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First Time
  • HEy everyone,,,jsut got my new 'toy' today and I couldn't wait to get home and start experiencing new sensations. I had a lot of expectations for the first time. I know I shouldn't have but I couldnt help it. I am a very sexual person as it is, I love to masterbate frequently and get really turned on by the force and feeling of my ejaculation. I have never had any anal play.
    Ok, so I get home and I immediately strip, I didnt shower knowing that I would afterwards. I sat in the tub incase I had one of those geysers of prostatic fluid that I have read alot about in other threads. I had high expectations and really wanted to xperience that. I wasnt really concerned about having the Big 'O' that I have read about.
    Insertion was easy for me. I lubed up generously with ID Glide and just relaxed like the instructons mentioned. After a few minutes I began small contractions, kinda like when you try to stop yourself from urinating after you have already started. I kept this up for a bit and then relaxed. I kept this up for quite awhile. I never really noticed any 'waves' of anything, I didnt feel any discomfort, but after awhile I felt like i had the urge to urinate. I've read that this is normal and should pass. Wouldn't you know it , just then the phone rang. Luckily I had it in the bathroom with me. I stood up to answer and got a heavy urge to urinate. I just went with it and let it go...i dont believe it was urine that came out, it was very clear and had no urine odor. I expelled about a good cup worth. Afterwards, I noticed I had an erection, I took some ID Glide and started to stroke myself, I was pretty turned on by the whole experience that it didnt take long to ejaculate. To my disappointment, it wasn't what I had expected when compared to what I have read in other threads. No ungodly amounts on fluid, no tidal waves of pleasure, no outta control contractions. But then all this took place in about 45 minutes. I dont think, errr, I know that this wasnt long enough, next time it will be longer and then hopefully I will get to xperience the Big 'O' . But for the record---I did enjoy myself and am looking forward to tomorrow night and my second session. Any tips and/or ideas would be great. Does everything sound in accordance with correct usage??? What about the feelings I was having. Should I actually insert some lubricant into my anus??I didnt really feel any discomfort at all. I can honestly say that my first experience with Aneros was very pleasurable, and am looking forward to many years of pleasure. will write more later...T
  • RichieboyRichieboy
    Posts: 22
    I read your post with interest, as I'm waiting for my Aneros to arrive and would like to know what to expect.

    You mentioned that you got a good cupful of seminal fluid - pre-cum, or 'dick honey' as my ex-wife used to say :).

    I've got a question for the more experienced folks here: is that the kind of amount to expect? It seems a lot to me.

  • Originally Posted By: Richieboy
    I read your post with interest, as I'm waiting for my Aneros to arrive and would like to know what to expect.

    You mentioned that you got a good cupful of seminal fluid - pre-cum, or 'dick honey' as my ex-wife used to say :).

    I've got a question for the more experienced folks here: is that the kind of amount to expect? It seems a lot to me.

    i'm not sure if it was pre-cum, seminal fluid or what,,,,there was really no consistancy, it was fluid like urine fluid, but I'm pretty sure thats what it wasnt. Let me know when you get yours and use it for the first time....Im curious how your experience will be...
  • RichieboyRichieboy
    Posts: 22
    My Aneros arrived today, and I've just tried it.

    As I've been reading here, I'm aware that the first time isn't necessarily a success, and there's often some learning to be done regarding the sensations, which can be unfamiliar.

    I stumbled on this site due to someone mentioning the Aneros on another forum, in a thread on anal stimulation. My interest was piqued, and I tried using my finger to see if it felt good. It most certainly did! My orgasms (through masturbation combined with anal stimulation) are very intense. I ordered an Aneros a few days later.

    So: I had a shower and then lubed the Aneros & my anus liberally with KY jelly. I didn't have any trouble inserting it, but as I've lost a good deal of weight recently, my perineum is a but 'flabby' and getting the tab to sit comfortably was tricky. The tab feels a bit sharp, so perhaps I'll find a way of softening the pressure - I've read the tips here.

    Initially, I got a 'foreign object' feeling, but I'd been expecting that. The ridges on the shaft also felt a bit rough. It occurred to me that perhaps I hadn't lubed enough, so I applied more lube, and that felt a lot better right away. I lay on my side in bed at this time.

    I'd decided that for this first session, I'd just relax and see what it felt like and what might happen, and perhaps do some deep breathing to help me relax.

    Once the 'foreign object' feeling went away, and I started relaxing, I became aware of a pleasurable tingling along the backs of my inner thighs, and around the whole pelvic floor. I also felt waves of warmth and 'effervescence' in my neck and shoulders as I relaxed. They weren't that intense but it all felt very pleasurable.

    This went on for a time, and I can see that I need practice, as the waves continued to feel really good, but I lost focus - or, rather, I tried to 'make something happen' rather than just witnessing what went on.

    I didn't get much pre-cum, but then again I've never ejaculated very large amounts.

    After a while I became aware of a pulsing sensation, deep inside me, about where I could feel the tip of the Aneros. This was later accompanied by a very warm sensation in and around my anus. The pulsing wasn't anything to do with my blood - I checked and it wasn't in sync. I briefly felt the need to pee but nothing came out - I'd been prepared for that.

    After a while, I got up and walked around a bit. It felt a bit odd at first, but the sensations were amazing. I felt a shock of surprise at the waves of pleasure up and down my back, which sometimes provoked a sharp, deep breath - it reminded me of the breathing some of my lovers showed during foreplay and lovemaking.

    My penis wasn't erect, but it felt so good that I couldn't resist touching myself. To make a long story short, I ended up masturbating in the usual way - it felt really good, and I experienced a long, intense build-up and a climax that produced more sperm than I'm used to.

    The interesting thing is that I feel evry relaxed and post-orgasmic, but not tired or sleepy, as I'm used to: in fact, I'm more alert and very relaxed - and I have a very pleasant, warm, relaxed feeling in my abdomen and pelvic floor.

    I'm looking forward to next time!
  • RichieboyRichieboy
    Posts: 22
    Well I had to take a break from working...

    This time, I tried some contractions. I tried with gentle ones at first - lying on my side, back, felt nice, but nothing much happened.

    I then tried holding a hard contraction - holy prostate massage toys Batman! My PC muscle started contracting of its own volition, and lying on my stomach produced waves of pleasure all over my body, which felt absolutely amazing! I can hardly believe how it felt. I didn't ejaculate, but did produce a fair bit of pre-cum, and felt as if I'd reach some kind of climax if I continued.

    And then the d*amn phone rang and broke the spell :)

    It was a friend who told me that my voice sounded different - and it does, softer, and more relaxed. I feel full of energy too.

    More reports later...
  • I've now had my Aneros for a few days. I haven't had great expectations, and while the experience of learning what it's about hasn't been earth-shattering, it has been very pleasurable. I'm getting used to just the general routine: relaxing, lubrication, cleanliness, and that sort of thing. I've also found that an oil-based lubricant gel - like runny vaseline - is better than a water-based, which tends to dry out.

    My penile orgasms are definitely better while using the Aneros - and also without. It's as if I've become more conscious and relaxed while the orgasm builds and comes to a climax.

    The perineal tab is definitely too sharp for me. I've found some resilient closed-cell foam (the sort of stuff camping mats are made of) and I've fashioned a little cushion that relieves the sharp feeling, while still allowing pressure to be applied. I've also trimmed the handle down as it got in the way if I tried to lie on my back. Smoothing the plastic is easy: you just warm it up over a flame so that it melts a little (be careful of the fire risk!) and that gives you a rounded but pitted surface, which can the be sanded smooth.

    The initial 'foreign object' feeling recedes quite quickly now, and I feel a little 'electric' up and down my spine almost immediately. After some relaxation - 15-30 mins or so, I haven't timed it - I've begun feeling the slow rhythmic pulsing I've read about, and instead of trying to encourage the contractions, I've just left them alone too see what happens. From time to time they've built into very pleasurable waves that also start my pelvis moving back and forth too - in what Reichian body therapists (my formal training) would call the 'orgasm reflex' which doesn't mean that an orgasm is about to happen - it's the movement that produces the 'orgasmic' energy.

    It has occurred to me that using an Aneros is a very meditative experience: not so much willing something to happen, more observing what goes on and allowing it. And like meditation, it can be difficult (for me) at first to stay focussed: my attention wanders and the waves stop building.

    One thing does worry me, and I hope I can get some advice: yesterday evening, I tried a session which felt good but didn't go anywhere. However, after the session, my rectal sphincter (deeper in that the ring of muscle on the outside) went into a quite painful spasm, which only went away after an hour's concentrated meditative relaxation.

    It also felt quite uncomfortable today when I used the Aneros: oddly enough, I felt that I could relax the tension a little better, and the better I relaxed it, the more the waves built.

    Is this (the pain/discomfort and cramps feeling) familiar to anyone here? Am I doing anything wrong?

    Anyway, all in all, a positive experience, and a first step along what feels like a path of learning.
  • Does anyone reply to questions here?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Hey,'s summertime,...vacation time don't ya know. Just checking out your comments and I'd say that it appears that you're making some great progress. Your observations regarding the meditative experience and the Aneros are very astute. Developing a passive approach is by no means the only way to develop your chops but given the mindset that most people have going into this, it is (in my estimation) the best. I've discussed this in several of my earlier threads too (see BEE Line).

    With regard to the pain that you've experienced recently, I must ask first, are you using continuous high intensity contractions? If so, it is conceivable that you might develop a cramp of a sort. If this is the case, I suggest that you consider scaling back the intensity of your contractions. Think more in terms of low intensity and long duration, punctuated by some moderate contractions.

    I had one other thought as well. Was there any tissue soreness that accompanied these cramps? Did you ever experience this sensation prior to transitioning to the oil based lube?

    B Mayfield
  • There's no tissue soreness - if anything, the skin feels better.

    I haven't been using hard contractions at all - after I've become relaxed, the soft gentle contractions start on their own. I've deliberately not tried to encourage them: it seems that when I leave them alone and let them happen, they build on their own, but not to anything hard at all.

    The pain I've been experiencing is an ache, that often persists. I can relax my anus & sphincter more easily now, and when I do, the waves are still there - not as clearly as when I'm using the Aneros, but I can feel the gentle pulsing, and it feels really good. I had to wait for 40 minutes yesterday, and I just relaxed and let them happen...I think I must have looked like a purring cat :)

    I think I'm experiencing a muscular soreness in the rectal sphincter (deeper inside) because it hasn't had this much exercise, and also has been tense, without me knowing it. It's not as bad now as the other day, and I'm used to muscles going through a waking-up phase in which previously unconscious tensions come to the surface, which can feel uncomfortable in many ways. So I'm by no means unduly worried.

    I tried a session yesterday too. Something is definitely happening - I'm beginning to feel intensely sexual feelings, which my lack of experience didn't allow to continue, but I'm sure that if I could let them happen, then it would result in a no-contact ejaculation. I remember the last time I had a wet dream, and it felt precisely the same, and quite wonderful. My penis became very hard indeed but I resisted the urge to touch myself - just to see what happened, but then I lost focus.

    So the journey of exploration continues...