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Prostate location and the Aneros.
  • After two months of using the Helix and the Progasm,I have finally found where they need to be for hitting my prostate. Evidently my prostate is in a difficult place for either model to hit just sitting there alone. I need to move it around slightly to get there. With the Helix,it just does not hit it ,even after cutting off the handle for free movement.
    The Progasm will reach if i slide it out just about 1/4" and press downwards and in. The P tab does not contact my perineum at all as i use a small part of washcloth to keep it steady on the prostate. This is where i feel the prostate contact. yet if the cloth slips out or i move just right,contact is lost.
    Not that i have a good idea as to where it needs to be,i have to find a way to make them work without having to modify them or buy yet another one. As we know,they are not cheap. Yes,i would love to try them all until the right one is found but as a poor man,that is out of the question.

    So now the experimentation begins. Which way can i make the Helix or Progasm contact the prostate?
    I wish i had an inner look at my own body.Then i could see how far up and at what curvature is needed for contact with out having to move my hips all the time.

    Anyone else had these issues???

  • I also wonder if I've got it in the right place, and so far I still have no clue where my "sweet spot" is. However, I read a post on here somewhere that it's really not important to "hit" the prostate so much as the general area where it's at. I can still get great sensations and lately they've been getting stronger. I have both the Helix and Progasm and use them interchangeably depending on what kind of a sensation I'm going for.