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*How Vocal?
  • View Poll Results: Are you vocal during sessions? Edit Voters: 760

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    Most of the sessions 23 3.03%

    Only during Orgasms 16 2.11%

    Hardly ever 14 1.84%

    Never 4 0.53%

    All of my sessions 10 1.32%

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    How about prostate orgasms and stimulation? Do men moan during this?

    "My Turn" brought up a good point in a recent post. Is vocalizing an important part of your aneros sessions and subsequent orgasms?
  • Alternating between moaning and groaning, and whimpering and sighing, depending on which phase of my orgasmic state I'm in.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    During orgasm only.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Only dry-O so far. So no moaning during sessions.

    However, at night after good sessions I moan (loudly) in my sleep. It wakes my wife and makes the dog bark loudly. :oops: :o

    Time to get into KSMO and moaning so that we can all sleep !! :D
  • bbnbbn
    Posts: 6
    Only during orgasms - a new user of a Aneros Helix - still learning -
  • brianadamsbrianadams
    Posts: 79
    During the whole session, from beginning to the end and then more!
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    With neighbours to consider I normally muffle my moans, which is a pity coz I think being able to moan without restriction would really enhance the Aneros experience. As they call orgasm 'little death' my take on what they mean with that is surrender. To really experience, you have to let go, holding back on moans is the same as not being able to completely experience the full scope.
    Even after the Aneros I moan silently .

    I think your body responds to moaning, I'm just not sure why that is. If it's because your body presumes you must be orgasmic so that, even if you're not at the moment, you become it.
    Or because men are already wired to respond to moaning and this is why women can manipulate men to ejaculate with moaning so they don't have to fuck too long.

    Sorry, guys: 80 percent of women fake it - Health - Sexual health - Sexploration -
  • brianadamsbrianadams
    Posts: 79
    Pillows work well to muffle moans and groans!!
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    It really depends, more intense = louder vocalization. Usually it is just breathing. I am very in tune to keeping good breathing control, which stems from yoga and martial arts, correct breathing is essential to promote a relaxed and responsive systemic state for just about any activity, including rest. A great percentage of people have been breathing incorrectly their entire lives. I recommend personal research into this if you are unaware of the techniques and rehearse your breathing until it becomes 2nd nature. It's essential to ones well being.
  • I moan a lot during an orgasm in an aneros session.
  • swaj48swaj48
    Posts: 3
    I used to moan softly when it starts to get intense. Since I started to have super O I find I am moaning louder. I wasn't aware of this until the cat came in and started meowing loudly.
  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    nope no moaning during my first super-O maybe some occasional soft groans here and there...
    and never during sessions
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Had been quiet with the Aneros until yesterday.

    During sex I've always accompanied my trad-O with a small 'chuffle' sound. Hadn't ever brought that sound into my Aneros journey since it just didn't seem to be a fit with the mini-O or Super-O feelings. My only sounds during a session were an incidental grunt or "oh-oh." Those were usually associated with body movements that interrupted the build of a p-wave.

    Yesterday, just for the 'helluvit' I let go. It was a totally great and fulfilling feeling. I quickly developed vocalization at the onset of the slightest p-wave. Without any thought, the shout and it's accompanying exhalation became the primary and most natural way I've found to shape and direct the growth of the mini-O. Results:

    -- mini-Os develop much faster and with more surity.
    -- mini-Os shaped with sound seem to build faster, become better defined but don't last as long (perhaps only 45 to 90 seconds instead of the two to three minutes I used to experience.
    -- as a mini-O matures and breaks into an automatic thing, I can detect the 'next' mini-O starting and shift focus to that budding event in a very natural way.
    --- OTOH, maybe I'm incorrect here and am just intensifying p-waves and making them more self sustaining. Whatever this is, it's a real landmark !!!
    -- At the start of the Super-O it's seems natural for me to change to a slower, more gentle and perhaps more 'careful' vocalization. Right now I'm fading out to zero vocal stuff as the visual Super-O develops.

    Probable danger: Gettiing on an alfa-male/ego trip that might shift me into a more controlling mode, lessening receptivity.usually because there's another one building on the heels for the first one.
    I'm syncing it to my breathing. One, two or sometimes three "shouts" are naturally happening on each exhalation.

    update, November 2010 -- 4 months later --

    I've adapted this vocalization to one specific visual Super-O. It has evolved into a louder, deeper, shout/cry that "calls" the next dry-O. The feeling is that I'm using it to 'claw or burrow' my way through the heavy part of the arousal process before I fall into the Super-O. The shouts/crys have increased the intensity and duration of each dry-O in the chain.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    I make noise the whole time. Recently, during the Supers and Dry-Os, it is a low, growly sound.
  • Depends on if the house is empty. I suppress my moans when my wife is upstairs. I do think that moaning enhances the experience, lets you go deeper into the moment. It's the aural indicator of letting yourself go, free of inhibitions, ready to feel whatever your mind and body can dish out. One time I videotaped my Super O, then watched and listened, and counted: 668 "Oh"s in about 15 minutes. 96 "god"s. 56 "yes"s. That's an incredible amount of breath. Sure forces you to breathe responsibly. I have noticed there's a "hump" to cross when breathing: When the pleasure builds, I can't help but breathe faster (even if I'd valley breathing the whole time prior). And it get a little out of breath and perhaps even dizzy if that continues for too long. But if I control the speed better, I cross that "hump" and go into a really nice rhythmic breathing pattern, and get the pleasure without the much too frequent breathing.
  • i first met my gf she was telling me that some people were put off on how loud she was and it really turned me on scream your head off and after being together for a while, well before aneros we were pegging and boy i was noisey (thankfullly our living situation) we are able to make all the noise we want and with aneros i am definatly a whole lot louder than she is and we love it i see the look on her face when I scream..... Pic is still in my mind
  • Soft moaning just in general pleasure, gasps and louder, more urgent moans when the involuntaries kick in ( and that's as far as I've gotten, boys ... ) I'm certain the noise level will only increase as the level of pleasure increases.
  • l¤ve h¤lel¤ve h¤le
    Posts: 55
    I think this as alot to do with 'hysteria'.
    Now if you put 'hysteria' into a search engine, you'll find it rather interresting.
    It mentions about the invention of womens dildo's and vibrators (clockwork) in the old Victorian era.