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12/6 Aneros Chat Event Transcript
  • [17:59:43] [email][/email]: hi Buster!
    [17:59:58] Buster: Hi Support!
    [18:00:12] Buster: Doing good today?
    [18:00:24] [email][/email]: doing great, yourself?
    [18:00:31] Buster: Beautiful
    [18:00:52] [email][/email]: hello PhilS, welcome to the chat event
    [18:00:57] PhilS: Hi guys
    [18:01:01] Buster: Do we have an agenda for today? I forgot.
    [18:01:07] Buster: Gi Phil
    [18:01:11] Buster: Hi
    [18:01:30] [email][/email]: we have a loose agenda today. looking at the rsvp list we have several new folks joining
    [18:01:44] [email][/email]: so there will be more time devoted to Q&A
    [18:01:51] Buster: Cool. Talking to the new guys is what it is all about.
    [18:02:07] PhilS: I am one newbie
    [18:02:12] [email][/email]: definitely
    [18:02:28] Buster: Great Phil. What's on your mind?
    [18:02:38] Buster: Everything probably
    [18:02:55] PhilS: Wanting to check out an observation
    [18:02:59] [email][/email]: well, let's get started with some introductions then as we normally do
    [18:03:18] Buster: Hey Laser
    [18:03:31] hlaser99: Hey Buster!
    [18:04:12] [email][/email]: Hi Hlaser, just getting started here
    [18:04:24] [email][/email]: let's start with Buster for an intro
    [18:04:24] hlaser99: I see . . .
    [18:04:27] PhilS: There seems to be conflicting data about how to use the Aneros. Seems to me that I do best expecting nothing and enjoying it
    [18:04:33] [email][/email]: hi Rumel!
    [18:04:45] PhilS: Is that enough?
    [18:04:47] hlaser99: Hi Rumel!
    [18:04:50] rumel: Good morning all
    [18:05:20] Buster: Great. I am Buster. I am 48 and have been an Aneros user for 3+ years now.
    [18:05:30] Buster: Hi Rumel
    [18:05:34] [email][/email]: hi plforino
    [18:05:50] rumel: Hi Buster
    [18:06:33] [email][/email]: okay Phils
    [18:06:46] [email][/email]: a short intro please
    [18:07:11] PhilS: I am 69 and bought my first toy in Oct.
    [18:07:24] [email][/email]: great Phils, which model do you have?
    [18:07:35] PhilS: Helix
    [18:07:52] [email][/email]: excellent
    [18:08:03] [email][/email]: okay Hlaser, you're up
    [18:08:10] hlaser99: Hi! I'm Hlaser99 and been a fixture at the Forum since 2005 . . . from Central Florida. (Have a full stable!)
    [18:08:53] Buster: Nice weather today Laser? It is snowing up a storm up here!
    [18:09:01] [email][/email]: okay plforino, please give us a short intro - location, age, how long you've been using the Aneros
    [18:09:12] hlaser99: Very nice!
    [18:10:08] plforino: Location - Denver Co area, lenght of use - a week
    [18:10:20] plforino: age - 63
    [18:10:27] [email][/email]: which model do you have?
    [18:10:56] plforino: Model is MGX
    [18:11:21] Buster: All hail the MGX!
    [18:11:25] [email][/email]: super, welcome to community
    [18:11:25] PhilS: Hi plforino. At least we are nearly the same age! Elder delight!
    [18:11:28] [email][/email]: Rumel?
    [18:11:35] rumel: I'm Rumel, 61, user for 20 mos., live in Sac. CA., I own and use most models (not all yet)
    [18:12:06] rumel: Thanks for making "HypnAerosession" available for download!
    [18:12:22] plforino: I keep getting logged off when I try to close the private window. Could I ask some questions? The technology seems great>
    [18:12:22] [email][/email]: our pleasure Rumel
    [18:12:55] plforino: How do I close the private window without getting logged off?
    [18:12:57] [email][/email]: hi plforino, the software still has some bugs, try not using the private window at all
    [18:13:13] [email][/email]: if you bring up the chat window, the private window should be closed
    [18:13:54] [email][/email]: okay, we have a loose agenda for today's event
    [18:14:10] [email][/email]: Phils and plforino are new users
    [18:14:23] [email][/email]: so we can just start straight into the some questinos and answers
    [18:14:34] Buster: Cool.
    [18:14:55] hlaser99: Fire away!
    [18:14:56] [email][/email]: so, Phils and plforinio, we have 3 of the foremost expert users here today, so ask away :wink:
    [18:15:00] rumel: I'm onboard for that.
    [18:15:22] Buster: Lay it on us P's.
    [18:15:38] PhilS: With conflicting suggestions about what to do, does it work to go with flow?
    [18:15:55] rumel: Just don't pee on us! :laugh:
    [18:16:05] PhilS: lol
    [18:16:07] Buster: Hey Support, you might want to suggest to plforino to use Firefox.
    [18:16:07] hlaser99: LOL!
    [18:16:31] [email][/email]: yes, that is true, firefox works the best
    [18:17:30] [email][/email]: so the question from Phils is what about conflicting suggestions
    [18:17:36] [email][/email]: can you guys comment about that?
    [18:18:09] hlaser99: I always "go with the flow", but I also believe in using anything that you can think of too!
    [18:18:17] Buster: I really think that as a newbie, I got caught up with all of the different suggestions and I had the biggest breakthrough..
    [18:18:18] rumel: Phils - There is more than one way to advance your learning journey, you just need to experiment to find what works for you.
    [18:18:22] Buster: when I did nothing.
    [18:18:58] hlaser99: Exactly!
    [18:19:08] Buster: If you are worried too much about the technique, you are taking your head out of the game.
    [18:19:18] rumel: The "Do Nothing" approach has worked for some.
    [18:19:41] PhilS: I have tried different positions, movement, etc. They are good & not much different
    [18:20:19] Buster: Darwin described a position the other day in a post that I tried. That one worked pretty good for me.
    [18:20:38] rumel: All of these sensations in the beginning are very subtle and only slightly different,
    [18:20:42] PhilS: Legs crossed, balls between them?
    [18:20:54] Buster: That's the one!
    [18:21:08] PhilS: It is cool.
    [18:21:09] hlaser99: Beginning, I usually just breathed in even breaths and maybe added a slight contraqction to get things going . . .
    [18:21:14] Buster: I would consider that one a more advanced technique.
    [18:21:20] rumel: but they will grow in intensity as you stay focused upon them.
    [18:22:02] PhilS: Ok. I probably just need more practice sessions.
    [18:22:28] hlaser99: Indeed!
    [18:22:32] Buster: Let your mind wander. Fantacizing helps.
    [18:22:39] rumel: patience + practice
    [18:23:21] PhilS: About fantacy: I notice that if I fall asleep with it, I dream sexy dreams. No complaints!
    [18:23:23] hlaser99: take notice of any small good feeling and observe it!
    [18:23:29] [email][/email]: hi plforino, try using firefox
    [18:23:32] [email][/email]: if you can
    [18:23:34] plforino: I have been trying to add comments. Logged out and will try again.
    [18:23:35] rumel: It is very important to drop all expectations of achieving any outcome.
    [18:23:57] hlaser99: Try to grow it...
    [18:25:10] PhilS: I think I have dropped the expectation thing
    [18:25:14] plforino: Thanks for now IE is working. Quesiton - is there a difference between contracting the sphencture muscle and the PC muscle?
    [18:25:44] hlaser99: Same...
    [18:25:59] rumel: Good analogy Hlaser, like any living thing you can't force its growth, only nurture it.
    [18:26:38] rumel: Yes the two muscles are different.
    [18:27:14] hlaser99: Really?
    [18:27:16] plforino: It seems they both contract at the same time
    [18:27:18] rumel: though they are often contracted in tandem.
    [18:27:42] hlaser99: Live andlearn . . .
    [18:28:15] plforino: The wiki says to use them differently. How do I contract one and not the other?
    [18:28:22] rumel: During orgasm they usually contract together.
    [18:28:49] PhilS: Good question, plforino
    [18:29:09] plforino: That sounds wonderful. But to get there, what do I need to do to control them seperately?
    [18:29:15] rumel: focused training to use them separately.
    [18:29:35] Buster: One is used to stop urine flow and the other is the one that you use when you poo.
    [18:30:00] Buster: They are definitely seperate.
    [18:30:13] PhilS: Helpful answer, Buster
    [18:30:15] plforino: Great terminology. So one is squeeze of the pee and the other is push out the poop?
    [18:30:22] rumel: When you have a bowel movement the anal sphincter is primarily in use,
    [18:30:49] Buster: Spend some getting to know both of those VERY familiar muscles.
    [18:31:00] rumel: during urination to stop flow you use the PC muscle to finish and end the stream.
    [18:31:17] Buster: You will be able to differentiate between the two soon enough.
    [18:31:58] rumel: pilforino - No the rectal muscles push out the feces.
    [18:32:31] rumel: the sphincter muscle controls the anal opening.
    [18:32:35] Buster: And stops it when you don't want it to come out.
    [18:33:07] plforino: Wow another muscle - rectal, PC, sphincter. So the rectal is higher up
    [18:33:21] rumel: Yes
    [18:33:57] rumel: rectal muscles are subject to peristalsis.
    [18:34:23] rumel: as well as some voluntary control
    [18:35:23] hlaser99: Rumel tell the truth . . . you're a Proctologist, right??? LOL!
    [18:35:48] plforino: Summary - Rectal - push never sqeeze, PC - alway sqeeze cut off stream, sphincture - sqeeze or open the anus. Correct?
    [18:35:56] Buster: ....just bend over this table.
    [18:36:10] rumel: Well, I have been called an "A" hole a time or two! :wub:
    [18:36:22] Buster: Not by me.
    [18:36:22] hlaser99: LOL!!!
    [18:37:55] Buster: plforino......" Rectal - push never sqeeze" I am not sure I know what you mean.
    [18:38:13] hlaser99: plforino, you just passed Anus 101!
    [18:38:42] rumel: plforino - I wouldn't use the extreme forms of those muscle actions just gentle combinations that produce the pleasing sensations.
    [18:38:45] plforino: Anus 101, hope that does not mean I am an A-hole
    [18:39:09] hlaser99: I have been called anal retensive tho!
    [18:39:44] rumel: H - I like to keep my Aneros in place too!
    [18:40:22] plforino: Another question - This newbee felt pleasure and the Aneros seem to get very noticable and hard. Is this the right path?
    [18:40:34] hlaser99: Your body will choose the right combination, when it orgasms...
    [18:41:07] hlaser99: of muscles...
    [18:41:11] Buster: hard?
    [18:41:41] rumel: To quote Joseph Campbell "Follow your bliss."
    [18:41:44] Buster: What is hard?
    [18:41:58] PhilS: Erection!
    [18:42:00] plforino: To Buster - Yes, the Aneros seemed to be noticable and poking me?
    [18:42:23] Buster: Do you think it is because your prostate has become swolen?
    [18:42:23] hlaser99: Sounds like you were contracting the Aneros into the sweet spot of your prostate . . .
    [18:42:34] Buster: In a good way, of course.
    [18:42:53] plforino: I am still finding my way.
    [18:43:09] rumel: plforino, it is a massager after all, you should feel it.
    [18:43:27] Buster: Was this "poking me" feeling pleasurable at all?
    [18:43:33] hlaser99: Involuntary contraction, when your prostate is stimulated...
    [18:44:18] plforino: It feels good, pleasure, other time just nothing not pleasure not anything.
    [18:44:41] hlaser99: Sounds normal!
    [18:44:53] plforino: Poking, not sure, it was a few nights ago.
    [18:44:55] Buster: You are DEFINITLY on the right path then.
    [18:45:05] [email][/email]: hi plforino, finding your way is exactly correct
    [18:45:25] hlaser99: My highest contact is when I Orgasm, of course!
    [18:45:31] rumel: Try to consciously remember what you are doing when the pleasure is upon you and duplicate the conditions.
    [18:45:53] hlaser99: Ditto!
    [18:48:41] Buster: Hey Phil, how have your sessions been going?
    [18:49:10] PhilS: I enjoy them a lot, probably do them too long.
    [18:49:25] Buster: How long?
    [18:49:59] PhilS: 3 - 5 hours
    [18:50:09] hlaser99: Wow!
    [18:50:16] Buster: Wow, mor power to you.
    [18:50:31] PhilS: Once i got sooo close and then it all played out
    [18:50:38] hlaser99: Don't you get sore???
    [18:50:40] Buster: If your body can handle, I don't see anything wrong with that. Does anybody else?
    [18:50:40] PhilS: it was great though
    [18:50:46] PhilS: no, never sore
    [18:51:03] PhilS: No one told me I should get sore. Hee hee
    [18:51:13] Buster: "played out"?
    [18:51:45] PhilS: Yeah, it just slowly quit
    [18:52:05] PhilS: I could not "grow" it any more
    [18:52:21] Buster: That is probably is all your body could handle at the time.
    [18:52:33] hlaser99: I usually quit after an hour or so, if I am not scoring and "O", but if I am having dry orgasms, I'll go on forever!
    [18:52:35] PhilS: Could be
    [18:53:17] PhilS: I have involuntary contractions almost all the time it is in
    [18:53:35] hlaser99: Great!
    [18:53:36] Buster: That is a good sign of progress.
    [18:53:37] rumel: I rarely have that large block of time to spend, but when the pleasure ends I usually know the session is over.
    [18:53:53] hlaser99: You are on the correct path, then!
    [18:53:59] PhilS: I am such a pervert. The pleasure never ends
    [18:54:17] [email][/email]: :smile:
    [18:54:24] PhilS: I just get tired after awhile
    [18:54:25] rumel: Enjoy the pleasure as long as it lasts.
    [18:54:32] Buster: :laugh: :laugh:
    [18:54:45] hlaser99: We are ALL a little perverted here! You are in good company!
    [18:54:57] PhilS: I like to use it sitting up
    [18:56:38] hlaser99: or down . . . or sideways???
    [18:56:59] plforino: Got knocked off using IE. Back with Firefox.
    [18:57:19] PhilS: WB
    [18:57:29] hlaser99: The Fox is good!
    [18:58:09] plforino: Thanks, don't want to interup. Question on Lube.
    [18:58:16] rumel: Fire good too!
    [18:58:27] hlaser99: LOL!
    [18:58:30] PhilS: go ahead plforino
    [18:58:37] Buster: Lube. That is the questions of the hour.
    [18:58:44] hlaser99: mmmmmmmmmm!
    [19:00:17] plforino: MGX seemed to get hung up. Tried using syringe to input 5 cc of KY liquid. Did not seems to help. Is more that 5 cc (1 tsp
    [19:01:41] Buster: It is not "warming" KY is it plforino?
    [19:01:55] rumel: What do you mean by "hung up"? 5 cc's should be adequate internally.
    [19:02:07] plforino: The forum commented to insert frozen beeswax. Is there two areas to lube? Deeper and also close to the anus? No not warmin
    [19:03:01] rumel: You MGX should be lubed as well, and NO on the FROZEN BEESWAX!
    [19:03:04] plforino: Hung up - seemed to not be sliding, other words discomfort near the anus
    [19:03:05] Buster: I seldom use more than 1 tsp when I do inject lube.
    [19:03:14] hlaser99: I use Boy Butter H2O for silicone toys and Albolene on Aneros' . . . usually no pre-lubes . . .
    [19:04:39] Buster: Never heard of freezing beeswax.
    [19:04:44] rumel: The beeswax is a component of the 'Natural Jelly' recipe that I use.
    [19:05:00] plforino: So Albolene is applied only to the Aneros. Where is Albolene purchased, typical Walgreen?
    [19:05:14] rumel: and I only need to apply it to the Aneros for insertion.
    [19:05:37] Buster: I have seen Albolene in any number of drug stores. Check the ladies makeup area.
    [19:06:14] hlaser99: Yes, at any drug store in the women's cosmetics isle, also used as make-up remover, but used by porn industry for years...
    [19:06:25] Buster: So Rumel, you do not pre-lube inside either?
    [19:06:54] Buster: So they will either think you are a cross dresser or a porn star?!
    [19:07:09] rumel: I only prelube for 'Progasm' use nowadays.
    [19:07:18] plforino: Usually there are several versions of products. Is there only one version of Albolene?
    [19:07:39] Buster: I defer to Laser on this one.
    [19:07:41] PhilS: Going to have to leave. I will read the transcript later. Bye
    [19:07:46] hlaser99: Can use any version...
    [19:07:54] Buster: Bye Phil.
    [19:08:04] hlaser99: bye PhilS!
    [19:08:06] rumel: Have a good day Phils
    [19:08:14] [email][/email]: thanks Phils for joining
    [19:08:17] plforino: By PhilS
    [19:08:26] PhilS: Enjoyed "hanging out" with you guys
    [19:08:50] hlaser99: Cum again!
    [19:08:59] hlaser99: LOL!
    [19:09:14] rumel: and again and again :wink:
    [19:09:16] hlaser99: Sorry, couldn't resist!
    [19:09:19] plforino: again and again
    [19:09:40] Buster: Laser, the question is at you........only one version of Abolene?
    [19:10:34] hlaser99: I saw another with verry little difference . . . used both and ALL are ok to use!
    [19:10:50] plforino: thanks, will give it a try
    [19:10:55] hlaser99: Very slick and lasts long time!
    [19:11:06] rumel: OK to use???
    [19:11:08] Buster: Hey Rumel, I wanted to tell you that I bent back that K-Tab on my Progasm.
    [19:11:29] plforino: got to run. Pretty cool chat room. thank much
    [19:11:30] hlaser99: $11 for a big tub too!
    [19:11:49] [email][/email]: thanks for joining plforino, see you at the next one
    [19:11:52] hlaser99: Me too!
    [19:11:58] Buster: bye plforino.
    [19:12:15] rumel: Buster - how do you like the mod?
    [19:12:22] hlaser99: bye plforino!
    [19:12:45] Buster: You know, so far so good. I really think that it allows the Progasm to move a bit more.
    [19:12:46] rumel: Bye plforino thanks for asking Q's.
    [19:13:20] hlaser99: easier to sit on!
    [19:13:20] rumel: B - yes I've found the same thing true.
    [19:13:38] rumel: H - agree there too.
    [19:13:44] Buster: That sucker is so big that there is normally not much movement and it seems as though both of those tabs kept it too much in
    [19:13:52] Buster:
    [19:13:58] rumel: Yup
    [19:14:43] Buster: I still prefer my Maximus to the Progasm and I think it is because of the movement.
    [19:14:59] Buster: Hi daweasel and anon.
    [19:15:00] [email][/email]: hi daweasel, welcome to the chat event
    [19:15:12] hlaser99: Hi anonymous!
    [19:15:25] rumel: B - The Maximus will probably be my next purchase.
    [19:15:36] anonymous: umm.. hello
    [19:15:43] daweasel: Thanks
    [19:15:49] anonymous: kinda found myself here by accident
    [19:15:52] hlaser99: Hi daweasel!
    [19:16:04] Buster: I think that the Maximus needs to have a bigger audience. I really like it.
    [19:16:04] [email][/email]: hi anonymous, welcome to the event!
    [19:16:06] rumel: Hi anonymous & daweasel
    [19:16:17] hlaser99: More intros???
    [19:16:30] anonymous: looking for something for my boyfriend
    [19:16:32] daweasel: Hellow all
    [19:16:36] [email][/email]: daweasel, can you tell us your age, location, and experience with the Aneros?
    [19:16:47] Buster: You have found the right place anon.
    [19:16:52] anonymous: and found that something was afoot here
    [19:16:59] rumel: Yes introduce youself and ask some questions, we are here to help.
    [19:18:24] Buster: If you don't want to introduce yourself, just fire away.
    [19:19:13] anonymous: no expereience w/ aneros but have tinkered w/ anal play myself
    [19:19:51] anonymous: bf has never done any backdoor activities though
    [19:20:11] hlaser99: anonymous, you need some ideas for your man???
    [19:20:20] hlaser99: a gift???
    [19:20:54] Buster: Sounds like you should be here to purchase for yourself and your boyfriend will want one for himself.
    [19:21:07] anonymous: well a girlfriend was telling me how fantastic prostate playing was
    [19:21:20] anonymous: that her guy was totally into it and it doesnt hurt?
    [19:21:25] rumel: You could check out the 'Peridise' model for yourself!
    [19:21:47] Buster: Hurt? Maybe if a doctor is involved (Rumel) but no, not painful.
    [19:21:57] rumel: It's a unisex model.
    [19:22:06] anonymous: yes i saw that. very intriguing. i am contemplating getting that first
    [19:22:10] Buster: Yes, the Peridise models are designed for both.
    [19:22:36] hlaser99: I always recommend the MXG for a first model???
    [19:22:50] hlaser99: For a male...
    [19:22:57] rumel: The Peridise what also be a good introductory model for the BF.
    [19:22:58] anonymous: is that like a good beginner model? actually, though my bf said he would leave it up to me
    [19:22:59] Buster: If you get a pair of Peridise's, you can use one and him the other. Perfect.
    [19:22:59] pgs6395: Can anyone talk to the success rate. i have just started out, but not being as successful as i would like?
    [19:23:07] anonymous: so i was thinking that the progasm looked like fun!!
    [19:23:29] Buster: Hi pgs6395. How long have you been at it.
    [19:23:42] pgs6395: about 3 weeks
    [19:23:52] rumel: I do not recommend the Progasm for beginners.
    [19:23:55] Buster: anon- don't go with the Progasm.
    [19:24:09] Buster: He will need to work into that model.
    [19:24:21] hlaser99: Too big for a beginner!
    [19:24:54] Buster: pgs - stick around for a minute and let us get through the Christmas list for anon.
    [19:28:18] anonymous: oh, rumel. that's no fun. i want to go all in
    [19:28:23] hlaser99: Works for me . . .
    [19:28:53] hlaser99: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    [19:28:58] Buster: Take 'er slow, and you shouldn't have any issues.
    [19:29:00] anonymous: ithink its fasciniating that guys have this secret
    [19:29:08] rumel: Anon - :smile: thats for you two to negotiate.
    [19:29:26] daweasel: Sorry, I was away fron my the monitor. I'm 53, m, and enoyed two good sessions with my Helix.
    [19:29:28] anonymous: with us, its all out there. pretty much every inch of us explored
    [19:29:36] Buster: anon, we have often talked about the fact that this should be shouted from the hilltops and taught in school.
    [19:29:52] rumel: Nice.
    [19:29:54] hlaser99: Good for you!
    [19:29:55] anonymous: now its the guys' turn
    [19:30:36] Buster: Who's next?
    [19:30:42] anonymous: well we'll see how it goes. i dont think i can wait until christmas though..
    [19:30:47] rumel: It can be a shared growth experience.
    [19:30:53] pgs6395: I would love any advice
    [19:31:09] Buster: Tell about your sessions pgs
    [19:31:44] pgs6395: Pretty slow. Been doing the breathing and relaxing
    [19:32:00] anonymous: so i will get a peridise and which gspot stimulator should i get? and can i REALLY expect him to have an explosive orgasm??
    [19:32:03] hlaser99: good start!
    [19:32:26] pgs6395: I had always had great luck with my wife in the past with fingers. this on m own hasn't done much
    [19:32:30] Buster: anon - I recomment the MGX
    [19:32:32] pgs6395: some odd twitching though
    [19:32:53] hlaser99: me too!
    [19:33:06] hlaser99: Who's first!
    [19:33:12] pgs6395: but nothing i would call incredible.
    [19:33:22] anonymous: girls exaggerate sometimes, and then i read some of the testimonials and it sounds just like my friend described
    [19:33:31] Buster: pgs, whenyou say good luck with your wife, how did it make you feel different then that it does not now.
    [19:34:04] pgs6395: well, first i should say that i am starting out cold with this
    [19:34:12] pgs6395: which might make the difference
    [19:34:30] Buster: Cold?
    [19:34:38] anonymous: pgs- my ex used to use his fingers in me but then when we broke up i had to switch to mechanical means
    [19:34:47] pgs6395: on my own it seems like it isn't hitting the right spot
    [19:34:47] anonymous: and it was never the same
    [19:34:58] rumel: pgs6395 - I just sent you an introductory PM with some tips to help you get started.
    [19:35:14] pgs6395: very kind of you. thanks
    [19:35:22] skeeter_g: Hi All!!
    [19:35:27] anonymous: i think you just kinda get used to one kind of stimulation and have to re-teach your body
    [19:35:31] skeeter_g: How is it going?
    [19:35:31] Buster: Hey Skeets
    [19:35:39] pgs6395: it had sounded from someof the testimonials that it can take time.
    [19:35:42] anonymous: hi!
    [19:35:42] rumel: Hi skeeter
    [19:35:50] hlaser99: Hey Skeeter!
    [19:36:32] rumel: Yes awakening the prostate to the Aneros can take a variable amount of time.
    [19:36:36] skeeter_g: I was hoping to be online a bit sooner
    [19:36:37] Buster: pgs, if you ever check my blog, you will see that it was quite some time for me. Not as long as with others though.
    [19:36:55] hlaser99: Takes some time, but some are luckier than others!
    [19:37:00] Buster: Did you oversleep Skeets?
    [19:37:33] skeeter_g: Nope did not over sleep.
    [19:38:05] hlaser99: This is very true! "i think you just kinda get used to one kind of stimulation and have to re-teach your body"
    [19:38:05] skeeter_g: :glare:
    [19:38:50] rumel: It is a continuing evolution of learning.
    [19:39:08] hlaser99: Indeed!
    [19:39:35] anonymous: ooh i like that. it really is. it kinda sucks to have to start fresh everytime you get a new significant other, though
    [19:40:13] anonymous: there's so much to explore on the landscape of our bodies
    [19:40:39] hlaser99: And lawns to mow! LOL!
    [19:40:39] rumel: Anon- with Misress Aneros you will never feel rejected.
    [19:40:47] anonymous: nooks and crannies. behind the ears, behind the knees, the frenulum, the perineum etc etc
    [19:41:29] hlaser99: Yes, Indeed! ANON!
    [19:41:34] pgs6395: I was thinking that perhaps i went too small
    [19:42:17] hlaser99: Configuration is more important than size, to me . . .
    [19:42:23] anonymous: so i'm over the moon about the male g-spot. never knew about that one. very sneaky you guys are- hiding it away like that!!
    [19:42:33] rumel: pgs - "It ain't the's the motion..."
    [19:42:51] pgs6395: OK. I can see that.
    [19:43:00] hlaser99: It IS well hidden!
    [19:43:08] pgs6395: by the way rumel. thanks for the material. it is interesting
    [19:43:09] skeeter_g: Hey guys did the stainless Peridise come up earler.. support any news... sorry if I missed any news. :happy:
    [19:43:23] hlaser99: great song, Rum!
    [19:43:41] hlaser99: NOt yet...
    [19:43:42] rumel: anon - many men are unaware of the potential there, you can have fun teaching them!
    [19:44:21] rumel: skeeter - no news yet.
    [19:44:23] hlaser99: You can be his Guru . . . LOL!
    [19:44:23] pgs6395: thanks gang. i am having too much chat trouble
    [19:44:44] skeeter_g: ok. thanks rumel
    [19:44:54] hlaser99: Using FoxFire?
    [19:45:12] hlaser99: Firefox...
    [19:45:44] skeeter_g: lol hlaser.
    [19:46:13] anonymous: rumel- it sure sounds like it. so we just slide it in and then have sex? can i be on top?
    [19:46:55] hlaser99: Probably best, so it doesn't slip out!
    [19:47:42] rumel: anon - Yes you can be on top, just make sure his butt is slightly elevated to avoid pressure on the handle if using
    [19:48:02] hlaser99: But, he needs solo sessions devoted to prostate orgasms for a while!
    [19:48:02] rumel: a conventional model other than the Peridise.
    [19:48:10] anonymous: so use a pillow and then i can play rodeo? =)
    [19:48:21] [email][/email]: hi skeeter_g, welcome, i had to step away for a few minutes
    [19:48:39] skeeter_g: hi support!
    [19:48:42] rumel: anon - Yes that should work.
    [19:49:36] hlaser99: Cowgirl!
    [19:49:45] skeeter_g: better late than never support :wink:
    [19:49:49] [email][/email]: to answer your question about the stainless steel prototype, no big news to report this month i'm afraid
    [19:50:10] [email][/email]: we are still in the prototyping phase with a few metalworks facilities
    [19:50:36] [email][/email]: you will definitely be the first to know when we'll have something ready
    [19:50:53] skeeter_g: thanks!!
    [19:51:19] [email][/email]: also everyone, i forgot to mention about the 20% discount code
    [19:51:25] anonymous: yee haw. you guys are a real hoot. thx for your help. how can i let you guys know how it goes?
    [19:51:33] skeeter_g: my bum is waiting support...
    [19:51:33] [email][/email]: as a thanks to all of the community members
    [19:52:14] rumel: anon - Please report to us in the General Discussion Forum
    [19:52:15] [email][/email]: the coupon code is
    [19:52:45] hlaser99: Got it!
    [19:52:47] [email][/email]: ha skeeter_g, i hope the regular peridise models will get you by until the stainless steel ones are ready
    [19:52:54] anonymous: Yes sir!! Anon reporting
    [19:53:01] anonymous: ill have to come up with acuter name
    [19:53:26] skeeter_g: I have them but I could always give one to a friend!! :wink:
    [19:53:33] hlaser99: CowGirl!
    [19:53:45] [email][/email]: remember, the original peridise itself literally took 5 years to develop. when the stainless steel one is ready,
    [19:53:50] [email][/email]: it will be awesome
    [19:54:09] skeeter_g: Yes I agree support!!!
    [19:54:10] anonymous: ooh good one. look for me, hlaser!
    [19:54:36] hlaser99: It's the slickness and extra weight I look forward to!!!
    [19:54:41] skeeter_g: I could use a new Progasm.. I have worn out 2 already!! :happy:
    [19:55:10] skeeter_g: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    [19:55:18] hlaser99: OK!
    [19:55:22] anonymous: wow skeeter you have all of them? which one is your favorite??
    [19:55:31] rumel: skeeter - is it the size of a Peridise now? :smile:
    [19:55:45] skeeter_g: at the moment the Progasm...
    [19:55:49] anonymous: lol!
    [19:56:13] skeeter_g: almost.. rumel... :tongue:
    [19:56:31] hlaser99: I have them ALL too, but my favorite changes with time...
    [19:56:43] skeeter_g: I have a great session this am... and that is now why I was late... :happy:
    [19:56:52] anonymous: well the gentlemen here were all trying to persuade me agains the progasm for my bf
    [19:56:58] [email][/email]: :smile:
    [19:57:03] rumel: skeeter - I'll bet the St.Stl. Peridise will outlive you.
    [19:57:32] skeeter_g: lol rumel
    [19:57:43] skeeter_g: shoud for sure rumel.
    [19:58:04] rumel: anon - the Progasm is mostly for advanced users experienced with anal play.
    [19:58:08] hlaser99: Steel is very slick and fast!
    [19:58:25] [email][/email]: skeeter I am curious to know how you "wore out" two progasms. that is *some* talent you have :smile:
    [19:58:28] skeeter_g: anom. I use ALL the Aneros.
    [19:58:56] skeeter_g: The Progasm is just on todays menu ! :smile:
    [19:59:27] rumel: Don't you just love the variety!
    [19:59:31] anonymous: support how long is the coupon good for?
    [19:59:36] skeeter_g: I decide to change the design to fit my needs support.
    [19:59:45] anonymous: maybe i'll pick up a couple of differnt ones
    [19:59:46] skeeter_g: hahaha
    [19:59:54] [email][/email]: it's good through 12/24
    [20:00:01] anonymous: and work towards "advanced user experienced w/ anal play"
    [20:00:13] [email][/email]: haha, i see skeeter_g
    [20:00:17] skeeter_g: I'm actually good. The second is fine. :laugh:
    [20:00:22] anonymous: i just cant' take my eyes off the progasm. its just so pretty
    [20:00:32] rumel: anon - there you go girl!
    [20:00:47] [email][/email]: well everyone, we've again come to the end of the chat event
    [20:01:08] skeeter_g: My second one is blue anon
    [20:01:15] skeeter_g: it is pretty!!
    [20:01:23] [email][/email]: i'd like to thank all of you all for joining again. hlaser, skeeter_g, rumel (and the departed Buster)
    [20:01:40] rumel: skeeter - sorry to hear it's sad.
    [20:01:41] [email][/email]: we always greatly appreciate you guys making the time to participate and help out the new users
    [20:01:45] hlaser99: Dearlyt departed...
    [20:01:58] [email][/email]: haha
    [20:02:04] hlaser99: Dearly...
    [20:02:07] skeeter_g: Thank You Support.. sorry for being so late.... :sad:
    [20:02:11] [email][/email]: funny hlaser
    [20:02:34] [email][/email]: skeeter, no worries at all :smile:
    [20:02:34] hlaser99: I'm a chameleon!
    [20:03:02] rumel: Buster left without so much as a hug...
    [20:03:04] [email][/email]: so we will see on the next event in January. The chat room will be open next weekend
    [20:03:08] skeeter_g: thanks support...
    [20:03:26] hlaser99: Bye ALL!
    [20:03:32] rumel: H - I thought you were an anole.
    [20:03:50] skeeter_g: see all you wonderful guys!!
    [20:03:58] hlaser99: ???
    [20:04:16] [email][/email]: thanks again everyone, have a nice holiday season. if only we could give everyone Super-Os as stocking stuffers...
    [20:04:20] anonymous: thanks, guys. i can't wait to get started!! have fun with your toys! i know i will!!
    [20:04:22] daweasel: Bye all
    [20:04:39] skeeter_g: have fun anon!!
    [20:04:42] hlaser99: bye ALL!
    [20:04:45] rumel: H- an anole is a small lizard that can change colors that is native to florida.
    [20:05:15] hlaser99: Cool! Mr. Lizard . . .
    [20:05:19] rumel: Bye anonymous, have fun.
    [20:05:32] [email][/email]: bye everyone!