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sex while using aneros
  • I was wondering what other folks experiences have been with having sex while the aneros is in place.
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    Originally Posted By: joe_onassi
    I was wondering what other folks experiences have been with having sex while the aneros is in place.

    I would say it's fantastic. I did it several times without telling my SO I finaily showed it to her and she inserted it while fondling me whilst I was on all fours. I orgasmed 4 times in one night!
  • frizzenfrizzen
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    It's amazing. Not super-o, but wonderful anyway.

    Have you ever had sex with a butt plug in, and how you feel more sensitive since you're stimulating so many more nerves and stuff. I found the Aneros is WAY better than any plug I ever tried!!! Although, I noticed with me, during intercourse, the perenium tab digs in a lot.
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    My primary interest in the Aneros is to improve sex with my wife, specifically for better erections and more ejaculation control. Is this a realistic expectation for the Aneros? Any ideas or experience that would help me?
  • Most of my times with the Aneros were solo. After my first slight sucess, I wanted badly to see what normal sex would be like with the Aneros. Most of the time sex with my wife is very spontanious, and there is no time to prepare my body for Aneros insertion. The first time I did have sex with the Aneros inside me, it took some planning ahead.

    The Aneros was a bit distracting, and It began to make me feel sensitive in a negative way. However when I did finaly come to orgasm it was the most explosive orgasm I ever had. The Aneros shot out of me like a rocket, which never happened in prior sessions, when I'm masturbating solo. Another interesting thing. I seemed to ejaculate 3 or 4 times as much as usual. My normal orgasm is probably less than 20 seconds, with the Aneros, my orgasm was nearly a whole minute, pumping ejaculate the whole time. This made me curious.

    The next time I had sex with my wife.. Aneros inside me. I decided to make a study of my ejaculate. The plan was to pull out just as I was cumming, and jerk myself to a finish. The results were amazing. My ejaculate shot over my wife and hit the wall over the headboard of the bed. Thats a distance of about 8 feet! Highly unusual, when my normal distance is about up to her boobs. 2 or 3 feet distance tops.

    Thats my experiance so far, only two sessions. Has anyone else had similar results? I'm especially curious about the amount of ejaculate, and the force at which it expels. Maybe its just me?
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    I have found that it helps me last longer in sex. (it helps prevent premature ejaculation).
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    My boyfriend had his in with me on top and he came 3 times in a row - the third time he told me I had to stop moving because it was too intense! It was HOT!!!