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This forum? The Aneros?
  • mikeboy23mikeboy23
    Posts: 1
    Greetings everyone!

    I've been reading this forum for some info on the Aneros and I really can't help but think that most posts on here are from people who possibly work for the company or are paid to post what they do about the Aneros to hype it up a bit.

    My Aneros review:

    I'm no stranger to anal stimulation. I first got into it a couple of years ago when I read on the internet that anal stimulation could bring about more sensations so I decided to try it. After all, I didn't consider it "gay" since I wasn't having any sex with a man.

    I bought a large g-spot vibrator that really "opened me up" so to speak. And it worked out pretty well for a long time. Then it failed on me and I decided to pick up a smaller, more targetted vibrator that could also bend, which would help me hit the prostate more.

    This worked well for some time, and then I found on the net some information regarding the Aneros. I was turned off to the price for some time but decided to pick one up.

    The reality of my usage of the Aneros is that it has been a hit or a miss. I can definitely say that under the "right" conditions, that is a long and slow massage of my penis that I am guaranteed an orgasm. Which is interesting since I'm actually pretty finicky and it's very difficult to get me to orgasm even if I relax. So the Aneros actually helps me pick up some stimulation in the first place, which is great.

    Now, with regards to the "super orgasm" that people have described, I have yet to experience any of the sensations with the Aneros--but I do know that I've felt that feeling before. My larger vibrator helped me reach it. I've been unable to do so with my smaller vibe.

    The aneros feels like it has some promise, and perhaps I just need to try different positions, more lube, and give it more time. There is a lot more I can do with it and try, but overall I can say that really it's not all that much better than other insertion devices.
  • My first Super orgasm was with the Helix and the Hitachi magic wand combination. I think this was a brute force way of reaching the Super O and required a lot less rewiring. I have since learned to have super O's many different ways with many different toys and the Aneros is still one of my favorite toys.

    I think getting rewired and learning what feelings to look for is much more important that what toys you use along the way.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome to the Forum, though there is no way I can prove it to you, I am not a shill for the manufacturer of the Aneros massagers. and have received absolutely no remuneration for my posts. I classify myself as a newbie, who has gained a great deal of useful information from reading the posts on this web site. I offer you the same advice I have suggested to other newbies. I highly recommend that you read the Sticky posts by B. Mayfield titled "B's Keys to the Backdoor" & "B's Best of hte BEE-Line", and the Sticky titled "GLOSSARY" by 'darwin', if you haven't already done so. There is a wealth of essential information contained within those threads. That information is going to save you a great deal of time during your learning process, plus they will answer a good number of questions you haven't yet formulated.

    Your skepticism is understandable, some of the posts on this site do seem to be full of hyperbole regarding the super-O, but there is an underlying truth to the excitement that those posters have expressed. Your hit or miss comment/experience is quite common if you read many of the posts by first time users. You mentioned usage of the Aneros to help attain a traditional penile orgasm, you need to understand that the super-O is not penis oriented, it is qualitatively quite different and attaining it requires you to learn new aspects to your physical and emotional approaches. Despite your skepticism, I believe you will find the information from the posts of the users on this Forum to be enlightening, interesting, intimate, humorous, honest and open, I encourage you to make use of this expanding knowledge base as a valuable resource during your journey. As you progress down the path, the questions you pose on the Forum may be answered by others who have shared your experience and can offer helpful advice to advance your learning.

    The instructions you received from the Aneros web site, I am assuming you did read those, are just an introduction to the learning process or "re-wiring" as it is frequently referred to here on the Forum. The path or journey toward the super-O is more than the attaining of a certain state of sexual/physical arousal. This process involves you becoming more attuned to the many subtle feelings generated by your own body, listening to your body and gently nurturing those feelings into heightend physical and emotional states. Traditional high intensity physical stimulation will not likely lead to the super-O. The fact that you are already familiar and comfortable with anal play is an asset (pun intended). Additionally, your analysis that "The Aneros feels like it has some promise," shows you apparently have an open mind regarding its usage.

    This process of "re-wiring" can vary widely from individual to individual, some users get to a super-O almost immediately, others have taken more than a year to reach that goal. In any case your journey is going to be unique for you, what you will be learning about yourself will be valuable and enjoyable, the process is very much worth the effort. Try to suspend expectations of results, relax and enjoy the ride for the pleasing sensations you do receive. I believe that as you use the Aneros more you will start to appreciate the functional aspects of the gentle massage action this device provides, it is indeed different from butt plugs, dildos or other manual massagers/vibrators, which tend to over stimulate the anal/rectal/prostate areas, thus drowning the subtler sensations that will lead to the super-O.

    I don't quite understand your meaning to your statement about being "pretty finicky", but if that involves some preconceived notions or conditions to obtaining orgasm, you may have to let them go to achieve the super-O. I hope this information helps you on the path.
    Posts: 22
    You mean they will pay us to use the product then get on here and say great things about it? Sign me up!!! :D
  • MornMorn
    Posts: 52
    Hi mikeboy23,

    Like rummel, i can see why you may be skeptical.

    Sometime people become overexcited and want to share their experience with everyone, to be honest though I think that there are enough posts to show the progressive nature that users take to achieve these higher levels of orgasm.

    B Mayfield suggests that it is a rewiring process that occurs first, then your body can be in sync with itself and the device. Well to be honest I think that is the truest thing said on this forum.

    I myself am a student, I got my first Aneros when I was 19 and then I got fed up with getting nothing out of it. Now at the age of 24 I am in a position to say that the promises made by some of the users are indeed true. It's just that the amount of time required to achieve those higher states is variable.

    I wonder how much the use of you vibrator has given you a false hope of what this product can achieve. Its a subtle feeling that needs nurturing.

    Keep it up, and let us know.


  • GoddessGoddess
    Posts: 7
    [quote=Hitachi Magic]My first Super orgasm was with the Helix and the Hitachi magic wand combination. I think this was a brute force way of reaching the Super O and required a lot less rewiring. I have since learned to have super O's many different ways with many different toys and the Aneros is still one of my favorite toys.

    I think getting rewired and learning what feelings to look for is much more important that what toys you use along the way.

    Hitachi, I PM"d you about your combination of using the Aneros and magic wand. Please let me know how you successfully combined them for your great experience. We have one, but so far we are only using the Helix and haven't gone to doing anything beyond that. I'm interested in that, so perhaps you could post it publicly for everyone.. but if you want to keep it private, the PM Is ok too.

  • canadiancanadian
    Posts: 30
    Hi Mikeyboy23, I was a lot like you. I forget now how or where I read about aneros but like you I read lots of the posts on here for a couple months & even thought it was all a set up to promote aneros. But I was never sure as many complained also, not getting that super O right away, but as I know nothing in life is perfect to everyone.

    I honestly thought the aneros cannot do it but I wanted an item to touch & give my prostate pleasure so I purchased vibes & anything I thought would help me. I waisted a lot of money because after thinking I ordered an aneros & on my first time I felt something different (not a super O) just something wonderful, the feeling made me think.

    I look at it now this way, $90+ on 3 vibes that did nothing for me & I would have kept buying more & more & none would have done it like my aneros. I honestly think the aneros is the VERY best product for the intended purpose & I sure do not work or get paid to be on here.

    No Mikey, I too like you have not have that super O yet, but I do get some great feelings from my aneros & the nice feelings I do get are worth it 10 times over. I wish you well & soon we may both reach it.