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  • Hi All,
    Just thought I'd introduce myself as you seem like a friendly bunch.
    I'm a first time poster, long time lurker to this forum.
    I'm 42, Married and more than a little envious of my wife's ability to have full body multiple orgasms. Many years ago I became awakened to the idea that may be my arse could the hold some keys to furthering my pleasure, when we were making love one day and my wife tickled my anus with a moistened finger. This caused me to loose what ever control I had over my impending ejaculation.
    Now most Aussie guys would would jump out of bed and into the path of the closest bus hoping to cure them of their gayness. But I'm a reasonably open minded person and this event started a search on anything to do with male anal pleasure.
    I was aware of a thing called prostate massage and that it was considered pleasurable. The Internet is a wonderful thing and before long I was here. Many years later with limited success I found myself in the situation where my wife would be overseas for a week, that was November last year. The first thing I could think of to amuse myself for a week was to purchase an Aneros and start practising. I made contact with a local supplier and went straight there on the way home from the airport. This place was some sort of gay BDSM dungeon, but I was not put off, I even had to wait around for them to open in which time I had to psyche myself up. I would not be detered, I had to convince myself of the pleasure I was to about to experience would be well worth it. Once inside the shop I was relaxed and calm and was able to explain to the friendly store manager what I was after, even with giant dildos, leather caps and whips adorning the walls and shelves! He advised me the Progasm was the go and I could only agree.
    I went home and could hardly wait for that evening, I knew that results could take some serious practice and time so I was not perturbed when nothing much happened. I was making reasonable progress using the advice from people on this forum and Wiki(thanks very much) but I seemed to hit a wall at the 2 month mark and I decided to purchase the HypnAerosession via MP3 download. This quickly got me back on track and I'm now getting involuntary contractions and the start of some sort of pleasure waves. I'm now seeing that wall looming again along with all the forks in the road along this journey.
    My wife is very understanding and says she sees some improvements to my sexual stamina, that in itself is enough of a bonus. She still calls me Buttyboy though.

    1. References to gayness means no offence whatsoever, one of my best friends is gay (I even agreed for him to take my wife to the USA to see Madonna!) my straight friends would freak if they knew I was shoving a piece of plastic up my arse. (It's a funny place, Australia that is, not my arse). I have no problems with peoples sexuality or how they express it.
    2.Arse means anus or bottom in Australia, an ass is a small donkey. (Just wanted to clear that up.)
    3.The Username Sky_Walker has no connection with StarWars even though you lot I consider Aneros Jedi, not that I think you look like Yoda. No I am not a SciFi tradgic.

    Sorry for the long post, I'll leave my questions until later.
  • artformartform
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    Hi Sky_Walker and welcome!

    Sounds like your journey is well underway. This post would also make (copied in) a great first post for your blog, should you wish to start that log-book of your journey.

    Check out the Community Polls too now that you are a Member here.

    Congratulations and again welcome to this community!

  • Hello Sky-Walker...we American's love you Aussies...don't know what it is, you just seem kind of Wild West, cool, laid back people to us. Anyway...
    I highly recommend the Helix and MGX models. Much less aggressive than the Progasm for the beginner (and even though I've been doing this for over 18 months I still find the Prograsm a bit much).

    The Helix will produce incredible "clenching around the whole unit" feelings in the anus and an almost constant feeling of cumming once you get going with it. The MGX gives a little different sensation, more of a all-over orgasm. For me, they are both reliable and both very user-friendly. A couple of other tips I find helpful:
    -CLear the pipe out gently before a session (water enema with a bulb syringe)
    -Put some lube up there with a medicine dropper or syringe (10 cc's keep things slick and slippery)
    -Warm the lube and Aneros in some warm (body temp) water for about 10 minutes before insertion
    -If using solo, use a oil-based lube (Alboline in the US) on your nipples and rub them to bring almost instant involuntary after insertion (they get chaffed if you don't use lube)
    -If using with the wife, have her suck once nipple while rubbing the other
    -For me, it seems to ramp things up if I go for an hour, pull it out, rest for a bit (hour or two) then go again

    Have fun!
  • Progasm is pretty brave for a first timer. I would perhaps get a MGX like newguy suggested.
  • Thanks guys for your warm welcome,
    I haven't had any problems (size wise) with the Progasm, but then again I haven't tried any others! I make sure I'm well lubed and relaxed and it goes straight in with any problems or discomfort. As the bloke in the shop said " you wanna feel it don't ya?"
    He then offered me a demonstration at which point I quickly paid my money, tried not to make eye contact and quickly backed out the shop. So I didn't take much time deliberating on size, Seriously though, it's definitely not too big. I originally went to the shop intending to buy the Helix, but they were out of stock. The Progasm will work, I just need to set aside more time to tune myself in and take more notice of the feelings I get and build on that. Thanks for your replies.