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anal contractions?
  • normaltypenormaltype
    Posts: 25
    Some questions.

    I'm a little confused. Maybe I have things mixed up.

    I read here that anal contraction feel like pushing or \"bearing down\" feeling. Or is that a rectal contraction?

    The involuntary contractions I experienced today: my anus contracting in sync with a pulsing in my perinium that I could feel in my penis. Its hard to explain, but I kind of felt an orgasm coming kind of like a subtle 'have to pee senstation'. It felt pretty good.

    Is this the involuntary I'm looking for?

    To reach this I was contracting my abdominal and also bearing down while contracting my sphincter and holding. Was and interesting sensation.

    This did not give me an erection however. Does that matter? I have gotten erections from just doing mild sphincter contractions, but then lose it shortly after.

    I have also found that small contraction will not get me to involuntary contractions, despite what I've read on this forum so far (that the smaller the contraction the better). I find that I have to contract 40-50%.

    I realise everyone is different, I'm just wondering if I'm generally on the right track with the involuntaries.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Bearing down/pushing out is rectal. The drawing in sphincter contraction that you spoke of is anal. You've made some terrific progress! You are definitely on the right track. What you're experiencing now are precisely the kind of involuntaries that you're looking for. Yes they can afford you with a little high of their too. However, at this point your goal is to propagate more of the same and attempt to mentally focus these sensations deep within your body. Try also working with your breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing in particular opens up the abdomen and creates different sensations there. For example (while you having the involuntaries try using shallow breathing to expand your lower abdomen. You want to do this so as to vibrate your a diaphragm as you take in and release air and expand your lower abdomen at the same time. The idea is to create tension in your lower abdomen. The sensations that are generated by this expansion need to be mentally focused upon and joined with those that are generated by the rectal contractions and the involuntaries that they create. Visualization can be very helpful in this regard as well. Mentally focus on your prostate, see it swell. Think about an area midway between your penis and navel that's deep within your abdomen. Focus on creating and concentrating sensation there, with breathing, with contractions anal and rectal. Hopefully this effort will lead to sensations that take on a life of their own. You'll find that the involuntaries build on each other to a level that eventually leads to a magnificent erection, and if you can keep them going, to the release beyond, that is the Super O.

    Don't be too worried about the level of your contractions at this point, the sensations that you described as a result of working your anal against your rectal contractions (anal / rectal antagonism) demonstrate that you're going in the right direction. You may find that once you work on the abdominal/breathing sensations a bit, you may need less intensity from anal contraction. Maybe not...but at least be open to it. As far as the intensity of the rectal contraction goes, I've used all different levels of contraction there, but generally a 20 to 40% would be in the ballpark.

    You're doing great! Have fun.

    B Mayfield

    P.S. Make sure that you maintain proper placement of the abutment tab at all times (on your Sweet Spot). It sounds like are already doing so, but keep it in mind, it is crucial to the proper operation of the Aneros.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Damn, I can't get past the involuntaries.

    I can feel my prostate swelling, that with the involuntaries is an amazing feeling in itself. But I'm worried about the tab placement. I can't seem to find my sweet spot. I've read what I could find here, and I can't really find that tingly senstation. It doesn't really feel like the tab is doing anything, and it pushes pretty hard. I wonder if its too short (too close to my anus)??

    I'm not giving up, just a little frustrated....probably half the problem.

  • normaltypenormaltype
    Posts: 25
    I also have a question about breathing.

    When you contract and hold for 5-7seconds, do you hold your breath at all? Do you continue this till the big O or should the contractions speed up?

    I found your advice on shallow breathing interesting, it helps.

    The first time i got the anal involuntaries, I found that my abdominal muscles where also contrating involuntary...have you ever heard of that happening before?