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I used to have rectal pains before I used the Aneros.
  • I'm a young man and for 4 years before I started using the Aneros I would get rectal pains at a minimum of at least once every 3 months, especially and most times in the middle of the night which woke me up out of my sleep. My mom said she got these sometimes too. A colonoscopy found nothing wrong with me. My ex-boyfriend who was abusive used to have rough penetrative sex with me. I don't know if that was a factor. Sometimes I thought it was due to hard stool or constipation. The three most common times I would get these is when I was sleeping or had an intense orgasm (ejaculation) or a certain intensity of a bowel movement. I thought I might have hemmroids but I didn't and don't. Maybe these sensations had something to do with the prostate? I've always had a healthy prostate though and still do. These pains could be mild to extremely intense. It felt at times like someone was sticking a fat, 8 inch, unlubed metal pole up in me. It could wake me up out of a sleep and keep me up the rest of the night, even the mildest pains. When the pains were intense I'd moan and hyperventilate, but took deep breaths and used my mind to help me ease the pain. The pain would sometimes get to a climax where I felt nauseas, became real hot, and started sweating. Sitting on the toilet helped ease this pain somewhat. Sometimes after these painful climaxes the pain would subside to no pain at all.

    Ever since I started using the Aneros a few year ago I have rarely had these episodes occur. I feel this device has helped my anus/rectum/prostate area in this way. Now that I own both Peridise sets which are also used as hemmroid massagers at I am confident this will help my anal/rectal/prostate health even more.
  • Have any of you guys had rectal pains like this? What do you think caused mine and what can you do about them?
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    It sounds similar to what I would have from time to time. I'd wake up in the early morning hours, and I'd be in extreme pain. I would go to the bathroom, but would be unsuccessful, and after a half-an-hour or so, the pain would subside, and I would go back to bed.

    Since no one ever anally penetrated me, I suspect that it is a subconscious attempt to prevent soiling the bed during deep sleep. I also encounter a similar problem once in a while where I'll have a dream that I get up, go to the bathroom to urinate, only to realize that I'm dreaming, and I get up to go urinate, only to realize I'm still dreaming, and then I wake up and go to the bathroom. There are some times that my kidneys are cramping from holding it in my sleep. I also suspect that it my be one reason why I have been unsuccessful in getting those legendary spasms that lead to the elusive Super-O.

    For what it's worth, I hope it's helpful, if only in the knowledge that you're not the only one that suffers from this nocturnal malady.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    pain in that area can sometimes be muscular.

    see the "Headache in the Pelvis" book.

    if it were that, i can see the aneros/peridise helping (it helped mine).

    that said, only a doctor can offer a useful opinion on this.

  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    I've had a similar pain ever so occasionally. It can be intense. I believe I first noticed it some time after having a colonoscopy. It's hard to identify exactly where it originates, but yes, sitting on the toilet with time kind of alleviates it. I believe I've found over time that when it happens it appears to be from trapped gas in the bowel. I am almost never constipated, but if I am a bit and I get some trapped gas (even small bubbles) they cause intense pain. Eventually if you can pass them you will feel better, but it is tough if you are a bit constipated and haven't drunk enough water.
  • I discovered I have Proctalgia Fugax, a variant of Levator Ani Syndrome. Crystal Wand, Peridise, and Aneros help out a great deal. Have a high fiber and potassium diet and drink plenty of water and fluids.