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Which Product Should I Try? Please Help.
  • serferserfer
    Posts: 1
    (this post was edited 2007-05-08 10:18:24)

    New to anal and prostate stuff and was hoping someone could offer some advice as to which product would be best to start off with.

    I'm sure that this has been covered a million times, but if anyone could answer here, that would be great and really appreciated.

    The two I have been looking at are the MGX and the Helix. I see that they're both good for beginners and from what I understand the only difference with the Maximus is that it's slightly larger (Please correct me if I'm wrong)?

    Being that they're only a few dollars difference between the two, could someone offer any advice/suggestions as to which model I should get?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    If you're new to anal play my suggestion would be the MGX or the Helix. If you want some detail on both, check out the sticky thread above entitled Next Gen. and Progasm Reviewed. In it you find reviews of most of the models in the product line. The MGX is not reviewed, but would be a very good choice. Opinion in the forum varies between the MGX and the Helix over which makes the better "starter" model. Again, both good choices.

    Good luck!

    BF Mayfield
  • KalashKalash
    Posts: 20

    While I'd say to go with the helix, I want to know how strongly opposed to putting something up your butt you are.

    I'd had some experience when I got my helix, and it took a while to get things going with it - about 2 weeks.

    The Progasm... is a bit larger, but not so large as to appear scary...
    First time in, WHAM!
    Perfect contact... perfect stimulation... and... well...
    I'm partial now ;)

    If the size thing isn't an issue, I'd go with the progasm.

    If it is, I'd say the helix, but really... the size difference...
    There is one, but if you've never seen the smaller model.... =P

    Ultimately, I don' think there's a BAD choice.

    Judging from the reviews, the helix is easier to get working than the MGX.
    I never had an MGX... can't compare the two.

    Granted... I'd had the helix to practice with, but I haven't had it in a long time now (It was passed on...) and when I got the progasm, I'd been without anything inside me for quite a while.

    It still fit after the most minimal struggling.

    And felt PERFECT.

    If the size doesn't bother you, go for the progasm.