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Success after one year of trying
  • I believe I experienced my first “Super O” today, almost a year from when I first found this website. Before I give the details, let me provide some background. I am straight and married. I am 5’ 8” and weigh 185 pounds. I am 57 years old. While my wife doesn’t share my same enthusiasm for discovering the added pleasures offered by our minds and bodies, she is okay with my “chilling”, which is how she refers to my sessions.

    I had hemorrhoid surgery in 2000. If anyone has had that done, you know that there is the likelihood they will return. Mine were internal and were removed with laser surgery. Well, the first time I inserted an Aneros, I thought to myself, “Uh oh. This isn’t going to work for me.” The pain was quite intense. I only mention this because it didn’t take too long for the pain to turn into discomfort and eventually disappear altogether. As others have said, Aneros use actually helps prevent hemorrhoids from recurring. I would assume its use could prevent them from occurring in the first place.

    I ordered my first Aneros, the SGX model on Feb 28, 2008. Since then I have purchased the smaller Peridise models, the Eupho, the Helix, and the Progasm. I had to grind down and sand the Progasm to get it to be small enough to go inside me. I am another who is awaiting the release of a smaller Progasm.

    The lube that I use is the one homemade one recommended on this site. I go a little heavy with the beeswax when mixing it, since I found that the heavier the better. I have discovered that when the lube is a little cooler, it adherers better to the Aneros. Once inside, it will soften. One batch of lube lasts me a month or two. I prefer this healthier alternative to the other lubes that have been suggested.

    I take fish oil, but not the amount recommended by Marenna Lindberg, aka (Zane Blue), in her book “The Orgasmic Diet”. I also take a few other daily supplements. One that I feel may have helped my testosterone levels is “Activa Mune”. I purchased it because it is filled with anti-cancer properties and is good for boosting the immune system. It has DIM, and other things that are good for the prostate. I take a multivitamin, 500mg of vitamin C per day, calcium with magnesium and vitamin D (Approx. 500mg calcium, 250mg magnesium, and 300 IU of vitamin D.) I am not sure how much this has to do with my progress, I am just providing it for your information.

    I drink coffee, too, which Marenna highly discourages. This may be why it took me so long, but I don’t think so. I walk three miles at least once a week. I am, for my age, very healthy, but not as fit as I should be.

    Before I explain what I think helped me the most, let me thank all the people on this forum. The little tidbits which I found so helpful came from the many posts by the numerous contributors. I feel it is my responsibility to share my story for the benefit of other new ones who have found this site.

    Now the details: When I started nearly a year ago, I pushed way too hard, which seems to be the tendency with new ones. We want so badly to feel what we have read about on here. We are just too eager to experience it for ourselves. Like others, I spent countless hours trying to make it happen with numerous positions, various models, contracting, etc. without much success. I would occasionally feel something very delightful, which prevented me from giving up.

    I started making rapid progress when I purchased the “HypnAerosession” CDs. I got the MP3 version and loaded it only my iPod Shuffle. That was at the beginning of November 2008. I have listened to this every morning since then with few exceptions. Each day that I listened gave me a little more pleasure. I was raised believing that hypnotism was evil, from the Devil, allowing someone else to control your mind. I asked Rumel in a private message about what kind of messages are on the CD. He told me where to find exactly what is on the CD so I could put my mind at rest. I knew this CD was something special when I listened to the sample tracks on the website and got a nice little pleasure wave or two. I had purchased the “Brain Sync” CD prior to this and have listened to it since, but it just doesn’t do the same for me. Although, I know others have had good success with it.

    I must mention that I am a morning person. I have tried doing the sessions at night without much success. The exception to this was just recently when all the Aneros users were doing their sessions at the same time. Wow! That ended up being one memorable day for me. Not only did I have a wonderful session that night (I had to try the 9:00 PM thing), I had a great one the next morning and had orgasmic waves at work all morning long with no Aneros in. Fortunately, I have my own office at work so I was able to ride them for a few minutes each time they showed up.

    Once I realized that night wasn’t going to work for me, I started going to bed earlier. I now go to bed at 9:00 PM or thereabout and get up at 4:30 or 5:00 AM. That allows me plenty of time for my session prior to going to work. Initially, I found that I would have to listen to the whole hour and a half (1st CD) before I got to the pleasure part of the session. Now, it happens much quicker. It is completely related to how quickly I can become totally relaxed. By the time I get to that point (2nd CD) now, I am experiencing awesome pleasure equal to the “Calm Seas Orgasms” mentioned on this site.

    My “Super O” experience has not been one of uncontrolled flailing about. I would describe it more as an extended orgasm, only on a level much higher than I ever experienced with ejaculation. Not in intensity, but in pleasure. I can feel the orgasm touch every part of my body. This is what I imagined the “Orgasmatron” would be like in the old Woody Allen movie, “Sleeper”. Since the experiences that I have had continue to improve week by week, I am not sure this is the end of my journey. If it is, I will gladly settle.

    Today, the orgasmic waves came one after the other and I was able to experience them completely. It is mind-blowingly amazing to me that the brain can train (rewire) the body in this fashion to provide you with the pleasure you want.

    There are few other things I should tell you that may be of help. One is that I sit in my recliner with pillows under each leg to give them support with my feet resting on the ottoman. I believe the key is for you to be completely comfortable to enjoy this pleasure. Another is that I just recently purchased a book that was recommended by someone on here, “Access Your Brain’s Joy Center” by Pete A. Sanders Jr. Where it has proved helpful is that when the pleasure started to build for me, it would cause pressure in my forehead which would distract me. Pete tells you about the point on your forehead that is above that spot where the pleasure is. Now, I just stop and press that point and the focus is shifted. (I have wondered if this is how the “third eye” concept was born. That area is where I was feeling the pressure.)

    As with the brain’s pleasure point, you cannot focus on it; instead it is to be found more like seeing something from your peripheral vision. The same is true with discovering these pleasurable orgasmic feelings. You cannot focus on them; you must experience them almost in a peripheral way. You sort of have to go with the feelings, “ride the wave”, as Alana says on the CDs. I have found that as you relax and go with them, your body will kick into another mode. It is a different feeling; one of well being, akin to what Pete Sanders talks about in the “Brain’s Joy Center” book. Once you get that feeling, the really good pleasure will soon follow.

    I cannot tell you enough, how important the HypnAerosession CD was to my progress. And, no, I am not getting paid to say that. I get no benefit from telling you other than the satisfaction of knowing I may be helping someone else by sharing that information. I would also recommend the aforementioned book.

    As far as which Aneros to use, I let my body dictate that to me. If I start with the Eupho or Helix and things are a bit too intense, I go change it out for one of the smaller Peridise units. If I start with one of the Peridise units and am not getting anywhere, I will change it out for either the Eupho or Helix. I don’t use the Progasm at all anymore. For those who have no discomfort from the Progasm, you might substitute it for the Eupho or Helix where I mentioned above.

    I am hoping that the one person who is able to benefit from these comments will not find the post too long. Forgive me; all this has been bottled up for nearly a year now. Thanks again to Alana, Marenna, and all the guys on here for your helpful guidance on this incredible journey!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    Congratulations on your recent cross-over to the Super-O. You might want to copy your post over into the Sticky: My First Super Orgasm… thread.
    I am pleased to hear that ”HypnAerosession” played an advantageous part in getting you there. I’m confident you will continue to find ever deepening significance to you Super-O experiences.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi HappyInSanDiego,

    Congratulations on your journey. I am sure there are going to be guys out there that are going to groan when they read that it took you almost a year, but it really sounds as though you were using you sessions for meditation which is great.

    I for one appreciate your candor with getting into the details that you have. While it is not going to be the right combination for all, it is your journey and important for others to read about.
  • ndrondro
    Posts: 20
    Great to hear about your success, HappyInSanDiego!

    I started making rapid progress when I purchased the “HypnAerosession” CDs.

    Now Rumel, when will us the gay guys get to experience the same? Any chance the CD will be produced using male voice?
  • Where it has proved helpful is that when the pleasure started to build for me, it would cause pressure in my forehead which would distract me. Pete tells you about the point on your forehead that is above that spot where the pleasure is. Now, I just stop and press that point and the focus is shifted.

    That part is interesting to me as i often get this. Whats also interesting when i focused my mind on that point right now i got pretty wild feedback in my butt :p

    so consider your post helpfull already:)