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Peridise purchase
  • Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I've been here. May was the last time I was on the forum I think. To make it short and sweet, since then... I got breast implants on June 11, had a busy, filled summer, school for the kids, holidays, my husbands uncle passed, and then most recently our son had his tonsils and adenoids removed.

    Sadly, along with my new breast impants also came pain, then discomfort, then ultra-sensitivity, and now just sensitivity (but, not quite the good kind.) Our sex life took a hit, but I keep in mind that things should be, hopefully, back to normal at the 1 year anniversary. Now that I am more interested in sex (which I really wasn't for quite some time because, at first, I really didn't like having my whole breast touched and then mainly my nipples... and, of course, what do you think my husband would go to touch right away? The new toys, of course! lol) - So, like I said, now that they are getting better, I am more interested and now I am looking at getting the Peridise set(s).

    I know that some of you have and use them, but I was wondering if the women in your life use and like them and/or got enjoyment from them? If they thought they were worth the cost? And if they would suggest one set over another or if they had it to do over again, if they would buy all 4 (they are running a Valentines special right now.)

    Thanks for your time and info. Have a great weekend everyone.

  • p.s. My hubby still has his Helix and the other one I bought for him. I don't think he uses them though and I didn't want to keep bugging and pestering him to use them. I felt it had to be something he wanted. They are still in his "magazine" drawer... so maybe at the very least he hasn't given up altogether.