:18:44] B Mayfield: you betcha....btw. the justadam...your friend ArcticWolves (Ron) is quite a guy ya know!
    [19:18:56] skeeter_g: AW wwe dont want to put to much fir on him... :laugh:
    [19:19:01] justadam81: yeah i know:)
    [19:19:04] Buster: ....then your life changed!
    [19:19:35] B Mayfield: well we're glad to have you aboard!
    [19:19:52] ArcticWolves: hah
    [19:19:56] rumel: justadam81 - check your Message Center for an introductory PM from me.
    [19:20:08] justadam81: Well..... i havent had that life changing experience... ive been "studying" the WIKI page and all he has told me.. ....
    [19:20:08] Robby-O: justadam, how did AW change your disappointment?
    [19:20:11] justadam81: and my first trial is tomorrow
    [19:20:44] Buster: Hey guys, I have some company on their way over so I have to take off. Great turn out for the chat today!
    [19:20:50] B Mayfield: it was those SOCKS....I'm just sure of it....humor has a way of mixing things up! lol
    [19:20:58] ArcticWolves: LOL
    [19:20:58] Robby-O: Bye, Buster!
    [19:20:59] ArcticWolves: lol
    [19:21:00] The_Bishop: C ya Buster!
    [19:21:06] skeeter_g: See ya buster!!!!
    [19:21:10] ArcticWolves: Take care Buster nice seeing ya!
    [19:21:11] B Mayfield: take care Buster
    [19:21:13] stanco: bye buster and thanks
    [19:21:18] Buster: stanco, we will chat later via yahoo.
    [19:21:25] rumel: Ciao Buster
    [19:21:25] justadam81: Thanks
    [19:21:42] [email][/email]: bye Buster!
    [19:21:51] Robby-O: justadam, good luck tomorrow then!
    [19:22:14] nood1963: i too must leave for a later today some time
    [19:22:15] B Mayfield: yes indeed
    [19:22:19] stanco: i gotta get going too - but thanks men for all your information
    [19:22:29] Robby-O: bye nood
    [19:22:38] skeeter_g: just.. dont have to many expectations..... let it flow...
    [19:22:50] nood1963: bye
    [19:22:54] B Mayfield: nood, it's not an all day chat today...only for another 3o minutes or so
    [19:22:57] skeeter_g: See ya stance... ciao
    [19:22:59] ArcticWolves: chat is only open for 30 more minutes
    [19:22:59] Robby-O: bye stanco, keep in touch
    [19:22:59] rumel: nood there is no chat later today
    [19:23:21] ArcticWolves: oh well
    [19:23:31] ArcticWolves: we tried ;
    [19:23:36] B Mayfield: I wasn't the only one who was turned around....ha
    [19:23:38] ArcticWolves: Wlecome PGGeorge :)
    [19:23:48] ArcticWolves: Welcome*
    [19:23:52] The_Bishop: Hi PGeorge!
    [19:23:58] B Mayfield: hello PGGeorge
    [19:23:59] pgeorge: thnaks, newbie here
    [19:24:10] Robby-O: Hi pgeorge
    [19:24:20] skeeter_g: hi PG !
    [19:24:21] B Mayfield: gland to have you aboard
    [19:24:25] ArcticWolves: Excellent! Glad you could drop in
    [19:24:39] B Mayfield: ooops glad too, lol
    [19:24:40] [email][/email]: hello pgeorge, please give us a quick intro - age, location, and the model(s) you own
    [19:24:51] ArcticWolves: Best advice adam tomorrow is go in with an open mind and don't set any expectations on yourself
    [19:25:06] skeeter_g: what a slip B... :laugh:
    [19:25:14] ArcticWolves: forget about all the videos you have seen or "WANTING" something like you have seen
    [19:25:19] pgeorge: only had my helix about 2 weeks. getting some great feeling p-waves but also have many interruptions in mys seccions
    [19:25:56] ArcticWolves: just go in and you never know... it just might happen!
    [19:26:09] ArcticWolves: Wow, p-waves already you're already getting re-wired how awesome!
    [19:26:12] pgeorge: 55 Atlanta GA here, also have Rumels mp3 but have only gotten thru the first side
    [19:26:33] The_Bishop: P Waves are awesome, are they not George?
    [19:26:34] justadam81: yeah... clear my head... ive aleady cleared of any expectations.. just want to devote a while and see what happens..
    [19:27:05] B Mayfield: finding quiet time for this can be a challenge...but face this with openness and in a sprit of exploration
    [19:27:11] ArcticWolves: what's interrupting your sessions? sounds like that might be causing some conflict
    [19:27:40] skeeter_g: pg it is important not to get those interruptions.. but I'm sure you know that..
    [19:27:58] The_Bishop: That is a great attitude Adam. :smile:
    [19:28:26] B Mayfield: the main thing is not to look at this like your typical masturbatory experience where there is a defined goal
    [19:28:44] ArcticWolves: Yeah Brian is right... finding some quiet time is a challenge! WOW THE LAG!!!
    [19:29:29] B Mayfield: outside of generating sensation.....let the orgasm take care of itself....
    [19:30:07] B Mayfield: latency is brutal today
    [19:30:08] justadam81: if it happens great.. if not.. im sure it will eventially...i have a great coach (A.W.) :)
    [19:30:30] rumel: I think the goal should be the JOURNEY itself.
    [19:30:57] ArcticWolves: It was ok earlier it just started happening just now
    [19:31:00] Robby-O: rumel, agreed
    [19:31:26] B Mayfield: indeed yes you do....and yes, Rumel has that right
    [19:31:43] ArcticWolves: excellent goal Rumel!! Mind if I start telling that to new users too?
    [19:31:45] justadam81: i want to take myself through all the steps.... and learn every step... devote myself..and take my time...
    [19:32:22] rumel: AW - go right ahead.
    [19:32:39] B Mayfield: much of this is about become acquainted with your own body
    [19:32:56] Robby-O: justadam, great attitude
    [19:33:05] ArcticWolves: wow, he's going to go far! WOW!!!
    [19:33:42] ArcticWolves: yeah it's so amazing what the human body is capable of. I had no idea it was capable of such things.. Blew me away!!
    [19:33:54] B Mayfield: acquainted in a new a different way
    [19:34:21] B Mayfield: this is a completely different way of approaching orgasm from what you're used to...
    [19:34:53] rumel: And better as well!
    [19:35:23] skeeter_g: hmm kicked off..but back!!! :smile:
    [19:35:31] B Mayfield: yes.....more powerful, more versatile, mo' better
    [19:35:43] Robby-O: life-changing, if you ask me
    [19:35:53] rumel: much mo' better!
    [19:35:59] B Mayfield: certainly has been for me
    [19:36:40] skeeter_g: It is a real change for me also!
    [19:36:48] ArcticWolves: Yes it is life changing Robby-O
    [19:37:17] ArcticWolves: I now walk with more pride knowing I have a secret up my sleeve :wink:
    [19:38:09] B Mayfield: man....isn't that fantastic! That's it exactly.....
    [19:38:21] ArcticWolves: willing to share if men just would have an OPEN mind but U.S. society has a dull view on anything to do with sexuality
    [19:38:23] Robby-O: how do I express my appreciation to all of you who share this amazing experience
    [19:38:38] skeeter_g: for the ones that dont try... it is their loss. :wink:
    [19:39:01] B Mayfield: And this environment we can all express ourselves as the X-Men that we are! lol
    [19:39:34] B Mayfield: you just did....but it's not necessary, your enjoyment says all!
    [19:39:38] ArcticWolves: you express it by being yourself, having an open mind, listening to all the advice and going on that wonderful journey
    [19:39:38] Robby-O: rawr
    [19:39:55] ArcticWolves: towards absolute BLISS!
    [19:40:16] skeeter_g: :laugh: :laugh:
    [19:40:26] B Mayfield: that you?
    [19:40:52] Robby-O: :-)
    [19:42:50] B Mayfield: you know....for me....when I hear someone like ArticWolves say what he just said about walking down the street
    [19:43:25] skeeter_g: sorry I have major delays...I wont post for a few.. well if I can post at all.
    [19:43:38] B Mayfield: feeling this secret almost supernatural power's makes me feel terrific!
    [19:44:09] Robby-O: it is a confidence-booster, to be sure
    [19:44:23] B Mayfield: not in that I'm responsible for it.....but that it further validates the experience for me
    [19:45:06] B Mayfield: guys.....we could change the world out now!
    [19:45:06] skeeter_g: robby.. best thing you can do is be positive,and dont give up.
    [19:45:16] rumel: Harnessing Kundalini energy for personal growth.
    [19:45:39] ArcticWolves: Brian a lot of this pleasure would be impossible if there was no awareness of a thing called a super-O
    [19:45:42] Robby-O: thanks skeeter, I am and won't ;-)
    [19:45:55] B Mayfield: yes...because it indeed has other ramifications in ones life
    [19:46:06] ArcticWolves: I always this was just a masturbation enhancement toy and it sure did.. I loved it the Super-O was
    [19:46:09] skeeter_g: good for you!! correct AW!!
    [19:47:08] Robby-O: rumel, I am now very curious about Kundalini energy and its relationship to everything I've been experiencing
    [19:47:09] B Mayfield: it far more than a toy.....and masturbation is only a part of it...
    [19:47:16] ArcticWolves: something I learned about when I read something about prostate stimulation which inititally boosted my interest in aneros
    [19:47:54] B Mayfield: I like to see it more as a "device"....
    [19:47:54] ArcticWolves: once again... then I read the forums and was amazed to hear/read of a super-O... Read the WIKI and haven't stopped having
    [19:48:21] Robby-O: B, a tool!
    [19:48:23] B Mayfield: that's great!
    [19:48:30] ArcticWolves: the most unbelievable pleasure I ever thought imaginable.. It's all thanks to the founder of the awareness of a SUPER-O
    [19:48:36] B Mayfield: yes...I've used that too....
    [19:48:40] ArcticWolves: whoever that might be lol
    [19:49:23] B Mayfield: Thanks to HIH/Aneros...
    [19:49:32] skeeter_g: Yes ...hmmm is he here AW ..... :laugh:
    [19:49:57] ArcticWolves: I think it's a combination and colloboration of experts
    [19:50:08] ArcticWolves: yeah exactly Brian
    [19:50:19] ArcticWolves: i didn't mean experts i meant efforts*
    [19:50:38] rumel: Yes , thank you Dr. T for this wonderful little marvel.
    [19:51:13] B Mayfield: you can see to that can't ya support?
    [19:51:35] ArcticWolves: Aneros will be famous one day just wait and see! they'll be in HISTORY books especially the designer of each device
    [19:51:52] skeeter_g: There are so many good folks here willing to share... it is wonderful!
    [19:52:04] [email][/email]: absolutely
    [19:52:07] [email][/email]: see to what Brian?
    [19:52:11] ArcticWolves: lol atleast, that's my vision and hope!
    [19:52:24] B Mayfield: and so say all of us!
    [19:52:40] The_Bishop: I agree Skeeter!
    [19:53:18] ArcticWolves: so it's that time where what's in store for the future Support?
    [19:54:01] [email][/email]: yes, AW in the last few minutes here we can have some sort Q&A for us. I know all of you are interested in the things we
    [19:54:05] [email][/email]: are working on
    [19:54:14] [email][/email]: so...
    [19:54:33] [email][/email]: first update is on the stainless steel Peridise
    [19:54:33] rumel: That is an understatement!
    [19:54:40] skeeter_g: a stainless peridise I know for sure.. :laugh:
    [19:54:53] [email][/email]: we will have the first prototype complete in 2 weeks
    [19:55:06] skeeter_g: Yes....Yes...?
    [19:55:15] skeeter_g: way cool!!!!! support!
    [19:55:20] ArcticWolves: mmmmm lol
    [19:55:20] The_Bishop: cool
    [19:55:37] [email][/email]: and if everything looks good as far as its responsiveness, weight, balance, etc. then we'll move it into the production
    [19:55:45] skeeter_g: thank you!! yeeeeeeeessss!
    [19:55:49] [email][/email]: process, which will take another 6-8 weeks
    [19:56:03] ArcticWolves: how about other designs besides the steel will we be seeing other NEW model designs appearing this year?
    [19:56:06] [email][/email]: so please be patient, it is coming in the near future
    [19:56:34] ArcticWolves: Well you have my support on a steel aneros ... are we still going to get them in kits like Advanced set or just one type?
    [19:56:37] skeeter_g: OK I wont send emails everyday... :laugh:
    [19:56:49] [email][/email]: AW, you will see some new model designs this year as well in new materials as well
    [19:57:12] ArcticWolves: oh wow I'm excited!! :)
    [19:57:32] Robby-O: neat
    [19:57:33] ArcticWolves: are you allowed to discuss which materials? Steel, Glass, Silicone, Plastic?
    [19:57:36] [email][/email]: AW, as far as the kits, the plan is to have sets again but the final decision is TBD
    [19:58:13] The_Bishop: Support....are you going to post photos of the prototype Perdise?
    [19:58:14] [email][/email]: AW, we'll hold off on announcing the material at this time, but we can say
    [19:58:35] [email][/email]: it will be different than what you are used to seeing
    [19:58:50] ArcticWolves: lol nice!
    [19:59:09] [email][/email]: hi Bishop, unfortunately, we won't be posting photos of the prototype
    [19:59:15] skeeter_g: Yes!!! nice!!!
    [19:59:22] [email][/email]: it will be beautiful
    [19:59:26] The_Bishop: OK, thanks.
    [19:59:51] The_Bishop: I guess we will have to wait. :tongue:
    [20:00:00] ArcticWolves: WoW!!! do you have a price figured out for this wonderful steel peridise? or is that still to be TBD?
    [20:00:26] skeeter_g: any cost thoughts yet support for the peridise?
    [20:00:38] ArcticWolves: lol skeeter i beat ya to it ;)
    [20:00:43] skeeter_g: Not that it will matter to me!! :bigtongue:
    [20:00:59] rumel: As Carly Simon sang “A N T I C I P A T I O N is driving me crazy”
    [20:01:04] [email][/email]: hi AW, skeeter, that's yet to be determined as well
    [20:01:06] skeeter_g: :laugh:
    [20:01:19] [email][/email]: sorry :smile:
    [20:01:29] ArcticWolves: np support well I don't really care you have my full support on any product :)
    [20:01:35] B Mayfield: btw. support I read a great review of the Aneros at the Freddy and Eddy site, you should check it out ;)
    [20:01:40] skeeter_g: understand.
    [20:01:46] [email][/email]: thank you AW!
    [20:02:09] [email][/email]: skeeter, you'll be one of the first to know. we know you've been waiting for it for a long time now
    [20:02:10] skeeter_g: support, thanks, no worries...
    [20:02:41] The_Bishop: B...what is that site address?
    [20:02:52] skeeter_g: well thanks support.. you know... I'm still willing to be the beta tester!! :tongue:
    [20:03:16] ArcticWolves:
    [20:03:18] [email][/email]: skeeter, yes we definitely have you on our list
    [20:03:19] B Mayfield: support, I just want to say that you guys continue to provide us with fodder for our fantasies.....and we love it!
    [20:03:31] skeeter_g: but then I know a lot of folks here would also. support!! :-)
    [20:03:34] The_Bishop: Thanks AW!
    [20:03:42] [email][/email]: hi brian, yes Ian of freddy and eddy is hilarious!
    [20:03:55] [email][/email]: okay everyone, the chat room is going to be shutting down soon
    [20:03:57] ArcticWolves: I'd be a beta tester for any product from my aneros.. sign me up!!
    [20:04:00] B Mayfield: yes...indeed
    [20:04:09] [email][/email]: thank you all for attending! the room will be open next weekend
    [20:04:18] Robby-O: thank you, support -- btw, email sent
    [20:04:20] The_Bishop: Thanks for the chat Support!
    [20:04:21] [email][/email]: the next regular event will have a specific topic. we'll post the schedule soon
    [20:04:27] B Mayfield: thanks so much!
    [20:04:39] skeeter_g: thanks support!!
    [20:04:39] [email][/email]: thanks everyone!!! see you at the next one!!! enjoy your sundays
    [20:04:41] B Mayfield: take care all!