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Clean Up Question
  • Ken50Ken50
    Posts: 24
    Hi all,
    I had a really nice session this morning which started with the Helix and ended with the Progasm. Great minor Super O twice so I'm moving along in my progress. My question is this -- I have taken to wiping the aneros after use with alcohol, then I wash with soap and water before putting them away for storage. I have been doing this for the last few sessions and then thought today that maybe the alcohol could be damaging to the material the aneros is made of. Does anyone know if this is a safe practice or not? Does anyone have a "best practice" to offer for cleaning the aneros after using? Thanks.
  • cetcet
    Posts: 32
    Hot water and antibacterial soap should be fine. :)
  • anonymousanonymous
    Posts: 72
    And if it becomes a little discolored, I've found that if you run it through a dishwasher cycle, it'll be all good.