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best session yet with progasm, dont know if i had an orgasm.
  • Hi there, last night at about 11.36pm I had the best and most pleasurable session with my blue aneros progasm yet, I started the session by lubing up my aneros with silicone lubricant and inserting it into my anus lying on my side, I was aroused on and off, so I decided to pull out a weekly issue of zoo weekly Australian men's magazine I bought which is not a porno but features a lot of hot women, and the issue featured some pictures of zoo's reigning 2007 beach babe winner Brooke ever's with an awesome body and some very hot front back pictures of here wearing tiny g string thong bikini's. For some reason I am able to look at pictures of hot women whilst using the aneros and this seems to be able to help me focus on my prostate prenium region. I became aroused on and off during my session but I was not fully aroused I would say it was from medium to high arousal during my session and quiet a number of times switching from side to side every so often, and whilst being semi focusing on the pictures in the magazine I would suddenly become aroused and build an image in my mind of my of the blue progasm and prenium area and make a mental decision to go even further each time I became aroused, and the sensations in my prenium prostate area became slightly more intense and pleasurable each time, and I remember thinking to myself omg omg omg and i came very close to moaning but the feelings where not quiet that intense, like the intense contracting feelings you get when you start making moaning noises. During the session of being aroused on and off I would become erect for a short period of time about twice in total I think, and the first time I became erect I could feel medium contractions in my prenium muscles as I was contracting my anus and it felt like a jerking or pulling sensation in prenium muscles and my stiff hard erect cock, it felt like i was trying to ejaculate kind of but the contractions where mildly intense. All throughout my session I was using mostly medium anal sphincter contractions and the build up of the feelings was just so mind blowing and strong I could feel the sexual excitement building as the feelings got stronger and stronger. And during this session i was not focused on trying too stimulate my cock at all instead focusing my attention on my prostate and prenium area, unlike all of my other unsuccessful aneros session in which i felt a strong need or urge to stimulate my penis, in which session i could not acheive any pleasurable senastions or build up in my prostate prenium area. Sometimes During My session I would became aroused for a short period of time on and off with a short period of inactivity in between, and then finally i reached a stage where the feelings where become very intense and mind blowing feelings built up after a period of about and hour and then I suddenly about three quarters of the way through my session i became really aroused for the last time whilst looking at the pictures in the magazine and made a mental decision to go as far as the feelings and the session would take me, and each time I contracted my anus and sphincter muscles I could feel a strong and intense contraction feeling, and I remember thinking in my mind holy f**cking shit holy f**cking shit, I am pretty sure this was some kind of an orgasm but I have a few lingering doubts all I can say is it was defiantly not a super o there was no shaking quivering or anything like that it seemed more like a single non ejaculatory orgasm, it was pretty dry there was a bit of pre cum that came out shortly after though, after this had happened I remember I lied on the bed feeling very pleased and happy for a while because I was sure I finally had some kind of orgasm with the progasm, I tried to continue on afterwards for a while to try and go even further, but I seemed to have a bit less sensation in my premium area and could not get very aroused anymore so I gave up trying and got out a sample packet of stroke 29 I had bought at a club x sex store which i rubbed all over my rock hard erect cock and really helps to increase sensitivity of the penis and i finished myself off by looking at the pictures of her in the magazine and thought about her as my girlfriend taking her down to beach by the rocks and fucking her juicy wet pussy with my slightly curved 7 inch cock and blowing my load in her mouth, And then after about five minutes or so i blew a load of thick cum onto my hand.

    The thing I can say about this session that sets it apart from my other less successful sessions with the aneros in the past where, I was very aroused this time I took of my pants didn’t leave them on this time like just past my bum like other times and other times during my aneros session I would leave my pants on wearing one of my many g strings with the aneros inserted in my anus, this time I didn’t try and force it to happen, and my mind was not being plagued with failure during this session and I had my mind set on intensifying the intense feelings of pleasure, and I had my mind set to go as far as I could with the session. It has taken me a very long time to get this far and I tried unsuccessfully almost everyday for a year and a half with very little success, and during this time I kept thinking to myself if I keep try for long enough I will eventually succeed. Like with most things in life if you do not keep trying you will never succeed.
    It was the best sex I have ever had because it was long and intense, I feel like my aneros is my new sexual partner with which I can have hot long steamy sex, just because I don’t have a girlfriend yet doesn’t mean I can’t have great sex by myself, and the aneros
    Makes great sex by myself possible, from now on and in the future.

    Now the one thing I want to know from you guys is how do you tell whether you had an orgasm or not? I tried reading the aneros wiki and I could identify with some of the stuff it was talking about but was very confused as to what kind of orgasm I had or if I had one at all.
    :D :twisted:
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello the critta, :)

    I'm not sure that I'm the best guy here to answer this. But I'll answer what I know based on my own experiences. As long as you keep in mind that I have not yet achieved super-O's. So I might not answer your question completely. But I'm sure other guys here will also be glad to pitch in with their own take on the answer.

    So far, my orgasmic experiences with my Helix, as compared with the definitions in the glossary section of the Aneros WIKI, has been mini-O's, and a dry-O. And also hands free super-T's. So how do I know I had them? Well... they felt... orgasmic...

    I know that doesn't describe much to you. But the mini-O's and the dry-O's, which are both considered non-ejaculatory events, both have similar traditional orgasm-like feelings with some differences in overall feel in my experience. A build up, a peak, and then waves of pleasure for bit. And as I understand it, the length and intensity of the orgasm event dictates whether it is a mini-O, a dry-O, or a super-O.

    It occurs to me also that perhaps you had an anal orgasm. I've had some incredibly pleasurable anal contractions that could possibly be identified as an anal orgasm. But I'm not sure either.

    Anyone else got any ideas or answers for thecritta?

    Love is Peace
  • thecritta, hey man, thanks for posting. I'm sure most people would have thought as I did initially, how could you not know if you had an orgasm or not?! but I know what you mean.

    During my experiences, I've had a lot of 'almost but not quite' moments, and I've had a fair few fantastic orgasms too. I think you are on the right wavelength when you question what type of orgasm you had, and love_is suggests reasonably that you may have had an anal orgasm which range from being very intense to quite mild. The difficulty in knowing exactly what happened, is pretty much down to not having experienced the sensation of orgasm without the sensation of ejaculation. Once you get your head around the fact that your body is very capable of having crazy orgasms without having to ejaculate, the limitations kind of fall by the wayside.

    My advice would be to really pay attention to all the sensations that you feel both in aneros sessions and in other sexual activities. Everything I've learnt to date has been through observing and doing fun little experiments! For me, orgasms mirror ejaculation in some respects. There is a build up of pressure and then that pressure is released, like a wave building and then breaking on the shore.

    Anyway, enjoy and...can I have that copy of zoo magazine when you're done? :lol: