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Educational Reading
  • Hi--

    Has anyone read any of the below listed books and can recommend any of them?

    1) ESO: Extended Sexual Orgasm by Gary Bauer

    2) Anal Pleasure and Health by Jack Morin

    3) The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin

    Thank you!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Yes on all 3, all are excellent resources. The first two are favorites of many users here in the forum, myself included.

    BF Mayfield
  • Thank you BF Mayfield.
    Regarding "ESO: Extended Sexual Orgasm by Gary Bauer ", is this amazon link the same (updated) book?

    Also, would appreciate any other further reading suggestions.
  • I tracked down a copy of ESO on Amazon. It's the 1990 hardcover edition with about 410+ pages.

    My observations:-

    1. It's written for heterosexual couples. There is a single chapter for exercises that singletons can do on their own, but nothing that I saw about how to same-sex couples should adapt the exercises when working through the book.

    2. There is a LOT of guff about 'Communication Exercises', 'a complete round of Appreciations and Resentments', 'Execute Planning Agreement' and 'Brief Sexual Interaction - A Rationale'.

    3. The book feels even more clinical thanks to its irritating 'can-do' attitude which seems to be at the heart of all American self-help manuals. It advocates a formulaic approach. 'Follow these specific exercises in the allotted time and magic WILL happen.'

    4. There is little mentioned about prostate massage and it is presented only as a way to enhance the traditional orgasm, not as a means to achieve a Super-O.

    The book is most geared towards men who cum too fast, women who have trouble cumming or couples who have lost that 'spark'. Overall, it is disappointing to realise their idea of 'extended ecstasy' does not touch upon what the Aneros has to offer, so it was of limited interest to me.

    The only pearl I managed to extract from it is their observation that 'the experience of continuous male orgasm is one of relaxation of the genital muscles with a sense of opening up and pushing out at the same time. The anal sphincter in extended orgasm is relaxed and open (JUST AS IT WOULD BE WHEN USING THE ANEROS), rather than closed or reflexively contracting as it is in brief and multiple orgasm.'

    I have also had recommended to me

    Stephen Chang's 'Tao of Sexology'
    Jack Johnston's 'Male Multiple Orgasms'

    Both are available to buy in some form or another online.
  • Thanks for the suggestions redbeard.
    I have Jack Jonhstons's CD but have not delved into it yet as I have not gotten a handle on the aneros thing yet.